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Round-off, Back Handspring 1/1 Mount


Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Round-off, back handspring 1/1 mount
Round-off, “back handspring 3/4” mount
Kochetkova mount

The full-twisting back handspring mount, is not technically a full-twisting back handspring because the code allows for a 3/4 twist to be done before contacting the beam, with the final 1/4 twist done in hand support, which pretty much everyone who has ever done it takes advantage of. Grabbing that beam sideways is a must. Still, it’s just easier to call it a back handspring 1/1 because there will have been a full twist completed by the end of the element.

The bhs 1/1 mount was one of the test cases for upgrading beam mounts in 2013 before even more mounts were upgraded in 2017, and that 2013 upgrade encouraged exactly one person named Sanne Wevers to perform it, and we’re so very glad she did.

E (2013-)
D (2006-2012)

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