Flyaway 1/2 or Full

Flyaway 1:2 or full


Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Flyaway 1/2 or full
Back layout 1/2 or full

In the case of a flyaway dismount, the code actually doesn’t care whether it’s tucked or piked or laid out or triangled or rhombused. It’s just like, “get out of here with that simple nonsense.” It makes the flyaway one of the few skills where the tucked and laid out versions are worth the same, which we really only see in the simplest elements—and that carries through to the versions with 1/2 twist and full twist.

We don’t see them at all anymore, the full twist probably having its last heyday in the 1992 compulsory bars routine.

You’ll typically only hear this dismount called a flyaway when it is done without twisting (a true flyaway), but the code is into calling the 1/2 twist and full twist a flyaway as well. “Flyaway” tends to imply simplicity, which is the only reason we don’t often hear the term used when more twists are added, but those skills are flyaways as well. Just hard ones.


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