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Cottbus Live Blog – Finals Day 2

The final day of competition in Cottbus—and the final day of Olympic qualifying events until February of 2020—brings us the remaining five event finals.

Competition order:

Men’s VT: C Van Wicklen; Y Sharamkou; H Yonekura; I Radivilov; Tseng WS; Shin JH; A Nin Reyes; J Vega Lopez

BB: E Nedov; L Zimmerman; A Bachynska; S Scheder; U Ashikawa; D Varinska; A Sakaguchi; Li Q

PB: You H; B Bevan; F Arican; L Dauser; P Pakhniuk; A Likhovitskiy; V Poliashov; O Verniaiev

Women’s FX: A Radivilova; M Pihan-Kulesza; D Golgota; C Fragapane; L Mori; K Bui; A Bachynska; T Volleman

HB: C Van Wicklen; A Rostov; Hu X; Zhang C; R Leru; I Georgiou; A Nin Reyes; H Miyachi

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Cottbus Live Blog – Finals Day 1

Shortly (ish), we shall learn the champions of the first five finals in Cottbus—the 5th of 8 events in the apparatus Olympic qualification series.

The competition order for finals is
MAG FX – R Zapata; A Frey; N Ignatyev; K Prokopev; M Karimi; K Minami; C Van Wicklen; H Skinner

WAG VT – M Pinto; A Sakaguchi; L Zimmerman; T Belak; A Radivilova; Yu L; M Paseka; Y Ferrera

PH – R Seligman; T Pellerin; O Verniaiev; S Nedoroscik; H Merdinyan; Tan D; Weng H; K Imabayashi

UB – Fan Y; D Varinska; Yin S; S Scheder; A Morgan; A Agafonova; A Iliankova; K Bui

SR – E Petrounias; V Davtyan; A Avetisyan; You H; T Nagano; C Tulloch; Liu Y; I Radivilov

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Live From Worlds – Event Finals Day 1

Today, we’ll be treated to four thrilling event finals, and also rings. Actually, rings is exciting this time because we still don’t know who the three Olympic qualifiers will be from this final (among Colak, Ait Said, Petrounias, Lodadio, and Tovmasyan, who will compete in the 4th-8th spots), but also…it’s rings.

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