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Live from the Collegiate Challenge – Session 1


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Saturday, January 4
Scores Stream
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [7] Denver, [13] Auburn, [21] Arizona State, [25] Penn State @ Collegiate Challenge   FLO
5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT – Illinois, SEMO @ [16] Missouri LINK SEC+
6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT – New Hampshire @ Illinois State LINK FREE
9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT – [1] Oklahoma, [4] UCLA, [9] Cal, [22] Stanford @ Collegiate Challenge   FLO

If you’re not FLOing, I’ll have you covered as best I can. I’m right by beam and floor, so those I’ll have the best view of. Vault is the farthest away from me.

The latest in “dropping like flies” news is that Jillian Hoffman did not compete for Utah yesterday because of a sprained foot and Jerquavia Henderson is out for the season for Iowa. Grool.

In lineup news, I’ve seen Maddie Karr warm up fully on bars and beam, also saw her work a little tumbling on floor. Even if she doesn’t end up doing everything today, looks like she’s close.

Three gymnasts have asked me so far how to get to the bathroom. I DON’T HAVE THAT INFORMATION FOR YOU.

Profession national anthem singer Peng Peng Lee has sung the national anthem. I was rooting for O Canada.

As someone who shall remain anonymous reminded me, Linas from Denver is not pronounced like Linus. “It’s Linas rhymes with penis.”

Jordan Jaslow for ASU has come out on crutches, but that’s my only crutches sight so far. Word is also that CLB is not competing today. So that should make things sufficiently interesting for ASU.

Rotation 1

We have a hit from Williams first up on beam for ASU.

Subject – VT – Denver – pretty good control on her full landing, came in a little short but controlled the landing as well as possible.

Katie Becker opened with a 9.500 on bars for Auburn apparently according to this arena scoreboard?

9.700 for Williams.

Sabados debuted on bars for Auburn, she was a little close (but great ampkuitude) on a tkatchev, good routine for 9.800

Brusch up third on bars for Auburn – prettttty DLO to finish. Nice set.

9.675 for Subject.

A bit of a bounce for Sundstrom on a full on vault. 9.750

8.850 for Erynne Allen on floor after taking her final pass nearly to her head.

Hop back on Tsuk full for Glynn on vault.

9.700 for the Tsuk full from Glynn. Vault judging a little tight but I’d say accurate.

Hit Y1.5 from Lynnzee Brown, A bit of knees and a step back. 9.850

Great 1.5 from Maddie Karr. So we can say she’s back. Nearly stuck, just a little slide together of the legs.

Sorry for the mis-ID earlier. Gracie Day is now going on bars, still doing her double Arabian, and nailed it.

9.875 for Karr. 9.825 for Day.

Gobourne had a bit of a leg break on her Pak – Very strong FTDT dismount, holds the landing.

Megan Thompson 9.775 BB for ASU.

McCracken 9.675 FX

Hit kickover front from Wilson on beam near the end of her beam set. 9.800

Bonsall 9.725 FX

Looks like Gobourne must have had n earlier mistake in her routine. Final score 9.000.

Cassie Stevens finished for Auburn on bars with 9.750, also showed some nice amplitude on a tkatchev.

Rushlow on floor for PSU had an odd moment where she lost her footing in the middle of her passage of dance, so probably lost some important value there. Ends up 8.550.

Astarita – FX – open double tuck, very well controlled – 1.5 to front layout, a bit of a bounce forward there – short on double pike landing with a step forward.

Scharf had a fall on beam for ASU, 9.225. Reeves followed her with 9.775

9.675 for Astarita.

Bridgens – FX – PSU – opens with a double tuck, pretty well controlled – no major issues in there, gets 9.825

Chinnery has a fall for PSU on her second pass – in exhibition.

I’ve created a separate live scores page where I will write down the scores I see when they are posted in the arena for the 0.1 nanoseconds they are posted.

