Friday Live Blog – Michigan, Utah, Alabama, Auburn, LSU

Friday, March 6

6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Arizona, Eastern Michigan @ Michigan State (Scores) (CSL)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Auburn @ Kentucky (Scores) (SECN)
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Alabama @ Missouri (Scores) (SECN)
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Centenary @ SEMO (Scores)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Florida @ Oklahoma (Scores)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Iowa State @ Iowa 
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Minnesota @ LSU (Scores) (SECN)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Michigan @ Utah (Scores) (Pac-12)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Alaska @ Boise State (Scores) (Stream)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Central Michigan @ BYU (Scores)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Arizona State @ Southern Utah (Scores)
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – NC State @ Washington (Scores) (Pac-12)

A glance at Minnesota before the Gophers take on LSU tonight:

Lots of senior nights tonight, so if you’re a fan of people bursting into tears at the end of their floor routines, this is like your Christmas. I’ll be here from 7:00 ET/4:00 PT.

The big question, which meet is going to have the craziest scoring? We’ve got some solid nominees tonight.

A rough start already for Arizona, counting a fall on bars for a 48.275. They’re currently in 19th and looked in great shape to make a move up into the seeded spots with a 195.100 road score to drop, but this doesn’t help. That much. They can still beat a 195.100 because that is a garbage score for a team like Arizona.

Random thoughts of the day: Shuffle always seems like a much better idea than it really is. I’m just not in a “Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir” kind of mood, iTunes! I expect you to anticipate these things.

Auburn will be getting underway soon. In spite of having two meets this weekend and a bigger showcase against Alabama on Sunday, the tentative lineup for Auburn features pretty much all the big guns, including Atkinson in the AA. Demers is still limited to just beam, however.

Michigan State is on it this year. Top 25 currently, and hovering close to 196 pace after two events tonight. Five tenths lead on Arizona now. Bowling Green actually in second, which is an accomplishment because I didn’t even know they were at that meet.

Warmups now with Kentucky and Auburn. Audio?
Yessssss. Please tell me you saw all those cheerleaders trying to do full twisting back tucks and face-planting. Props to the boys. Theirs were way better than the women’s.

Still no audio, but Furuyama of Kentucky just did a fine yfull, some mushy knees and a step back, but OK start.

Guy – UB – starting mid-routine, solid tkatchev – flings out her double tuck dismount a little but easily finishes it because it’s an easy dismount for her, small hop back.

They’re struggling a bit with this feed so we’re missing some routines as well, but Kopec waiting to go on bars.

Kopec – UB -first handstand was short – hits jaeger to overshoot – some toe issues in here and a couple borderline handstands – solid DLO but a medium hop back.
Hartley did a solid yfull with a medium step back – better on height and form.

Milliet – UB – becoming a very nice bars worker – strong ray and pak – finishes her half turn right on top of the low bar – hit handstands – step on double tuck dismount. They need these sticks. If you’re doing a double tuck, you need to stick.

Mitchell – VT – STICKS her front handspring, handspring, front pike. Best I’ve seen her do it.

Kluz – UB – good first hs – nice height on tkatchev – one short hs in there – strong straddle back – looked a little close on shoot back to high bar but OK – hop back on DLO. Still not sticking.

Good height and distance from Waltz on vault with a step back.

Walker – UB – strong opening – toe on – nice toe point on tkatcehv – hitting handstands, clean on pak but misses her handstand on the half turn on the low bar – very short on that turn – great DLO with a stick. Shame about the turn because otherwise that was their best so far.

Phipps – VT – BUH DAMN distance on her handspring tuck half – way way down the mat – step back.

Atkinson – UB – starting toward the end – shortish on a couple of these handstands but nice tkatchev – did the coach touch her? I’m sure not – and excellent on the full twisting double back with a small hop in place.

