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Keeping Up with the Cool GIFS – Week 9

This week…

Nia Dennis’s floor routine went viral

Maddie Karr forgot she wasn’t on the beam anymore

Cristal Isa would rather go down with the ship than give up that stick

Lexi Graber invented the stagstand on bars

Too bad Kathy Johnson already held the patent

I blame the bars

Eh, most of those pieces are extras

Trinity Thomas moved into first place in the AA rankings

Washington became UCLA so gradually no one even noticed

So Cal had to become Oklahoma

We willed Maggie Nichols back from injury for a 39.825

And Oklahoma has gone 198.4 at its last two home meets

Michigan’s two highest scores ever have come in the last two weeks

We’re on pace for the most 10s since 2004

And now senior nights are coming

Meanwhile, Waller is just doing it for the GIFs at this point

Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 8

This week…

Utah beat UCLA

And the judging had us all

Grace Glenn posted the first-ever leadoff 10 because of correctly

Other people also tried and therefore got 9.975

And then the randoms got confused why UCLA is now ranked better

Michigan set a program record

And the judges finally invited them to sit with the Plastics

Maggie Nichols is out with an ankle injury

And Oklahoma had to count a…9.7…on beam

Sierra Alexander stuck a perfect FTY

But then they did 10 HANDS

And you were like…

Rachael Lukacs performed an accidental FTY

And Sabrina Vega was like, “GET IT TOGETHER”

Women’s history has really been sleeping on JENN

Denver tried to come up with lineups

Kyana George was hard to catch

And Lexy Ramler would have gone 10 but had a balance check on hugs

Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 6

This week…

Sierra Alexander had Second Breakfast

Maddie Karr redefined the college salute

UCLA held a Pride meet

…and the Pac-12 Network was like

An SEC ball-sport man did bad word-talking about gymnastics

These two were not impressed overall

Oklahoma got three more 9.975s to stay in first

Southern Utah set a program record

Shallon did an NCAA meet and an elite meet in different countries in the same weekend

Trinity got her second 10.000 for doing this on beam

Will Ferrell demonstrated how to get a 10 on floor

Sierra Brooks did this for 9.975

And Natalie Wojcik was like

Gymnastics got into the advanced analytics game

A judge gave NC State two 10s on beam

Maile O’Keefe was like, “I know what walking is”

And Niya Mack was fully done

Keeping Up With the Cool Gifs – Week 5

This week…

Bri Slonim walked like a gymnast

While Shaylah Scott saluted an obstacle course

LSU went out in sarcophagus-chic

And Alabama raided that tomb for all its treasure

Sarah Finnegan sued Bobbleheads Unlimited for defamation

I checked out the judges score sheets from Friday

And wondered if there are any rules in this house

Isis Lowery stuck so hard they couldn’t get it out

A mascot ruined this girl’s life forever

Rachel Baumann broke Kathy Johnson with a single leg

LSU, Alabama, and Michigan congratulated Minnesota on moving ahead of them

We think Washington beat UCLA

But the Pac-12 Network is still trying to confirm the math

Nicki Shapiro proved that an artist’s work…

…must evolve with the times

And Gracie Kramer showed what happens to people who don’t give her 10s