Best Routine of Conference Championships Poll

Congratulations to the week 10 champion, Stacie Webb’s beam, the first 10 in Southern Utah history, which beat out Katelyn Ohashi’s beam in second place and Kiana Winston’s beam in third. It was the week of beam.

ROUTINE of the WEEK 1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2 Ward, VT PP Lee, BB Hambrick, FX
Week 3 Artz, FX Childers, BB Skinner, VT
Week 4 Ross, UB McMurtry, VT PP Lee, UB
Week 5 Gardiner, BB Ward, VT Winston, FX
Week 6 PP Lee, UB Slocum, VT Jackson, FX
Week 7 Ross, BB Price, UB Guerrero, BB
Week 8 McMurtry, FX Mossett, FX Lehrmann, UB
Week 9 McMurtry, VT Aufiero, UB Deans, FX
Week 10 Webb, BB Ohashi, BB Winston, BB
Conference Champs

To the vote for the conference championships, meets that brought us four more 10.000s, all from gymnasts who have already received 10s on those events this season. Be more interesting, humanity.

1. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – Vault (10.000)


2. Emma McLean, Michigan – Vault (9.975)

3. Ashleigh Gnat, LSU – Vault (10.000)

4. Erika Aufiero, Oregon State – Bars (9.950)

5. Diana Mejia, Boise State – Bars (9.950)


6. Kyla Ross, UCLA – Beam (10.000)

7. Alex Hyland, Kentucky – Beam (9.950)

8. Elena Lagoski, Michigan State – Floor (9.925)

9. Sarah Finnegan, LSU – Floor (9.900)

10. Mykayla Skinner, Utah – Floor (10.000)

32 thoughts on “Best Routine of Conference Championships Poll”

  1. Even though that was Ashleigh Gnat’s best DTY, I had to vote for Sarah Finnegan’s floor. Because, SARAH FINNEGAN and FLOOR. AND HER TWISTING FORM.

    1. Me, too! I was so happy (and surprised) to see her in the lineup! I would have expected Edney.
      I’m with Kathy all the way – its a shame it has to be judged. Glad to have the chance to vote her floor as the best of this week.

  2. I nearly went with Emma McLean but I have to say Ashleigh Gnat’s was the best. Emma for second place. MyKayla for 3rd place.

    Gnat went super high, no wonky leg cross, and stuck it COLD (didn’t even do the stick-and-click). She didn’t even move her feet when she saluted after the routine – that’s how stuck it was. Props to her.

      1. Lol. Apart from Ashley Postell literally every gymnast has a little bit of wonky legs. Ashleigh Gnat showed *comparatively* no wonky legs šŸ™‚

      2. Apart from Ashley Postell? Ha! I read this blog all the time and people piss and moan about wonky legs and arms, and now there’s an excuse for it?
        You’re showing your Ashley Gnat bias. Ashley Gnat ALWAYS has crossed legs!

    1. I thought Nichols’ vault was better than McLean’s. Nichols form is so much cleaner than McLean.

      With that being said, I also voted Gnat. I love the difficulty and she has always pushed the limits. She had slight leg form, but I prefer that vault over some of the other routines here.

      1. I agree with Anonymous – as far as ranking the vaults, Nichols’ was clearly the best executed, so it is between her and Gnat whether you favor execution or difficulty for wow factor. McLean is the third best vault, so I don’t understand her ranking in the poll.

      2. So much spite and hate on these blogs, “you obviously don’t know what you’re looking at then.” Oh, okay…..cyber bullying is alive and well in gymnastics. Sheesh.

        I agree with the first comment. In my opinion, Nichol’s is cleaner in the air.

      3. The level of snark and mean-spirited comments has dramatically increased in the comments of BBS this year compared to the past years. I come to this site because I love Spencer’s take on NCAA and I learn about other teams that I normally don’t watch. I used to frequent other gymternet sites regularly, but left all but BBS because of the hatred and meanness coming from adults. I hope this year’s increase is a one time thing. Why do internet trolls have to ruin all the good gym sites?!?!

  3. Had to go with Nichols on this one, even in slow motion, her form is so clean and well… perfect! Gnat had the landing down to a tee, but it was her form throughout that proved to be the deal breaker for me. If it were a different week, she would’ve had it for me, just so much hard competition this week.

  4. I went with McLean because she landed it soooo cleanly. Gnat was 2nd for me. I know she has leg form issues but in real time, you almost can’t see it at all, nor can you see the pre-flight leg separation. Which means the judges couldn’t see it either so I’m not as bothered with them not deducting for it this time.