Interesting: After 1, Kentucky leads 49.125 to 48.975. Ah, being away from home. What a difference it makes. Auburn was fine on bars, little mistakes here and there and they really needed to stick some of those dismounts, but they didn’t get any benefit of the doubt there on some of those early 9.7s. Work to do to get a good score now. They must nail these upcoming rotations.

Michigan State counting a fall on beam now.

Into rotation two now, featuring all the Kentucky gymnasts on crutches in the background. It’s the whole team.

So glad we got to see Bri Guy’s run on vault. They’re having issues with this broadcast, and it’s kind of making my day. Sorry. But it’s probably a good sign that it’s time to switch to Bama and Missouri, don’t you think?

Bri Guy’s run got a 9.825 by the way.

Oh Bart and Kathy. I already feel so much better. The Duckworth word of the week is “united.” Is someone trying to get some free flights? In that case, my word of the week is “whiskey.”

Phew that Demers is back on vault. 9.900. These are the scores Auburn needed after bars. Still not going to be another big 197, but they’ll be back on track with this. 49.275. Still can squeeze a high 196 out of this, which would be enough to move up in RQS.

Missouri’s goal is 22 fist pumps? Should we score meets in fist pumps now? The answer is no.

Rotation 1:
Kern – MU – VT – yhalf – not bad at all – hop – but nice height and body position.

McNeer – UB – good first hs – strong Ray – very clean work early – hits bail well – pretty short on final handstand – sticks DLO. One poor handstand in there, but a really strong performance otherwise.

Harris – VT – Good height and distance, some foot form and such – hop back – also solid, though.

C Sims – UB – good finish on full turn – high tkatchev – hitting her hs – better bails this week than last week – short on a late handstand – strong stick on double back. Kathy was rightfully unhappy with her lack of toe point throughout.

Kappler – VT – large bounce back on her yfull this time – looked like it was going to be good – clean form, just a little piking at the end, but then the bounce.

Winston – UB – A little bit of a B team for Alabama today, but that means we’re getting to see Winston again! toe on – high Ray with great counter rotation – very clean on the pak as well – a couple borderline handstands – and then a very short final one – strong DLO with a hop back. So much potential in there. It’s worth it to get her back into the lineup, I think, but not much time left now. 9.900!

Trevino – VT – Nice yhalf – good body form and direction – step back, just came in a little short and had to take the step.

A Sims – UB – Weiler half – to bail – the usual strong elements with the leg separations on pretty much everything, DLO with a step back.

Schugel – VT – Nice height on that yfull! Best so far in that department, a little bounce and step back and some late piking as all the Missouri gymnasts have.

Beers – UB – solid shaposh to pak combo this time – half turn and step up are OK – one iffy handstand? – hesitation on half turn but fine – then CLOSE on her double front but manages to hold onto that stick – strength. Hit routine. No major breaks there.

Clark – UB – No 6th vaulter for Missouri. So glad Clark is back here – toe on – toe shaposh is quite nice – goog leg form – clean bail – hugely high DLO and stuck. Great work. Best in the rotation so far. They all need to work on really hitting their final handstands before the dismounts. I think all six of them were short? But otherwise this was clean work, and they’re getting the scores for it, too, even though they’re away.

Looks like Bailey is getting ready to exhibition. Yesssss. Another one they need back.

Bailey – UB – nice full turn to a clean bail – great toe shoot back to high bar – same final handstand issue – stuck the full out. Great. Why wasn’t she in the lineup. Get back.

Well now, 49.475 for Alabama on bars. That’ll do. A bit of a scoring benefit for some of them. Was Beers really a 9.925? But happy with the clean routine from Winston, and efficient, solid work from Clark. No Jetter today, and they were fine with it.They’ll have plenty of options, though with this six plus Bailey, Jetter, and Brannan. Not really sure what the best six is, though, but I hope we see more of Winston because her peak ability is easily among the top six.

Arizona ended up winning the meet with a 195.450, which is better than that 195.100 they wanted to drop, but not by enough to help make a real assault on the top 18. Pressure on their performance next week now.