Rotation 2

Ruiz – UB – Denver – shortish first hs – firant full to taktchev, nice – handstands are close though – bail, smoothly done – DLO, good height, medium bounce back. Normal.

Slappey opens beam for Auburn with a hit 9.800

Brusch second up on beam for Auburn – solid loso series – switch to back tuck combination, which she hits with pretty solid rhythm, lean to the side – bhs 1.5 dismount, stuck. Solid first competitive beam.

Sundstrom 9.725 in Denver’s second spot on bars.

Good distance on a full for Bridgens on vault – 9.650 is a bit harsh.

Subject with a small bounce back on DLO bars dismount.

Miller goes 8.850 on FX for ASU.

9.825 bars for Subject.

Brown – UB – Shap to Pak, lovely – good hs on low bar – Shap 1/2, a little leg break in the air – super floaty DLO. Excellent routine.

Bastardi vaults, lands a little short for 9.600.

Drew Watson went 9.650 on beam.

Gobourne – BB – bhs loso series, secure – beat to split jump 1/1, was a little under turned and had to scoot it around on landing – cat to side aerial to full dismount, hop to the side.

9.925 for Brown on bars.

9.575 Maya Williams on floor –

Glynn had one short handstand in there on bars, nailed her FTDT.

Pretty front lay to rudi from one of the ASU new ones on floor.

Gobourne 9.575. Glynn 9.825.

Karr – UB – Denver – good first hs – giant full to giant gienger to overshoot, just a little bit of pike there, muscles up the finacast hs a tad – DLO, stuck landing. Fab.

9.900 for Karr. Excellent bars rotation from Denver.

And that was Boyer with the pretty rudi from ASU.

9.625 from Sylvia 5th up on beam for Auburn. Sheppard is the anchor. bhs loso series, secure, some feet – hitch kick to side aerial, solid – cat leap to switch side, some angled split – full turn, small lean correction – bhs 1.5 dismount, hop to the side. Good hit.

Saw a 9.775 posted for Asu on floor just now.

Ginn up with 9.850 for Arizona State on floor.

Dismount fall in exhibition for Auburn on beam.

They’re posting team scores in the arena right now that are mathematically impossible after two rotations, so that’s chill.

Rotation 3

Apparently Auburn is in first place with “116.250” Y’ALL. They just announced this in the arena.

Brown – BB – Denver – switch to split, good – aerial to wolf jump, good control – gainer full, stuck.

Slappey – FX – Auburn – front lay to a stuck rudi, a bit of legs – double pike, some chest down, minimal movement – switch 1/2 to split jump full, a bit short of positions – double tuck, secure.

Lovely toes from Verdeflor on bars of course, finishes double tuck with a large bound forward –

9.850 for Brown

9.700 for Ginn on VT.

Ruiz – BB – hitch kick to switch side, naive – bhs loso, a bit tentative, a lean, but keeps it pretty smooth – gainer pike, nearly stuck, scoots together.

9.775 slappey. 9.700 verdeflor. 9.525 miller on vt.

Gracie Day with a big stumble OOB on her opening double pike.

9.775 Boyer vault.

9.725 Chinnery bars 9.825 Ruiz BB 9.850 Scharf vt.

Lockhart – BB – Denver – aerial, small lean into split jump – bhs loso series, very strong – split jump 3/4, a lean forward to save it, not too large – bhs gainer full, stuck.

9.400 Day FX.

9.075 Rushlow on bars.

9.825 Lockhart beam.

Sundstrom – BB – Denver – loso series solid – side aerial, some feet, but also solid – switch to switch 1/2, lean correction – gainer pike, good hit.

Brusch – FX – hugely open position on her full in first pass, though does land it a bit short – 15 to layout is also shorter, step back, low to the ground – nice amplitude on leaps – hit final pass

Karr – BB – Denver – side aerial to bhs series, very solid – side somi shows strong control – beat to split jump full, does get it around – 1.5 dismount, leans to hold the stick. Nicely done.

