Shushunova (Uneven Bars)



Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
And that should probably be it

You will occasionally hear this skill called a full-twisting Tkatchev, but that is incorrect. A full-twisting Tkatchev would be way cooler than this. This is more like a 1/2 turn into a Markelov.

Named for
Elena Shushunova (SOV)

One of just…the weirder-looking skills on uneven bars, the Shushunova is rather hard to describe both accurately and succinctly, hence the problems noted above. That’s why it’s probably better just to call it a Shushunova and be done with everything.

Prior to 2013, the skill was valued G, a rating that seemed to reflect the full-twisting Tkatchev misnomer more than the actual skill. This was rectified for the 2016 CoP, in which the Shushunova was hit with the nearly unheard-of two-tenth downgrade to the more realistic and appropriate E rating.

E (2013—)
G (2006–2012)

Currently performed by
Mary-Anne Monckton (AUS)

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