Auburn starting with solid 9.8s on floor. Alabama moving to vault now, looking to keep up this almost 198 pace. We’ll see Sanders on vault today, who I forgot was on this team.

Rotation 2:
McNeer – VT – Almost stuck the yfull – step back and to the side, but everything else was fine. She’s becoming almost the Chelsea Davis of this vault lineup – that early, clean stick – but not this time. 9.775. Could have been higher.

Trevino – UB – a little late on the full turn – and Sophina legs on her gienger – short final handstand – whips out DLO, pikes the second salto – sits it. Rough.

Brannan – VT – Good height, a little piking, medium hop back.

Johnson – UB – a little better on the full turn and much better legs on the gienger – cery nice – hitting handstands – a little late on both her giant fulls – sticks double tuck – good work overall.

Sanders – VT – Her first competition routine. Not bad. A little more piking than the other Alabama options, leg separation and a step back.

Kappler – UB – strong full turn to bail – not much on her shoot up to high bar, but great full twisting double tuck – another stick. Two strong routines in a row.

C Sims – VT – Gooooooood vault. Sticks her yfull, good dynamics and direction. Best she has done.

Conkle – UB – good full turn – the #2 ranked gienger in this rotation so far – better than the first but worse than the second – short on final handstand – small steps on the DLO.

Dennis – VT – Also a newbie to the vault lineup – yhalf – great power and distance but off to the side and a large step forward – also a little tucking the knees at the end.

Miller – UB – strong piked jaeger and bail – hitting the handstands – good rhythm – high DLO and stuck. Great work. Best of the rotation.

Beers – VT – Big height – going for the 1.5 again – but a large lunge and stumble forward – we may see the full come back before too long.

P.S. Alicia Boren just finished floor with a full in at the Nastia. Powerful. Great. Yeah, have fun at Florida. That floor lineup won’t be hurting.

Fall from Schugel for Missouri, they’re counting a fall on bars now.

49.150 for Alabama on vault. A function of being without some of their very best workers, including Clark and Williams today, and having to sub in some B teamers. Also didn’t get the benefit they did on bars. Tighter scoring there. Career best vault from Sims, though. Nice to see her stick.

Scores coming in from Florida and Oklahoma. Advantage Oklahoma so far with a couple 9.900s on vault in the early routines. Too much happening right now! Now Florida is getting the 9.9s as well, both Caquatto and Hunter.

Auburn got a 49.375 on floor, featuring a 9.950 from Atkinson. That’s more like it. With a big beam, they may still be able to sneak a 197, which is more than enough for them from this meet. Kentucky staying close though and on track for a huge score for them. Another big beam score for Mitchell. So deserved.

9.950 for Scaman, 9.975 for Sloan. It’s going to be that kind of score and that kind of day. Multiple 9.975s for Sloan now this year. It’s the season of the 9.975.

Alex McMurtry returns to the bars anchor position for Florida. I know people are going to hate that, but it’s smart. It’s just the smart lineup decision. You don’t need Sloan anchoring. She can get 10s anywhere.

After 1: Florida 49.550, Oklahoma 49.525. YEP.

Meanwhile, I’m watching Missouri do beam. CURSE YOU TELEVISION DECISIONS!
Olivia Karas just stuck a 1.5 at the Nastia. Can you head to Michigan, like, now? They need you tonight. Excited for that for next year.

Rotation 3:
A Sims – FX – solid opening and then exceptional on her straddle jumps as always – clean middle pass landing – controlled step out of the layout – didn’t look like she would have enough height on that double tuck, but it was perfect. Stuck landing. Strong start. 

Kappler – BB – good and solid three series ending in loso – confident – full turn – switch side – Kathy wants her to make bigger pictures – sticks gainer full. They’ll certainly take that.

Valentin – FX – double front – large lunge out of it but keeps it in bounds. She’s one of Bart’s gymnasts, and Kathy is criticizing her feet. Oh, it’s on now. That’s their version of a throwdown. Drops down into that double pike landing. High. Also a 9.9? Sims’ routine was stronger.

