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World Championship Rosters Released


The FIG released the nominative rosters for worlds today, which is probably a good thing because podium training begins in a cool 9.25 days. Might want to know who is going. Ish. I mean, it’s just nominative.

Case in point, the US women’s team, which won’t be selected until this weekend. The US nonetheless must submit placeholder names for the nominative roster in order to avoid a late-entry fine that exists for actually no real reason but is the same amount as the prize money for a bronze medal.

So we end up with a nominative roster submitted by someone in the US women’s program (Tom? Annie? A roomba with a little hat on?) that includes Shilese Jones even though she is quite definitely on tour right now and will be doing a double double off a rod floor in Chicago when the US women’s team is competing in qualification. So…we know this thing will change. Although, the roster does—by process of elimination—list Cecile Landi as Jones’ coach now instead of Christian Gallardo, so perhaps we got something useful out of it regardless. Skye Blakely also appears on the US nominative roster but will not participate at the selection camp, which will have just six competitors aiming for the four spots: Ciena Alipio, Kayla DiCello, eMjae Frazier, Olivia Greaves, Konnor McClain, and Leanne Wong.

You know that if this were the Martha era we would be like, “It’s a mind game! She’s saying to the other athletes, ‘I prefer someone who isn’t even trying for worlds over you.'” But in the Tom era we’re like, “Does Tom even know who Shilese is?”

Here are some of the other developments of note from the roster release. You can find the full rosters by subdivision in the worlds HQ.

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