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Teza Bail


Uneven Bars

Skill type
Transition (high to low)

Known as
Teza II
Teza Bail
German giant bail
Steinemann with release 1/2 turn to low bar handstand

Named after
Elvire Teza (FRA)

Chalk this one up as one of the (many) skills that have been performed by Elvire Teza and end of list. It’s a bail to handstand but initiated from a German giant, which thankfully is considered its own skill and no one has gone back and tried to pretend that it’s actually two separate skills—although…connection bonus.

If you want to be annoyed at the code of points, here’s another fun instance. This skill should be the Teza II, the second German giant transition that Elvire Teza originated on bars (after the Teza Pak), but for some reason this one has disappeared from the named skill section. The Teza Pak still exists as a named skill, but I guess this one is just like…eh.


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