Albritten – BB – nice aerial – small hesitation into bhs – solid leaps – switch to split – hits her 180s – check on full turn – kickover front is solid – larger step on gainer full.

Frost – FX – Fine DLO – a little slide back but didn’t come in short like most people – gets around her straddles and her wolf jump full – front full to layout is hit – stalling in the corner – double pike – secure landing – some chestishness?

Auburn will have to overcome a beam fall from Milliet now. Pressure moments.

Martin – BB – hits loso series – bent knees but secure – check on full turn from her as well – nice side aerial – straddle jump 3/4 is hit – sticks gainer full. This is a nice beam rotation so far from Missouri. Shame about bars.

Dennis – FX – small bounce on double pike – good opening split leap but short on the connected split jump – layout to layout full – archy first layout and then a stumble on the full, which will bring her score down – hits double tuck. Still 9.875. High scores on floor today.

Auburn counting a 9.350 on beam now. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hunter 9.950 on vault for FL, but they’ll need a big one from McMurtry to keep pace with Oklahoma’s vaulting.

Conkle – BB – Hits loso series – clean full turn – check after a solid switch split – Kathy jinxed her – really struggles on straddle jumps combination – pause after the first and then off on the second – no chance – Punch 1.5 dismount is stuck.

9.975 for McMurtry. More 9.975s! 9.950 for Dowell on bars. Slight edge for Florida.

Winston – FX – So excited to see her here. Nice leaps to start – well done – hugely huge bounce back on her opening double tuck – just layouts as the middle pass but they’re clean – niiiiice switch ring. That’s what I’m talking about. Just not quite ready yet – a little short in double pike. Next season, this will be amazing.

Kathy just invented the word “meticular.”

Schugel – BB –  “She is long and willowy on this event” – nice loso series – don’t love that leap series – really tough to keep the second split up to the level as the first – and a check – hits gainer full. No counting fall. Wait. Why did she get a 9.2? SV issues?

Kentucky will defeat Auburn!

Beers – FX – A little short on the DLO – layout to front full is hit this time – switch ring is OK – a small bounce on the double tuck as well – hit routine this week – though a few landing issues that are a bit abnormal. 

I think it’s time to check in on Minnesota and LSU for a bit now before Utah and Michigan start.

Jordan – VT – very clean yfull – small twitch of the legs on the landing, but the usual Jordan vault – Should be a good score.

10.000? Well now. She has done that exact vault about 20-30 times in her career. Happy senior night!

C Gardner – UB – leg separation on half turn – crazy legs on the jaeger – bits the bail – some leg breaks her and there – lunge forward on double front. Going up following two mistakes.

Hambrick – VT – Obsessed with Hambrick’s vault in the air – so clean – just a shuffle back on the landing.

 Minnesota starting to pull it together on bars – still some issues in the Covers routine with leg breaks and a lunge forward, but they’re hitting now.

Gnat – VT – Does the full this time, but her best landing of the year. So it may pay off to do the full. 9.975. What is the total in this rotation going to be? A million?

Mable – UB – leg separation on her gienger – pretty pretty pak – sticks her full twisting double back – she saves every rotation every day.

Courville – VT – Small hop on yfull. The usual everything else. 10? WHAAAAA? OH SCORING. You didn’t stick.

I can’t even with this. 49.825 for LSU on vault. When was the last time a team scored that well on vault? Solid hit from Tomson at the end on bars for Minnesota. She and Mable saved it for 48.700, but not what Minnesota needed.

Oklahoma with ALL THE 9.9s on beam so far. Getting back into the lead momentarily against Florida in the third rotation.

Alabama on track for a solid 197 in this meet with a hit beam.That’s all they needed in this meet.

Auburn finished with a 196.325 after the beam fall, losing to Kentucky’s 196.575. HUGE score for Kentucky.

