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Yurchenko Tuck



Known as
Yurchenko back tuck
Yurchenko tuck

Named after
Natalia Yurchenko (SOV)

Want some weird factoids about Yurchenkos and the code of points? I thought so. First, despite this particular vault being named after Natalia Yurchenko in the code of points, as far as I can tell she never actually competed it in a major competition. In 1982, when she brought the Yurchenko vault onto the world stage, she had already graduated to much more difficulty. Natalia Yurchenko originated three different Yurchenko vaults during the 1982 competitive season — the tuck full, the layout, and the layout full — none of which are named after her in the code of points. But this one is. Cool and fun.

As far as can be discerned, Natalia Yurchenko first brought this vault style out at a domestic Soviet competition in 1982, but at that very same competition, one of her teammates—Albina Shishova—also performed a round-off vault, tucked with a full twist. Shishova did not, however, compete at the 1982 world cup when Yurchenko emerged from her cocoon with this vault internationally, and by the time Shishova went to Europeans in 1983 and vaulted a round-off back layout, the Yurchenko was already the Yurchenko.

3.30 (2017-)
3.80 (2006-2016)

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