Sheppard – FX – Auburn – 1.5 to layout, just a little lack of control landing the layout – split leap full to popa, good extension – 3/1 is her final pass now, just a bit deep but good.

Vasquez – BB – Denver – aerial to bhs loso, perfect – Y spin, very well controlled – finishes side aerail to a stuck full. Very good.

9.875 Bonsall UB –

Holy crap. Vasquez just got a 10 for that routine. Well now.

That’s my excuse for missing the first pass of Gobourne’s floor. There was the first 10 of the season. Her second pass is a strong front full to front layout. double pike, very strong, controlled step, chest up. Great finish and her walk off the floor was SOMETHING TO BEHOLD.

The team score update right now is that Denver is owning everyone. Because of you know, specificity.

Rotation 4

Subject – FX – Denver – double pike, hips going back but pretty well controlled – front full out of second pass a little short – double tuck final pass, chest well down but pulls it around

I think I’ve got the live scores page fully updated, so keep checking over there.

Glenn with just a full for 9.650

Subject goes 9.650.

Emma Brown on floor, hits a double tuck, a little chest down, pretty leaps – finishes with a successful rudi

Watson hits her 1.5 on vault for Auburn, just some small movement on landing. 9.900. Gobourtne matches her with a 9.900. Well Auburn finall arived

9.500 scharf bars. 9.750 for Emma Brown on floor.

Stevens fgives Auburn another Y1.5, a little less control on hers with a hop to the side for 9.800, but still good.

great control on front tuck through to double back for Glynn on floor – double pike onto mat is a bit awkward, hop to the side –

9.150 Romagnano beam. 9.700 glynn. 9.750 Redmond on bars.

Karr – FX – a little off balance on a rudi landing, keeps it in bounds but a slide – split leap 1.5, around fully – getting full credit for these leaps, and the routine is mostly leaps right now – 1.5 to front full. Hit. She can do more tumbling, but for right now, a successful hit routine.

9.875 for Karr –

Bridgens helps PSU with a 9.750 beam.

Lockhart – FX – Denver – L turn and it’s fine – front tuck through to double back, some chest position – so we’re still doing Michael Jackson routines? – finishes with a solid double pike

Another 9.875 for Denver on floor for Lockhart.

Ruchlow comes back to hit beam for 9.825.

L Brown – FX – Denver – gigantic DLO as always, very well controlled – 1.5 to layout sissone, also secure – double pike, stuck landing, just a little chest. Excellent routine. I’d go 9.950 for it. So do both judges.

9.650 for Bastardi on beam.

McCracken – Bb – Penn State aerial, keeps it going through to bhs pretty quickly – split jump to double stag, a couple arms waves to keep it on the beam, which she does – cat leap to aerial, small check – bhs gainer full, little hop in place.

That is our last counting routine of the meet. So now we wait to see what these scores ended up being. Denver did go sub-49 on vault but will break 196 nonetheless and win the session because of the strong performances on bars and beam.

Unofficially I have Denver at 196.400. Auburn is at 194.375. I have ASU at 194.625, but it may end up 194.675 because I think a score was changed at some point.

The news here was the 10 for Vasquez on beam, for what was an exceptionally solid routine for her, and she doesn’t have the built-in errors of others, so she’s always in line for it. I think they mostly did it for how well she controlled that Y spin. They’re usually so tentative.

Denver will of course be happy, and I think if you’re ASU, with such a new team, you take a 2nd-place here very gladly, even if a score in the mid 194s isn’t exactly what you’re looking for in the rankings. Auburn will be…less than thrilled.

They’ve announced Denver’s victory score as a 196.700.

We had some late score changes bring ASU up to 194.675 and Penn State to 193.500 (I have PSU at 193.600, for reference)

You know that thing where you say, “I can definitely do quick hits and a live scores page at the same time” and then immediately realize you’ve made a terrible mistake?

We’re official with the 196.700 from Denver, which is the highest score in the country so far.

For session 2, we’re all moving to the after-party of a new post.

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