Back Layout 2/1 (Floor Exercise)



Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Back 2/1
Back double full
Back double twist

Note: The full or twist terminology is necessary when referring to these skills since back double on its own may be understood to refer to the double tuck.

Though it is just a C element, the back double full has its footprint in routine construction, typically as the third pass in routines from the weaker tumblers who are desperately hoping you just assume it’s a 3/1 intending to build up their difficulty through leaps and turns and just need to throw in a tumbling pass to be like, “Yada, yada, I also do that, fine.”

Almost every gymnast is going to be counting a C element in her floor routine. For most, that’s a C dance element, but others with a large repertoire of D-value leaps and turns won’t mind so much counting a C tumbling pass.


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