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Sunday Live Blog – March 10, 2019

Sunday, March 10 Scores Stream
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – Brown, Penn, So Connecticut @ Maryland LINK BTN+
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1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan LINK
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2:00 ET/11:00 PT – [17] Missouri, Lindenwood @ SEMO LINK
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [24] Stanford @ [2] UCLA LINK P12N
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [18] Nebraska, [21] Arizona State, Pittsburgh @ [6] Denver LINK DU($)
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Southern Utah @ [19] Washington LINK FREE

After the weekend we’ve seen, I can only imagine…

UCLA has Dennis leading off vault and Kramer in the anchor position, Hano and G Glenn on bars, and no Kyla on floor. Presumably saving 40WATCH for next week during VAL!: A Celebration of Val.

Update: Kyla good at nastix. Will keep posted with latest developments.

PS Lindenwood just beat Missouri

Rotation 1

Dennis – VT – UCLA – full – gigantic full and stuck. Excellent. Her good one. So much height. 9.900

Lawson – UB – Stanford – toe shap to bail, little leg breaks in both – shoot to high is good – giant full kind of late into double tuck, hop. 9.775

Hano – VT – UCLA – 1.5 – pace forward on her landing, medium sized lunge and then an extra slide, good direction and height – only the slightest bit of soft knees but solid form overall. 9.850

Waguespack – UB – Stanford – toe on to toe shap, crazy legs to pak, leg separations on both – shortish on final cast hs – DLO, comes up short with a large lunge forward. A rougher one but a hit. 9.725 pretty charitable.

Wright – VT – UCLA – Y1..5 – a bigger bound forward than Hano had, the lunge/bounce dragged up the back foot on this one, otherwise pretty similar to Hano’s. Also very high. 9.850. What is this? Less landing control than Hano.

Yu – UB – Stanford – shap to bail, much better legs in her combination, just a touch of toes on the bail – shortish cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, small hop, better. 9.875

Tratz – VT – UCLA – small hop back on her full, great power and distance, legs together, won’t get too much taken aside from the slide back but shouldn’t really go 9.9. Should be 9.8s. But it was 9.900 because duh of course it was.

Brunette – UB – Stanford – 1/2 turn, hits her deltchev into overshoot, also has some crazy legs – short hs on high bar – DLO, a bounce back. OK. 9.800

Ross – VT – UCLA – hops forward on the 1.5 this week – great in the air as it is – very clean, great distance, minor hop to the side. 9.950. Eyes emoji.

Bryant – UB – Stanford – great first hs – toe on to tkatchev, a bit flat, hit well – pak, gorgeous, legs together – 1/2 turn on low pretty solid vertical position – borderline final cast hs – DLO, hop back. Best of the rotation. 9.850. A fair score, but it was a stronger routine than Yu’s 9.875.

Kramer – VT – UCLA – Y1.5 – was still twisting into the ground a little, almost got it all the way around, but very nearly an ouchie – lunge to the side and knees in the air. Will be the drop score. 9.750

Rogers – UB – Stanford – toe on with elbows – hit tkatchev – short cast hs on high – full straddle on her pak – giant full with some legs – double tuck, lunge back. 9.725

After 1: UCLA 49.450, Stanford 49.025

Stanford went over 49 on bars! Both teams will be pleased with those scores because evaluation has been quite loose so far, as you would expect. UCLA was very strong in the fulls from Dennis and Tratz and the 1.5 from Ross. Needs the landings from Hano and Wright to get this kind of score normally, and needs to resolve what this 6th vault is going to be.

Denver went 49.275 on vault to start its meet, Nebraska 48.825 on bars after counting a 9.575. Not the start they wanted in the race to get up into the 16. Maddie Karr 9.975 on her Y1.5.

Rotation 2

Cole – VT – Stanford – more piking on her full than those we saw from UCLA, bounce back, not the most distance

Frazier – UB – UCLA – good first hs  toe shap to pak, fab legs on the pak – good hs on low – toe shap 1/2, strong – borderline final cast hs – DLO, nearllly stuck, smallest little foot adjustment. 9.875

Amanda has been making a point of letting us know a little more about the deductions she’s seeing and I appreciate it.

Fitzgerald – VT – Stanford – large bounce back on her full, some more power than Cole and not much piking, starts to open a little. 9.800

Hano – UB – UCLA – rushed first hs – hits high Ray to overshoot, a bit of legs – short final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, hop back. Amanda says she hit her feet on the low bar as well.

9.875. So I guess the judges were like me and didn’t notice the hit on low bar on the first look through. Even so that score is wild.

Bryant – VT – Stanford – fantastic height on her full, great chest up, but the bounce back, and it’s a fairly significant bounce. Hopefully she gets the reward for her superior dynamics though. She does, 9.825.

Dennis – UB – UCLA – replaces G Glenn in the lineup – toe shap to bail, good legs together – a little angle catching bail – smooth work – a little short on final cast hs – big DLO, small hop back. 9.925. Oh boy. Here we go.

