Side Split Mount

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Side split
Jump to side split
Leap to split

We don’t really talk about this as one of the fake-o mounts a lot (because you at least have to…you know…be flexible or something), but the jump to side split may actually have a solid argument as the most common mount on beam right now. So very many people do the jump to side split.

One of the benefits of this mount, as opposed to just hopping up onto the beam, is that it also allows getting the low-to-beam choreography out of the way from the start, and is dreadfully close to being the kind of position one might want to be in to do a wolf turn. That’s probably why it is gaining supremacy even among the A mounts.

The split leap to cross position (one leg at a time, not to be confused with jumping to cross split) is also found in this same skill box but extremely rare.


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