Best Routine of THE YEAR Poll

Your instructions
1. Vote for the best routine
2. Don’t get upset when this inevitably devolves into a twitter popularity contest. It’s not that important.

The twelve winning routines from the season will go head-to-head-to head-to etc. for the title of best routine of the year.

1st 2nd 3rd
Wk1 Price (STAN)-UB Lee (UCLA)-UB Finnegan(LSU)-UB
Wk2 Crouse (UNL)-VT Price (STAN)-VT Gowey (UF)-BB
Wk3 Glenn (UCLA)-BB Ramler (MINN)-BB Hambrick(LSU)-FX
Wk4 McMurtry (UF)-BB Lee (UCLA)-BB Carter (ARK)-BB
Wk5 Hano (UCLA)-FX Lee (UCLA)-BB Dowell (OU)-VT
Wk6 Baker (UF)-FX Hambrick (LSU)-FX Lane (UNC)-BB
Wk7 Snead (UGA)-FX Finnegan (LSU)-BB Lu (MINN)-BB
Wk8 Ohashi (UCLA)-FX Williams (CAL)-FX Ross (UCLA)-UB
Wk9 Finnegan (LSU)-FX Houchin (NEB)-VT Hambrick(LSU)-FX
Wk10 Price (STAN)-FX Priessman(LSU)-UB Lee (UCLA)-BB
Wk11 Finnegan (LSU)-UB Hambrick (LSU)-UB Ohashi (UCLA)-FX
Conf Schweihofer(UN)-FX Baumann (UF)-BB Price (STAN)-UB
Winston (ALA)-BB

Week 1 – Elizabeth Price (Stanford) – Bars

Week 2 – Sienna Crouse (Nebraska) – Vault

Week 3 – Grace Glenn (UCLA) – Beam

Week 4 – Alex McMurtry (Florida) – Beam

Week 5 – Felicia Hano (UCLA) – Floor

Week 6 – Kennedy Baker (Florida) – Floor

Week 7 – Sydney Snead (Georgia) – Floor

Week 8 – Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Floor

Week 9 – Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Floor

Week 10 – Elizabeth Price (Stanford) – Floor

Week 11 – Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Bars

Conference Champs – Megan Schweihofer (Nebraska) – Floor

24 thoughts on “Best Routine of THE YEAR Poll”

  1. Y’all have some serious Utah hate on this blog. Throughout the entire season not a single routine from Utah ever placed in the top 3 here. Compare that with:

    UCLA – 9
    LSU – 9
    UF – 4
    STAN (aka just Price) – 4

    I’m surprised OU only got one spot here too.

    1. There were Finnegan fanatics voting for her every time she was nominated. Her votes would jump by 2-4% every minute or two sometimes.

      Don’t take it personally, there were a few Finnegan voters who voted multiple times for the same routine because they really want a specific person to win, not necessarily because of the routine itself. Those few individuals then skew the results.

    2. TBH I almost think that Skinner didn’t get as much love because we all know exactly what to expect from her, very solid DTY and the double double. Almost because her performances are always on the same level so nothing stands out even though she stands out as a competitor/ in the rankings? If that makes sense?

    3. Well, remember rule 1 – don’t get upset when it devolves into a twitter popularity contest. In two years, Maggie Nichols has yet to make the top 3 once, so… I think Mykayla Skinner has a win or top 3 from last season so at least she has that. At the end of the day, it’s not all that meaningful. But I do like seeing some good routines from meets I haven’t seen.

    4. As others have pointed out, voting was almost certainly skewed by people voting every week for a particular school or gymnast. That much became pretty obvious if you looked at the percentages every week. Some schools and athletes seemed to always get tons of votes, regardless of who else was up for the poll.

      Additionally, remember that you can only vote FOR a routine in this poll, not against a routine. That means that a certain team’s absence from the top 3 doesn’t necessarily mean that people were refraining from voting for gymnasts from that school. It just as well could have been that one or a few schools were getting all the love every week because those schools had a bunch of fans voting. Now before someone freaks out on me, I don’t mean to say that there’s never been any Utah hate in the comments section. Of course there has. We’ve all seen it. All I mean to say is that Utah’s absence from these awards doesn’t necessarily mean that the people voting refused to vote for Utah out of hate. Many of them could’ve just been Ebee fans, UCLA fans, LSU fans, etc. who would vote for those schools or athletes regardless of who else was nominated.

    5. Maybe because the Utah fans constantly complain about silly things that don’t matter.

      1. To be fair, UCLA fans would complain if they were completely left out of a poll like this too. Both fan bases can be insufferable at times.

    6. As an example of the two posters above, just look at the votes. Do you really think 25% of the people voting believe Crouse’s vault is the best routine all year? Absolutely not. There are a few people who are voting over and over again skewing results.

      It’s sad that we can’t even have a poll without people ruining it, but such is the Internet.

      1. You can “vote” as many times as you want but…wait for it…It only counts your vote once. So, just maybe there are that many ppl who think she deserves a vote. Did you watch Super Six??!!

      2. @Anon- You can actually adjust your privacy settings and cookie settings and, wait for it, vote more than once in internet polls.

        So, yeah, 25% of people don’t actually think Crouse’s vault is the best routine of the year.

  2. I love Ohashi’s routine…except for the amount of traveling on the leaps out of her tumbling passes. I miss Kennedy Baker and LOVED her routine. Ebee sure looks good though on both floor and bars. 🙂 Can we vote for more than one?

  3. Sadly the best gymnast didn’t even make the top 3 once (Maggie Nichols). Voting for Baker, I will miss her floor so much in the Semifinals and Super Six :/

    1. But are Maggie’s individual routines really the best? She is for sure the most accomplished all-arounder, but the only event in which I would give her 10s when she hits like she can is bars. On the other three, while almost always great, I don’t feel like she’s on top of everyone else.

  4. I understand the rules but I’m sad that Myia Hamrick’s floor is not there. She was in the poll almost every week yet she failed to win. I would have voted for her, just for the fact that she was able to pull it of every week.

  5. Ivy Lu’s beam routine from week 7 is my favorite routine of the year. Shame she didn’t win her week.

  6. I understand the rules as well, but am so sad that one of Peng’s 10.0 beam routines isn’t included. That would be my vote!

  7. Write-in vote for Peng: for any of the legit 10.0 beams. This route be would stand out no matter what team she is on.

  8. Doesn’t technically qualify but Ebee’s 10.0 in Semifinals and Peng’s two 10s from Super SIx are my absolute favorite routine moments of the year.

  9. I think Nichols isn’t on here because she’s lost the ability to surprise us. Like, when she does an amazing routine, it’s just like “Yup.” No more wow factor. It’s sad because she is friggin AMAZING all the time!

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