The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

1/2 turn to Double Tuck (Fan)

Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
1/2 turn to double tuck
That thing that Riley does…you know the one.

The Fan is one of the newest dismounts in the code of points, and came about…sort of by accident? In 2017, the code of points upgraded a similar dismount, the front 1/2 into back tuck, from a D to an E. So then people were like, “Hey, we should start doing that dismount.” And then the WTC was like, “Boo. You’re not doing it. You’re performing a 1/2 turn into double tuck instead, and that’s going to be a D, losers.”

Thus, the Fan dismount had to be submitted as a new element at 2017 worlds and was valued at D.


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