NCAA Week 3 Final Scores

Friday, January 19 Score Event Winners
Southern Utah
[20] BYU
AA: Van Mierlo (BYU) 39.025
VT: 3 tied 9.800
UB: Hawes, Evans (BYU) 9.850
BB: Jorgensen (SUU) 9.875
FX: Douglas (BYU) 9.875
Eastern Michigan
Bowling Green
AA: Valentin (EMU) 38.975
VT: East (BG) 9.850
UB: Augustine (BG)
Rubin (EMU) 9.775
BB: McPeak (BG) 9.850
FX: East (BG) 9.875
[18] Auburn
[13] Georgia
AA: Snead (UGA) 39.500
VT: Johnson (UGA) 9.900
UB: 3 tied 9.875
BB: 5 tied 9.874
FX: Vega (UGA) 9.950
[6] Florida
[6] Kentucky
AA: Korth (UK) 39.500
VT: Korth (UK) Slocum (UF) 9.925
UB: Gowey (UF) 9.825
BB: 3 tied 9.900
FX: Dukes (UK) 9.925
Penn State
AA: Tsang (PSU) 39.300
VT: 3 tied 9.800
UB: Tsang (PSU) 9.900
BB: Hosek (PSU) 9.900
FX: Farina (Maryland) 9.900
North Carolina
AA: None
VT: 3 tied 9.825
UB: Donaghy (UNC) 9.800
BB: Allen (UNC) 9.900
FX: Robinson (UNC) 9.900
Nothern Illinois
[24] Kent State
AA: Stypinski (KSU) 39.425
VT: Potts (NIU) 9.850
UB: Marrero (KSU) 9.900
BB: Stypinski (KSU) 9.925
FX: Stypinski (KSU),
Martucci (NIU) 9.900
UW-Eau Claire
AA: Terry (Stout) 37.725
VT: Bugge (Stout) 9.550
UB: Fayler (EC) 9.600
BB: Erickson (EC) 9.725
FX: Hyde (Stout) 9.625
UW-La Crosse
AA: Cooper (Ham)  36.200
VT: Ahrens (LC) 9.600
UB: Enright, Wilson (LC) 9.575
BB: Ahrens (LC) 9.775
FX: Tribbet (Ham) 9.525
Winona State
 AA: Jackson (Win) 36.850
VT: McBrayer (OK) 9.475
UB: Pipp (Win) 9.500
BB: Jackson (Win) 9.550
FX: Jackson (Win) 9.775
[4] Michigan
[23] Illinois
 AA: Balthazor (Ill) 39.100
VT: Meeks (Ill) 9.850
UB: Zaziski (Mich) 9.900
BB: Hodan (Ill) 9.900
FX: Balthazor (Ill),
McLean (Mich) 9.875
[11] Arkansas
 AA: Yamzon (Ark) 39.250
VT: Speed (Ark) 9.900
UB: Porter (MU) 9.900
BB: Yamzon, Burton (Ark) 9.900
FX: Harris (MU) 9.925
Ohio State
 AA: Sullivan (Iowa),
Swartzentruber (OSU) 39.100
VT: Youd (Iowa) 9.850
UB: Zurawski (Iowa) 9.875
BB: 4 tied 9.850
FX: Sullivan, Snyder (Iowa) 9.875
 AA: Fox (AA) 38.425
VT: Sokolowski (LU) 9.825
UB: Henry (LU) 9.800
BB: Sokolowski (LU) 9.825
FX: Franklin (LU) 9.800
[10] Alabama
[2] LSU
AA: Finnegan,
Hambrick (LSU) 39.550
VT: Finnegan (LSU) 9.900
UB: Finnegan (LSU) 9.975
BB: Guerrero (Ala) 9.950
FX: Hambrick (LSU) 9.950
Oregon State
[3] Utah
AA: Skinner (Utah) 39.725
VT: Skinner,
Merrel-Giles (Utah) 9.950
UB: Skinner (Utah) 9.975
BB: Skinner (Utah) 9.925
FX: 3 tied 9.925
[8] Denver
Seattle Pacific
[9] Boise State
AA: Brown (DU) 39.325
VT: Addison (DU) 9.900
UB: Karr (DU) 9.900
BB: Remme (BSU) 9.925
FX: Brown (DU) 9.900
Sacramento State
San Jose State
Utah State
 AA: Won (SJSU) 39.075
VT: Pascoe-Long (SJSU) 9.825
UB: 3 tied 9.825
BB: Relova (SJSU) 9.875
FX: 3 tied 9.850
Saturday, January 20 Score Event Winners
Rhode Island
Western Michigan
[16] Central Michigan
New Hampshire
[25] Cal
[15] Washington
Ball State
William & Mary
NC State
[12] Arizona State
[22] Stanford
Michigan State
Gustavus Adolphus
[5] UCLA
[19] Arizona
[14] Nebraska
Sunday, January 21 Score Event Winners
Southern Connecticut
West Chester
George Washington
[20] West Virginia
Illinois State
[17] Iowa State
[1] Oklahoma