Flam – VT – Stanford – uncontrolled bound forward on her Omel this time – still love the distance and the maintenance of pikes shape that she shows throughout. 9.750

Flatley – UB – UCLA – short first hs – higgins to jaeger, gorgeous – better second hs – toe on to bail, good legs, perhaps a little short of vert? couldn’t tell – same with final cast – DLO, short landing with a bounce forward. 9.850. Nothing matters, so don’t worry.

Yu – VT – Stanford – excellent position and distance on her full, still kind of a large bounce back, nice arm open and pretty vault. 9.825

Kocian – UB – UCLA – stalder shap to pak, very pretty – 1/2 turn on low was pretty solid in position this time – borderline final cast hs – FTDT, small slide back. Pretty, not quite her best, but the way scores are going, I figure they won’t take anything other than the two obvious .050s. Yep. 9.900.

Brunette – VT – Stanford – hands down on her yfull, didn’t get the height she needed, lots of pike and came in low, fall. So Stanford will be 48.9s on vault.

Ross – UB – UCLA – toe shap to bail to shoot to high – perfect as usual – final cast hs was great – DLO, did hold the stick but with a significant swim, a couple arm waves, that will take away the 10. The first handstand was also maybe a little borderline, but I’d expect 9.950 given what we’ve seen.

YOU GUYS. ONE JUDGE WENT 9.800 AND ONE JUDGE WENT 10. Being sour me, I would have had 9.850, so I’m surprised one just suddenly went 9.800, but also ONE JUDGE WENT 10. WITH THAT DISMOUNT. Fortunately, they sort of got to something reasonable in the end with 9.900.

Two wrongs do, in fact, make a right.

After 2: UCLA 98.925, Stanford 97.950

Stanford didn’t have the big scores on vault, but still keeping relatively on track for a 196, which is what they’re looking for. UCLA has some nice moments in there—Frazier strong, Dennis getting into the lineup as she needs to be, Kocian improving a bit over last week—but also some silly overscores in there for a couple routines.

Also, bars judge #1 is from Minnesota, and bars judge #2 is from Southern California. Now it makes perfect sense.

Val telling us about cracks in the culture. And also about THE GREATEST COMEBACK IN SPORTS HISTORY.

Rotation 3

G Glenn – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series with a check and an arm wave – aerial to split, gorgeous – switch to split, small check in between, I would call it a broken leap connection – bhs gainer full, stuck. Not her strongest, but as long as they give the leaps, it will be solid.

9.900. So I guess they gave the leaps. Why not? I love that that tied her season high with two balance checks.

Cole – FX – Stanford – 2.5 to front tuck, secure landing, some legs and direction – switch ring and switch leap 1/2, both pretty nicely extended – her straddle jump – rudi, controlled step – 9.825

Nguyen – BB – UCLA – switch to split, good positions but a little low to the beam for me – aerial with a check, will have to redo the series – does and does is acceptably – full turn – side jump 1/2, strong – punch front full dismount, stuck. Great second half.

9.900. EVERYTHING IS 9.900.

H Hoffman – FX – Stanford – front tuck through to rudi, super solid and nice leg position throughout, just less amplitude than others will have – split leap full could have been a touch more around – very strong double tuck, chest up and solid – rudi to double stag, a little travel, really secure and solid overall. 9.850

Kocian – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series with two checks, a lean one way and then a lean other – aerial, small hesitation into split jump – air conditioning must be on too high again this week – switch to split, even the smallest hesitation there too – 1.5 with a bound forward. She’s still fighting the stiffness on beam this season. 9.850.

Cool how she would have gone 10.050 without those checks #legend

Flam – FX – Stanford – pretty wonderful double arabian in the air as usual, just that little stutter on landing – front full to front pike, keeps that back foot down well despite sliding a little – double pike, landing snuck up on her a little and she held it very well. 9.900

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to loso series, smooth and pretty fast in combination – side aerial, strong and solid – L turn to split jump to beat jump is literally perfect – punch front full dismount with a huge bounce forward. Was fab until then.

9.925 with a one tenth bound on dismount landing.

Lawson – FX – Stanford – 1.5 through to double tuck, super solid despite coming in a little short, they have the landings down so far today – split leap full to jump 1/1, got kind of low in the jump 1/1 position – double pike, small slide back, another strong one.

Ross – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, so smooth, well done – aerial to sissone, strong as well – full turn – no checks so far – switch to split, phenomenal – side aerial to full, absorbs the landing. Well, judge who gave Flatley a 9.950 with that dismount, what do you do with this?

10.000. Inevitable. That’s the score that has made the most sense of the 5 in this lineup so far, and if you gave those scores to the others, there was no way you couldn’t give this a 12.950.

Hoang – FX – Stanford – DLO with a bounce back, not too big, and I do appreciate her higher chest position on landing than some of the knee-eating DLOs we see – split leap 1.5, a little ragged but good – front lay to front 1/1, controlled step out – double pike, bounce back and OOB.

Hoang went 9.850. They decided not to take the OOB even though the flag went up and the replay showed she definitely did go OOB. YOU GET SOME TOO STANFORD!