    1. I saw McLean’s vault in person and it was incredible…she just floated over the table and bam, stuck it. I put her over Gnat because of the blind landing…

    2. You can definitely see Gnat’s crossed legs in real-time, they’re always crossed. You’re just choosing not to because you like her as a gymnast.

      People are more willing to forgive others (as if the gymnasts need our forgiveness), when the gymnast is from the school we like.

  5. People recently have loved to complain about Gnat’s form on the DTY. Is it perfect? No, but its also not the atrocity that people like to pretend it is. In general, I’m not about simply rewarding difficulty and ignoring the deductions involved, but she is the only person in college gymnastics who can consistently stick a DTY and I think that deserves more than a 9.950 personally so I’m ok with her getting 10s for it (if she sticks it cold, not for a pseudostick)

    1. I simply can’t get over the idea that a 10 should be perfect.

      I have no issue with Gnat, I’m fully impressed with her vaulting and all around amazingness. But if you think that Gnat’s stuck DTY should get the same score as a stuck Y1.5 with perfect form, then I would say the Y1/5 (and all the rest of the vaults) should be devalued and they should both get 9.95.
      OR, NCAA gym should just come out and say that some amount of should-be deductions won’t ever be taken, so welcome the era of imperfect 10’s.

    2. Lol! This comment makes me laugh, as if you’ve been living under a rock.

      This blog is meant to verbally abuse gymnasts for their inferiorities; whether, that’s their attitude, form, school, how they did their hair, etc. Gymnastics fans are definitely the bitchiest, for example: Spencer šŸ˜‚

      1. Spencer’s comments about NCAA gymnasts are rarely mean. The trolls and commenters that have popped up this year, however, have taken this site to another level. It was never this bad last year. Calling commenters names and throwing personal attacks towards gymnasts is ridiculous. It’s even more disappointing that it’s coming from adults. What happened to being kind?

  6. Elena Lagoski reminds me of Charity Jones. She has that same posture and dance style.

  7. Emma McLean is my spirit animal and you should all vote for her she was the best duh

  8. Emma McLean is probably the best one of them all… unreal and incredibly impressive to pull off something like she did!!! dont sleep on this girl! Stay woke! bless up

  9. I’m a little over all the school best-routine-of-the-week shoutouts because it ends up just being who tweets about it wins. I kind of wanted to see what people actually thought rather than fans from the school voting without even watching the other routines.

    1. really madison? really? emma is clearly the best one on this list stop lying to yourself.

      1. I was talking about Elena Lagoski, Michigan State shouted her out on their twitter. I honestly didn’t even know if Emma got a shoutout but she was great. No need to hate.

    2. I completely agree, Madison. I don’t really care to have a poll tell me which teams tweeted out the link to the poll.

      And in response to Anonymous: It’s entirely possible in a given week that the gymnast whose routine was promoted by her team’s Twitter also happens to be the gymnast whose routine would have won if nobody had been promoted. The two are not mutually exclusive. It’s bound to be the case, occasionally, that the person whose team found out about the poll and tweeted the link was the one who the readers of this blog would have picked anyway. That doesn’t make it any less annoying that the poll is no longer an accurate portrayal of the thoughts of the readers of this blog and has now devolved into a measure of whose team promoted the poll on Twitter that occasionally happens to line up with which routine the readers of this blog thought was best.

      1. Agreed! This is going to sound super dorky, but I find the polls really educational because I’m watching the routines so closely (often multiple times) and ranking them. I think it makes me a better viewer/fan and I want to see if I got it “right” by comparing my vote to an accurate representation of other people’s responses. Spencer, I hope you will continue the polls next year for those of us who really enjoy the activity, but understand if you’re over the popularity contests.

    3. Emma routine was tweeted out too. So I guess you are saying Elena doesn’t deserve the possible win because the poll was tweeted, but it was ok that Emma was tweet out too, but if she won, it would have been favor. Talk about about MEAN GIRLS. I thought this was a place to build each one up and celebrate their accomplishments. Not tear them down because of elements that are out of their control. I don’t see any where there are rules and regulations how this poll is treated. I do think the ones that are shaming the Elena for the possible win should be ashamed of yourself. Elena didn’t ask for this, and you they way you are treating her is awful!!!!

    4. I agree! I don’t like that it turned into who has the most social media followers.

      Also, we get that “Anonymous” likes McLean. You don’t need to repeat it over and over.

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