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Yamashita 1/1



Known as
Yamashita 1/1
Yamashita full

Named after
Haruhiro Yamashita (JPN) (Man)

The Yamashita is the most iconic of the olde tyme vaults. It’s similar to the handspring vault but requires a pike in the air before opening out into the landing, a vestige of a time when multiple shapes were allowed in the same element instead of being A POX UPON THIS EARTH.

Despite arising nearly concurrently in men’s and women’s gymnastics, this vault is among those early skills that takes on the men’s nomenclature in both men’s and women’s gymnastics and is not named after the first woman who performed it, largely because of sexism.

The Yamashita 1/1 is the least seen of the three Yamashita vaults that exist in the code, arising as we moved into the 70s, just around the time when salto vaults were becoming all the rage.

3.20 (2017-)
3.40 (2006-2016)

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