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Handspring 1/2 on, 2/1 off



Known as
Handspring 1/2 on, 2/1
Handspring 1/2 on, double full off
Tsukahara double full off

Like all the Group 1 vaults, especially as the twisting gets more complex, this vault is almost never seen because it ends up being too complex to be simply performed, yet is not worth enough to be valuable to those capable of complex vaulting. Wrapping around 2.5 total twists without a salto for a 4.00 D score? No thank you.

Note that this vault begins like a Tsukahara-family vault would, but it is not officially classified with the Tsukaharas because it does not feature a salto in post-flight, which is also part of the requirement to get into the Tsukahara family. You just kind of flop off the table instead.

4.00 (2017-)
4.20 (2009-2016)

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