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Congratulations to the week 10 champion, Stacie Webb’s beam, the first 10 in Southern Utah history, which beat out Katelyn Ohashi’s beam in second place and Kiana Winston’s beam in third. It was the week of beam.

ROUTINE of the WEEK 1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2 Ward, VT PP Lee, BB Hambrick, FX
Week 3 Artz, FX Childers, BB Skinner, VT
Week 4 Ross, UB McMurtry, VT PP Lee, UB
Week 5 Gardiner, BB Ward, VT Winston, FX
Week 6 PP Lee, UB Slocum, VT Jackson, FX
Week 7 Ross, BB Price, UB Guerrero, BB
Week 8 McMurtry, FX Mossett, FX Lehrmann, UB
Week 9 McMurtry, VT Aufiero, UB Deans, FX
Week 10 Webb, BB Ohashi, BB Winston, BB
Conference Champs

To the vote for the conference championships, meets that brought us four more 10.000s, all from gymnasts who have already received 10s on those events this season. Be more interesting, humanity.

1. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – Vault (10.000)


2. Emma McLean, Michigan – Vault (9.975)

3. Ashleigh Gnat, LSU – Vault (10.000)

4. Erika Aufiero, Oregon State – Bars (9.950)

5. Diana Mejia, Boise State – Bars (9.950)


6. Kyla Ross, UCLA – Beam (10.000)

7. Alex Hyland, Kentucky – Beam (9.950)

8. Elena Lagoski, Michigan State – Floor (9.925)

9. Sarah Finnegan, LSU – Floor (9.900)

10. Mykayla Skinner, Utah – Floor (10.000)

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