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The Race to Tokyo – The Bubble Teams

Now that we have nominative rosters for the world championships, it’s possible to play around with scoring permutations and team rankings with a little more confidence and realism than when we didn’t know which random local urchins were going to make up these teams.

So, to the hierarchy. As it currently stands, I have USA, China, France, Russia and Italy as a top 5 teams, with Canada, Great Britain, and Japan rounding out the team final, and Germany close but just missing out. That’s just a very rough sketch of this step pyramid as I see it in present day, and it will be refined as we get closer to worlds. Many previews in our future.

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US Men’s Selection – Day 2 Live Blog

I should start this live blog by talking through where we stand now in terms of a likely worlds team following the events of day 1, but…‾\_(ツ)_/‾????

The highest-scoring team from day 1 had neither Moldauer nor van Wicklen on it (to my mind, the #2 and #3 most likely people to make the worlds team heading into selection camp), and I don’t really know what to do with that. Is that a real possibility? Or do we just say…come on, it’s Yul…and revert back to where we were pre-Thursday?

Women’s Nominative Rosters

The FIG has released the nominative rosters for world championships, which are extremely important and binding (just kidding, this is nothing).

Still, I’m going to run through the list and make some general observations and reflections on what’s happening here, especially for the major teams.

1. Australia

The nominative team of six is Georgia-Rose Brown, Talia Folino, Georgia Godwin, Emily Whitehead, Emma Nedov, and Kate McDonald, but the Australian women are yet to compete at Australian Classic, which comes later this month. So definitely treat this team as a placeholder.