Week 3 leaders

1. MyKayla Skinner (Utah) – 39.725
2. Makenna Merrell-Giles (Utah) – 39.600
3. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – 39.550
3. Myia Hambrick (LSU) – 39.550
5. Sydney Snead (Georgia) – 39.500
5. Mollie Korth (Kentucky) – 39.500

1. Makenna Merrell-Giles (Utah) – 9.950
1. MyKayla Skinner (Utah) – 9.950
3. Mollie Korth (Kentucky) – 9.925
3. Rachel Slocum (Florida) – 9.925

1. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – 9.975
1. MyKayla Skinner (Utah) – 9.975
3. Myia Hambrick (LSU) – 9.925
3. Kennedi Edney (LSU) – 9.925

1. Nickie Guerrero (Alabama) – 9.950
2. Rachel Stypinski (Kent State) – 9.925
2. MyKayla Skinner (Utah) – 9.925
2. Shani Remme (Boise State) – 9.925

1. Sabrina Vega (Georgia) – 9.950
1. Myia Hambrick (LSU) – 9.950
3. Sydney Snead (Georgia) – 9.925
3. Rachel Dickson (Georgia) – 9.925
3. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky) – 9.925
3. Kennedi Harris (Missouri) – 9.925
3. Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – 9.925
3. Kiana Winston (Alabama) – 9.925
3. Tiffani Lewis (Utah) – 9.925
3. Sydney Soloski (Utah) – 9.925
3. Makenna Merrell-Giles (Utah) – 9.925


Things Are Happening – January 19, 2018

A. Victim impact statements

Begin here, go anywhere.

That’s the official motto of USA Gymnastics, the kind of hollow, vaguely meaningless platitude we’ve grown all too familiar with coming from that organization over the past several months.

But I’ve been thinking about it a lot today, and deriving some dark satisfaction from the irony of it all.

This week, 122 (and counting) extraordinary women, some as young as 15, have made what had to be an impossibly painful decision. They decided they would stand up in court, in front of cameras, in front of That Guy, and recount in detail the vicious trauma he put them through, the failures—both passive and despicably active—of the adults around them, and the lasting fear, ache, confusion, anger, guilt, shame, and agony they have been left with. I don’t know how many of you are watching, but it has been a sight to see. I mean a sight to see.

A group of people, ultimately comprising 122 in person and countless others watching—who were forced to cross the River Styx every month, or week, or day of their youths to visit Hades himself while no one in a position of authority lifted a finger to help—finding their voice together, and learning that it is brave and loud and beautiful in its fury. Learning that they have already done so much, more than they realize, and can do so much more.

So yes, USA Gymnastics, they began here. And yes, USA Gymnastics, they can go anywhere. And they’ve chosen to go to your funeral. Continue reading Things Are Happening – January 19, 2018

Operation Hall of 10s

This season, I have been updating and expanding the Hall of 10s (always available at the top of the page) with the goal of including names, dates, and apparatuses for every 10 ever scored in NCAA gymnastics.

It currently includes 873 scores of 10.0 dating from Kelly Garrison in 1988 to Elizabeth Price in 2018, but it’s definitely not the complete account of every 10.0 ever scored. I’m missing exact dates for a number of 10s from the mid-90s (because apparently the internet was invented 7 days ago, and before that we didn’t have calendars and told time by the wind).

Plus, most of the Jenny Hansen 10s don’t appear at all in the list because I’m missing years for them (I currently have dates for just six of the twenty-one vault 10s and none of the six floor 10s). No matter. She’s not the most 10-ed NCAA gymnast of all time or anything (oh wait, yes she is). Information is also pretty sparse for those schools that don’t have programs anymore, since they’re weirdly not super concerned about maintaining records because of the whole not-existing thing.

