Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Regionals

This week…

We all spent five days like

And the regionals judges applied the code exactly

Well, it sure made things exciting

But Michigan was like

Amari didn’t go out of bounds and then checked your work

Anaya stuck and said you can’t handle me

There is room for one star

Abby Brenner paid homage to her roots

We’ve come a long way, baby

Leanne fell over a little bit

In case of fire: arch, split, and roll

The gays, when Gaga starts reaching

It’s paused, I swear

Also Trinity got injured

Oklahoma counted a fall on beam and still won

We learned the layout step-through

And remembered to try to finish everything in handstand

6 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Regionals”

  1. I don’t understand the Michigan got robbed argument. They had two falls and were slightly off during the day. I know the falls didn’t count, but the steps and small errors added up. Their vault lineup is fantastic; however, it hasn’t been as consistent as past years. I hate to see a top team fail to qualify, but no team deserves a spot at nationals. You have to earn it in regionals.

    Michigan may be one of the best this year, but they didn’t hit when it counted the most.

    1. Because I have yet to see a single judge (like a verified judge, not a keyboard warrior) rescore the meet and not have Michigan in first place. LSU and Denver are toss ups between 2nd/ 3rd in the ones I’ve seen. That means it was a lack of deductions taken on the other team’s mistakes that robbed Michigan. If the only thing that matters are landings and obvious errors, and not form on the apparatus, let’s re-write the code so that those are the only deductions, because right now superior form is not being rewarded.

      1. Will you please share links to judges scoring these meets? I’d love to see how other judges would have handed out scores in Denver and Norman.

        As a side note, I personally believe all 6 scores on each event should count; thus, falls should matter, especially in post season. I also think we need to stop only counting the 6 highest scores from the season. Everything should count! Football doesn’t get to ignore one loss a season or get one interception per game that wouldn’t count. Sports are high stakes — win and advance. Mistakes should count and not be dropped.

      2. Agree, I rescored it for the All Things Gym podcast (I am a current albeit newer college judge) and got Denver in first with 197.2, UM 2nd with 196.85, LSU 3rd with 196.75, and OSU 4th with 196.55. Denver was the only team I had above a 49 on beam which did have the best view from ESPN.

  2. LSU was grosly overscored at times, look at Shnikova on bars.. WTF! She should have been smashed on that DM landing but nope 9.825, sure!

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