Handstand 1/1 to Lower Mounts (li)

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Press handstand 1/1 to planche
Press handstand full stoop through
Press handstand full to swing down
Hand-Li Yifang

Named after
Li Yifang (CHN) – swing down variation only

I mean, we could talk about these skills, and how cool they are if you do them right, and how it’s a not-necessarily-fall-risky way of getting a D element into your beam routine if you’re not so much with the acro flight elements, but no. I’m going to talk about why this skill is called a “Hand Li” instead of just a Li and how I don’t think our girl Li Yifang ever even mounted with this element.

The final listed incarnation of this skill—the one where you release one hand and swing down to rear support, is supposedly named after Li Yifang. But for some reason, this skill is listed in the code of points as being the “Hand-Li Yifang.” Unless she got married to Kevin Hand, I don’t understand. Thank you for this important clarification because otherwise I would have been so confused between the Hand-Li Yifang and the Spleen-Li Yifang. I mean which is it?!

Also, I can find no evidence that she had this mount in her routine. Li Yifang’s mount was a press handstand to immediate back handstand layout stepout, and it was decidedly awesome and decidedly not this skill.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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