So, I think we can do better if we work together. I know we have a lot of the original fans out there, so take a look at the list and let me know if you have information that isn’t included so that this can become a more complete Hall of 10s.

As we have it now, you may be interested to know (if you’re a trash nerd like me), that the 10-iest day in the history of college gymnastics came on March 12, 2004, when twelve separate 10.000s were awarded (five to Arizona State alone). Disclaimer: 2004 is not a role model.

Plus, a scavenger hunt: Can you find the only athlete in NCAA history who has scored a 10.000 for two different schools?

Best Routine of Week 2 Poll

Your instructions
1. Vote for the best routine
2. Don’t get upset when this inevitably devolves into a twitter popularity contest. It’s not that important.

1. Only routines scoring 9.925+ will be included in the poll (this week had enough 9.950s to limit the poll to 9.950+)
2. There must be video available of that routine so that the voters can, you know, watch it.
3. Each gymnast may appear only once per week. The higher score (or my discretion in the event of a tie) is used.

 1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Price (Stanford) – UB Lee (UCLA) – UB Finnegan (LSU) – UB

1. Mollie Korth (Kentucky) – Vault

2. Sienna Crouse (Nebraska) – Vault

3. Elizabeth Price (Stanford) – Vault

4. Brenna Dowell (Oklahoma) – Vault

5. Kyla Ross (UCLA) – Bars

Continue reading Best Routine of Week 2 Poll

Week 2 Rankings

**Note: These rankings will differ from the official week 2 rankings because it seemed silly for me not to include the Oklahoma/Georgia meet that has already taken place, since this is going up a day late.

Oklahoma will not, however, have an official ranking until week 3, and LSU remains the official #1 for week 2.

 1. Oklahoma Sooners

Average: 197.550
Previous ranking: N/A

Oklahoma typically makes a point of starting the season with a level of preparation that evades most other teams, and 2018 is proving no exception. The Sooners had some mistakes and a few lineups that don’t look fully settled, but the 9.9s we know are still 9.9s and Anastasia Webb seems destined to be the all-arounder who makes up for lost routines from last season.

2. LSU Tigers

Average: 197.200
Previous ranking: 1

Taking the win over Florida at Florida will mean more than the score of 197.250, which LSU will expect to drop before we get to the end of the season. The Tigers’ second meet brought a more complete performance than the first, particularly with three hit 10.0 vaults appearing instead of just the one. Floor is the only event LSU lost to Florida and the one lineup that still appears in the most flux. We haven’t seen the postseason six yet.

3. Utah Utes

Average: 196.988
Previous ranking: 2

Utah fell to UCLA on Sunday, but by repeating a score around the 197 mark, kept its ranking fairly steady. The Utes did not expose many weaknesses in the Reno quad meet—for the most part another complete performance—though the question of beam composition will loom large. Utah (and the other teams) were given a few 9.9 start values for routines that are typically evaluated more charitably, but these things can happen when relying on front-to-back or dance combinations for significant value.
Continue reading Week 2 Rankings

Monday Live Blog – January 15, 2018

Monday, January 15 Scores Stream
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – Oklahoma @ Georgia LINK SEC+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Lindenwood @ SEMO LINK

Oklahoma finally gets in on this whole “NCAA gymnastics season” nonsense with a visit to Georgia. Oklahoma needs to score 197.225 to move into 1st place in the rankings. Last season, Oklahoma opened with a 197.725. Continue reading Monday Live Blog – January 15, 2018

Sunday Live Blog – January 14, 2018

Sunday, January 14 Scores Stream
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – Brown @ Rhode Island  LINK
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – [14] Arizona State @ [16] West Virginia LINK FREE
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – [15] Ball State, Penn, Cornell @ [25] George Washington LINK GW($)
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Centenary @ Kent State  LINK
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Illinois-Chicago @ Western Michigan  LINK
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – [13] Temple, William & Mary @ [24] Towson LINK FREE
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – UW-Whitewater @ Hamline
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Air Force @ [8] Denver LINK DU($)
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [2] Utah, [4] UCLA, Washington, Stanford (@ Reno, NV)  LINK FLO
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Cortland @ Alaska LINK FREE

It’s our first podium quad meet of the season! Apparently that’s worthy of an exclamation point! Starting now! Anyway, it’s happening! Continue reading Sunday Live Blog – January 14, 2018


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama