Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

One day until everything begins. It will all be over before you can say, “Did that routine even have a same-bar release?” and then we’ll be forced to pay attention to elite again and say things like, “She moves her legs during this routine. I appreciate her artistry.”

Both semifinal sessions will be held tomorrow and streamed here.
(NB: Even though the semifinal times of 12:00 and 6:00 are listed as ET on the streaming page, the semifinals will be held as 12:00 and 6:00 Pacific time. I don’t want anyone missing by three hours.)

                                                                                                                               For visual learners, this is wrong ↓

If you’re interesting in following along with scoresheets, here they are for both semifinals. Listed lineups are from regionals (so watch out for changes), and listed scores are regional scores for the sake of comparison.
Semifinal #1 Scoresheet
Semifinal #2 Scoresheet

In the news of the day, UCLA’s twitter is reporting that Vanessa Zamarripa won the AAI Award. No surprise and very well deserved. 

Podium training is today, and Gymcastic is all over the quick hits.
Don’t put too much value on podium training struggles unless the same issues have previously manifested in competition. PT is first and foremost about adjusting to the podium. In general, I take a very Russian approach to NCAA podium training. Hitting is for lame non-divas.

If you have patience and are looking to prepare for semifinals, check out the session previews in the previous posts:
Oklahoma, Alabama, UCLA
Florida, Georgia, LSU
Michigan, Utah, Arkansas
Minnesota, Stanford, Illinois

If you have no patience, just be sure to count the 9.9s as the rotations play out tomorrow. They will point you the direction of success every time. Last year in semifinals, Alabama had eleven 9.9s, Florida had ten, and UCLA had nine. Wow, that exactly reflects the ultimate Super Six standings.

The regional 9.9 totals this year were as follows:   
Florida – 16
Alabama – 11
LSU – 10
Oklahoma – 7
Georgia – 7
UCLA – 6
Stanford – 5
Utah – 4
Arkansas – 4
Minnesota – 4
Michigan – 3
Illinois – 3