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Jana Rulfova (CZE)

The Rulfova is somewhat famous for “Why would you ever?” reasons—and also for how any time a guy sees this skill he has to go, “Er hyerr hyerr hyerr, I could never do that…” Because it’s really important for you to reaffirm that you have testicles? I guess?

Also the reason you can’t do that skill is the all of it. You would break your neck and die. The balls are the least of your concerns.

Anyway, there’s also some solid named-skill nonsense going on with this one because I’ve never actually seen evidence of Jana Rulfova performing this skill. I mean, she competed a while ago. It might have happened and the evidence just doesn’t survive. But also it’s the WTC, so probably they were just too drunk to know which gymnast they weren’t even friends with did a thing, so just give it to this one?


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