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Piked-Stalder Hecht (Zgoba)


Uneven Bars

Skill type
Transition (low to high)

Known as
Stalder hecht

Named after
Daria Zgoba (UKR)

Not to be confused with the piked-Stalder shoot, where the gymnast releases the low bar and then counter-rotates to grab the high bar, in the piked-Stalder hecht, the gymnast will actually spend some time upside down. These hechts are all now worth a single letter value more than the shoot-to-high versions of the skills as of the 2017 code, but as they’re still just at C, it hasn’t exactly led to a run on the bank or many (any) gymnasts performing them.

This skill was named after Daria Zgoba when she performed it at 2006 worlds, getting it named after herself a couple years after her countrywoman Irina Yarotska got the regular Stalder version named after herself. Ukrainians and hechts. It’s a thing.


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