Oklahoma is destroying beam. Sorensen gets a 10 from one judge. So glad she has made this lineup.

After 1 rotation, LSU leads 978.999 to 48.700

Rotation 2 – LSU to bars, Minnesota on vault
C Gardner – VT – yfull – pretty big pike – low landing – hopw forward to salute and pretends it’s a stick

Savona – UB – a little short on opening hs but clean on shaposh and bail – nice hs – good full turn – hits tkatchev – lower DLO with a small hop.

B Gardner – VT – full – also a little short with a step forward –

10.000 for Brewer on beam for Oklahoma. ALL THE 10s TODAY. 49.750 on beam for the Sooners. This day. Open up a two-tenth lead on Florida with one rotation to go. First 10 of the season on beam.

Gnat – UB – a little late on full turn – hits gienger with some crazy legs – nice bail – strong final hs – larger hop back on DLO. Some issues there. Not her strongest.

Nice vault for Haines but large bounce back. Good height.

Zamardi – UB – very clean on shaposh and pak – hitting hs well – khorkina is solid – double arabian just on the edge of the mat with a couple steps – wonderful but gave away a bit on that landing –

Tomson – VT – handspring pike half with a medium step –

Hambrick – UB – Nice Ray – clean handstands – hits bail – small small issues but nothing real – small step back on full twisting double tuck – good clean work – nice routine –

Covers – VT – good stick – some bending to hold onto the stick but very nice. Should boost these scores a lot.

Jordan – UB – good early hs – nice half turn to lovely jaeger – hits the bail – shoot back to high bar – larger step back on DLO. Another fine, solid showing.

Mable – VT – HUH? Did you just tuck your full? WHAT? Oh, Lindsay. Lands it well, but no…They needed a big score from her.

Courville – UB -Close on the jaerger but nice form – clean on the bail – shoot is strong – solid landing on dismount with a small shuffle to bring the legs together.

A pretty normal score from LSU comparatively on bars for 49.375. Still some gifts in there (Gnat?) but they all had some small issues. Need some more sticks to expect any bigger scores.

Utah and Michigan still in introductions. Florida and Oklahoma both on pace for 198s tonight. Did we expect any different. Three 10s so far tonight. There had been a lull but not anymore. Let’s be honest, Hall has already received a 10 on floor and she hasn’t even gone yet.

Looks like Alabama overcame a fall from Guerrero on beam to hit the rotation and finish with a 197.350. Solid score. Exactly what they needed. And done without a lot of major contributors. They definitely got the benefit of the doubt on some scores there, but it’s a hit meet and they were able to pull a Miss Val and “explore depth” without sacrificing scores. Missouri goes 195.275.

 Let’s see if I can watch LSU/Minn and Utah/Michigan at the same time.

Utah is playing “Good Riddance (Time of your life)” over everyone recounting their favorite memories. Oh dear.

Ewing – LSU – BB – nice on the layout 2ft – very crooked on her switch side – Ranzy agrees with me – a little tentative on her full turn – layout stepout to straddle 1/4 is fine – Nice stick on 1.5. Good hit.

Minnesota needs some serious scores in this floor rotation to have any hope of getting that necessary 196 that they must squeeze out of the huge scoring at this meet – good opening hit.

Hall – BB – small check on her switch side but better extension – another check on her loso series – also on the full turn – tight on everything – switch to straddle 1/4 – bounce back on double tuck –

Holst on floor for Minnesota now – solid opening pass – a little short on these leaps – layout half to layout full – pulls around her 1.5 to layout. This is better from Minnesota.

Anyone else lose the stream for Utah and Michigan? Also Oklahoma cruising now and on track for an epic score.

Macadaeg – BB – that full turn is always the weakest part of her routine – the only nervous moment – great switch and switch half – not huge on the aerial but clean and controlled – solid loso series with great legs – so weird to watch Macadaeg without Kathy drooling – too much of a hop forward for a gainer pike dismount.

