Round-off, 1/2 on


Known as
Round-off, 1/2 on
Round-off 1/2

Yurchenko is commonly used to refer to any vault employing a round-off onto the springboard, though it’s worth noting that technically only vaults where a salto is performed after contacting the table are classified in the Yurchenko family. Without a salto, these vaults are only referred to as “round-off” vaults and are classified in Group 1 instead of in Group 5 with the round-off 1/2 ons.

In practice, the only time you’re going to see this vault in elite gymnastics is as a first warmup timer when a gymnast is going  to perform a Group 5 vault in competition.

2.20 (2022-)
2.60 (2013-2021)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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