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – aerial to split, excellent – bhs loso, super comfortable for her, and I don’t actually mind getting rid of the two-foot layout because this routine is cleaner – switch to split, strong positions – bhs loso to full, possible small foot movement on landing

9.975. Great but not a stick.

Bryant – FX – Stanford – bigly big huge full-in, a lunge back and OOB. We’ll see if they decide to take it this time or just nah – front tuck through to double pike, a bit short with a lunge forward – switch side and popa – open double tuck was awesome, nailed the final pass

49.700 for UCLA on beam. Um. The last two were great?

After 3: UCLA 148.625, Stanford 147.250

Stanford gets 49.300 on floor for a solid rotation, missed the score from bryant because she had some landing issues, but the solidest rotation of the day for them as it typically is. They’re en route to an excellent total if beam delivers for them. The first few were super solid in the landings, and it helped everyone. And then that cool thing where OOB is a suggestion now.

UCLA goes 49.700 on beam with some absolutely crazy scores for the first four routines that drove up the total. Would be shocked if this isn’t a 198 now after floor.

Denver went 49.475 on bars in the second rotation. Nebraska 49.00 on beam.

Rotation 4

Fitzgerald – BB – Stanford – aerial with a little hesitation into back tuck but they’ll obvious give it today – switch to split, a touch of back leg on split – hitch kick to her two-foot walkover, large break this time with a bend at the hips – 1.5, stuck. 9.725

Frazier – FX – UCLA – full-in, good chest up, slide back on landing – whip through to double tuck, more of those foot adjustments as she landed, it was a bit more controlled last week despite the 9.825 she got – nailed the double pike, excellent – two butterflies entirely for Jess’s benefit. You know she’s still going 9.900.

Oh, wait it’s 9.950. I love how 9.900 was my “this meet is so crack it will be 9.900” example, and then it was too low…

Stephenson – BB – Stanford – aerial, hit – bhs loso series, solid, just some soft knee in the series – nice control landing her sheep, I’d of course like to see a bit more closure, but not bad – gainer full, stuck, solid hit. 9.875

Kramer – FX – UCLA – front 2/1 to front pike, lovely as always but took it right to the edge, on the line maybe just in or just out, but since OOB is optional in this meet, you know it’s fine for no deduction regardless – 1.5 to layout, only a touch of knee bend – great life on switch side to popa – front 1.5 to stretch jump, nice. 9.925

Lawson – BB – Stanford – arabian, huge as always with a leg-up check this time – switch 1/2, a little short of position, secure – full turn, slow into and out but smooth – bhs loso series, noticeable knees and a check – gainer pike, hop. 9.800. Stanford getting same lens as UCLA.

Tratz – FX – UCLA – full-in, very solid landing this week, controlled step and kept her chest forward despite being a little low, which is nice – a bit of a slide on second pass – switch ring to split leap full, strong position – double tuck, a little deep, just does keep that front foot down. 9.900

Cole – BB – Stanford – bhs loso series, huge break and tries and tries and tries to save it but comes off. Stanford counting that 9.725 now – aerial with another leg-up check – 2/1, stuck. 9.325

Dennis – FX – UCLA – pike full in, nice power of course and great legs together, not one of those staggered-leg ones, slide back but not too out of control – front full to layout, nails that pass – split leap 1.5 to split jump full to straight jump, LOVE – great extension and crisp landing positions too, excellent – double tuck, another slide back. A couple uncontrolled landings there. Still goes 9.925 with those two large lunges out of passes, which is cool.

Navarro – BB – Stanford – bhs loso, just a small adjustment, pretty extension of course – overturns her full turn with a check – aerial, solid – switch with a hesitation in connection – redoes with a sissone into switch side, still with a little check in between – 1.5, hop back.

Hano – FX – UCLA – DLO, strong control, chest pretty well up too, her best DLO of the season – front full to half to run – choreographed fish roll conga line from the team on the sidelines needs a LOT of work. double pike, kept front foot down. 9.950

Bryant – BB – Stanford – full turn with a check working out of it – huge loso series amplitude of course but a lean check as she was a little off on landing – switch split jump, fab – front tuck, another small arm wave adjustment – such great amplitude on elements, a few too many checks – bhs bhs double tuck, stuck. Still gets 9.900 because when in Westwood…

Ohashi – FX – UCLA – split-leg DLO, lands short with a step forward, so if they give this a 10 I will cut everyone  – 1.5 to 1/2 to split jump to front tuck, hit but traveled a little out of control this time – switch ring to switch 1/2 – front full to half to drop split, great ending as always – will need to take a couple things.

9.950. Why the hell not.

FINAL: UCLA 198.325, Stanford 196.275


Meanwhile, Nebraska pulled it together in the second half of the meet to finish at 196.225. Still not ideal for those top-16 hopes. Waiting on Denver to finish floor, but on track for another comfortable mid 197 so far. Arizona State counting a beam fall from the first rotation, Pitt looking like this will be a low 194 so far.

Also, that was UCLA’s 5th-highest team score in history. That sounds accurate, said no one.

Denver rounds it out with a 197.675 (after Brown goes 9.975 on floor), to Nebraska’s 196.225, ASU’s 194.825, and Pitt 194.200.

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