C Gardner – FX –  double pike to start – some bent knees on the middle pass with a lunge – solid work on her straddle elements – 1.5 to layout is solid on the landing as well – just some leg form issues on her twisting passes –

Really a shame about the Utah stream. I’ve been looking forward to that meet.

Hambrick – BB – Lovely L turn as always – side aerial is very secure – good switch to straddle 1/4 – wobble on loso series and does well to hold onto it and not give away too much. Good stick on double full. That’s one of her most confident and strongest beam routines except for that check on the series. 

Bridget Sloan back on beam! 9.925. Hunter gets a 9.975! Florida goes 198.100! Scaman gets a 10.000 on floor! Oklahoma goes 198.500! 198.500 you guys. 198.500. I guess the championship race is on. I’ll have to look back to see the last time anyone scored that high. Anyone know?

Gnat – BB – solid full turn – hits her leaps – a little crooked on switch side but secure – excellent on her loso series – great stick on the double full – one of her good ones – 9.925.

Mable floor time – wonderfulness on her double pike – so clean and secure – she is lovely on floor – punch rudi to straddle jump to front tuck is very strong as well – finishes 1.5 to layout – the layout was the weakest part of the routine – a little arched with an almost stumble – still good –

Utah went a casual 49.550 on vault, but no 10s. What’s up with you judges?

Jordan – BB – wobble on side somi – what is this? – excellent as usual on the loso series – very pretty switch and straddle 1/4 – controlled full turn – lovely aerial – two very small steps on the 1.5 dismount – still fine but not the perfection we expect.

Michigan went 49.375 on bars, so trail a bit early, but still got a big 9.950 from Brown and 9.925 from Sugiyama. Also counting some 9.8s, though.

Fall from Minnesota in the last spot on floor, so they’ll stay with their first five and first 49 rotation of the day so far. Beam still to come, though. Scary times.

No Courville on beam tonight, which is interesting. We’re seing a really nice hit again from Williams, though in exhibition. LSU goes 49.475 on beam, which is solid. Will keep them close to 198 pace given that huge vault score and what we can expect on floor.

Utah and Michigan time now – lunge back from Parker on vault, and clean work from Lewis to lead off Utah on bars – small hop back on DLO.

Brown – VT – Mich – controlled landing – just a small hop – a little piking and not as much distance as some others will have.

Rowe – UB – Nice first hs – solid full turn – fine tkatchev – hits bail – she’s improving these hs – leg separation on the DLO but it looked like a stick from that terrible angle.

Artz – VT – Really strong distance on her full – small step back – not bad -they’ll need to start hitting these landings in the last three to contend, though.

Wilson – UB -good full turn – a little close on the gienger and then a leg break on the overshoot – a little short on final handstand – nice stick on dismount. A little sloppier than her other routines this year. That looked a little sophomore year from her. 9.925 anyway. Senior night.

Chiarelli – VT – Good power as always, but not controlled on the landing either, medium slide back.

Lopez – UB – late on full turn – hit tkatchev – a bit of toes on the bail but solid – hop back on DLO.

Sugiyama – VT – Good on the 1.5 in the air as always – strong direction and controlled landing, small hop forward. Still no sticks yet.

Lothrop – UB – good first hs – knees on the jaeger but solid – clean on the bail – hitting her hs very well – not much height on the DLO with a small slide back.

Sheppard – VT – Getting better on her full – nice height – just landed a little chest down with a step. She’s not back to last year level yet.

Dabritz – UB – HOW MANY 10s WILL SHE GET? Strong comaneci – good half turn to usual jaeger – hits the bail – good shoot to high bar – sticks dismount. 10.000 obviously. It was equivalent to her other 10s this year – and since it’s senior night, it was always going to happen. 

Savona – FX – opening double back is secure – and sticks the full in middle pass as always – good straddles. A little slide on last pass.

Finally seeing Gordon on vault for Michigan – in exhibition – yhalf with a hop to the side and some iffy legs – A bunch of bars exhibitons for Utah because it’s one of the last chances. That will be normal tonight.

