Giant 1/1



Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Giant 1/1
Giant full

A relatively common skill given that it’s the simplest pirouette that may be used to fulfill the 360-degree turn requirement, the giant 1/1 primarily pops up in elite routines of lower difficulty. Higher-difficulty routines will opt for a full pirouette of the stalder, toe-on, or inbar variety to get extra value from those pirouetting elements.


Currently performed by
Isabella Amado (PAN)
Teja Belak (SLO)
Ellie Black (CAN)
Farah Boufadene (ALG)
Marine Boyer (FRA)
Simona Castro (CHI)
Leah Clapper (USA)
Marisa Dick (TTO)
Kylie Dickson (BLR)
Lisa Ecker (AUT)
Catalina Escobar (COL)
Erika Fasana (ITA)
Houry Gebeshian (ARM)
Rachel Gowey (USA)
Hua Ruixue (CHN)
Amelia Hundley (USA)
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (USA)
Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska (POL)
Dipa Karmakar (IND)
Liu Jinru (CHN)
Mary-Anne Monckton (AUS)
Kiara Muntenau (AUS)
Anamaria Ocolisan (ROU)
Ellis O’Reilly (IRL)
Pauline Schaefer (GER)
Rebecca Tunney (GBR)
Ailen Valente (ARG)
Sanne Wevers (NED)
Toni-Ann Williams (JAM)

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