Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Reverse hecht
Davydova (though by exactly 0% of people)

Named for
Elena Davydova (SOV)
Aleksandr Tkatchev (SOV) (Man)

Ah, the old Tkatchev. The standby that launched a thousand release skills. You will rarely, though occasionally, hear it called a reverse hecht. For most purposes, Tkatchev is a fully pervasive and universally understood method of referring to this and all other skills in the family.

Like all names brought to the Roman alphabet from Cyrillic, there are about a trillion different ways to spell the transliteration, none technically more correct than the others. I opt for Tkatchev because that is how it’s spelled in the code and is a relatively efficient way of going about things. You will also see Tkachev and Tkachyov. Both fine. It only becomes a problem when a transliteration option gets unintentionally unfortunate. We all should have agreed to go with Semyonova rather than Semenova. We really let her down there.

Officially, Elena Davydova has the Tkatchev named after her in the women’s code of points, though she came a little too late to claim nominative pervasiveness the term Tkatchev has a stranglehold on. Her regular Tkatchev also post-dated the Hindorff by a couple years.

For full name clarification on all variations, refer to: Shaposhatchev Dictionary


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