The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Round-off, 1/1 on


Known as
Round-off, full on
Round-off, 1/1 on
Yuruchenko full on

Yurchenko is commonly used to refer to any vault employing a round-off onto the springboard, though it’s worth noting that technically only vault with a salto after contacting the table are classified in the Yurchenko family. Without a salto, these vaults are only referred to as “round-off” vaults and are classified in Group 1 instead of in Group 4 with the Yurchenkos.

In modern elite gymnastics, this basic version of the round-off vault is what you do when you’re learning how to do a Yurchenko, or as a timer, but it isn’t a common competition vault. That hasn’t, however, stopped them from cropping up all over the code of points. We had three round-off non-salto vaults in the 2012 code, and currently have eight in the 2017-2020 code, despite the fact that none of these vaults have been submitted for naming at a competition. They—including this one which only came back to the code in 2017—are just being added for luck I guess.

2.80 (2017-)

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