Utah with another 49.550 in the second rotation, so they’re looking to challenge what Florida put up against Oklahoma. Or maybe even what Oklahoma put up. It’s the day of the 198s. Another very solid hit from Ewing on floor. So secure on her passes. Can LSU do it as well? WHO WILL BE THE 198-iest?

Minnesota having some wobbleburger issues on beam so far but avoiding the falls. B Gardner has some really lovely qaulities and small things like a pretty stag jump – but big bounce back on gainer full, which hurts.

Hambrick – FX – piked full in to start – gets it around – but barely and a lunge back – nice middle pass with a small bounce – just a little short on her first leap which should be a strength of her routine – very strong double pike at the end. She’s getting there on floor. One of her better showings, but still some iffy moments. 9.875 anyway.

Not bad from Tomson on beam – a little low on a front tuck and some leg form, but mostly solid acro – 9.750.

Jordan – FX – High double pike and great control – her usual double pike – clean front full to layout – looked like she would have a stumble on the landing but didn’t really – straddles are well hit – 1.5 to layout full takes it RIGHT to the edge but stays in – 9.925.

We’re seeing Casanova on floor for Michigan now this time – finishes with an OK rudi – not so big but a secure landing.

Dabritz back in the beam lineup for Utah. Hmmm. A senior night thing or an all-the-time thing? Pretty full turn – clean on her loso series – short on her switch 1/2 – I don’t know why they make her do that skill, it doesn’t work her her – solid side aeiral – hits switch – short on straddle 1/4 – small hop on double full. It’s a hit beam on senior night for her. Fitting.

Missed some of Gnat’s floor during that Dabritz routine, but P.S. she’s killing it – bounces back on double pike. Still gets a 9.975 because why the hell not? You can clearly bounce out of your double pike and still get a 10 tonight.

Mable – BB – Lovely three series to start – perfectly on and great form – wobbles on her aerial – good switch and small correction on straddle 1/4 – pretty full turn – side aerial to full dismount with a just a step. A couple smaller issues but nice work overall.

Time for Hall on floor. Here we go.

Hall – FX – Strong DLO – definitely keeps that one foot planted with a controlled step – switch side and popa are hit – front full to layout is hit as well – perhaps a small bounce on the double tuck, but it’s obviously getting a 10 and I don’t have much of a problem with it. The least debatable 10 of this meet so far. I love that the commentator is trying to act surprised about Hall getting a 10. She got it before she performed.  

LSU finishes 198.375, can’t quite catch Oklahoma’s number. 195.450 for Minnesota. They needed more than that.

Kari Lee finishing up her beam with some lovely work. She’s my favorite beamer on this team. Should be a big score based on precedent. 9.975. Obviously. This day.

Sugiyama – FX – a little low chest on the pike full mount but overall nicely done and glad it’s back – controlled landing – front full to layout is solid – she’s putting together a big day with two 9.9s so far – finishes with an excellent double pike. Great control and chest position.

Rowe – BB – good full turn – switch to straddle 1/4 is OK but could use more extension – loso series is right on – nice kickover front – one of her best ones – dismounted out of shot – 

Chiarelli – FX – lands the tuck full well – a small hop to the side on landing – strong 1.5 into layout but an uncontrolled lunge – a little more complete on the switch side into popa this time – more defined individual skills in the combination – secure double pike – another very strong showing.

Lotrhop – BB – didn’t get her switch side half all the way around this time – had to fudge the last 1/4 turn – hits loso series with some bent knees – secure switch side – good full turn – switch to straddle 1/4 – they’re all dismount out of shot. Is this so we don’t see the steps and can’t criticize the crazy scores?

Artz – FX – Good pike full this time – buckles slightly in the knees but good control – hits her split and straddle positions well – Of course, she does lose credit for using Grable’s music, but… – really strong stuck middle pass – short on her double pike with a bounce forward – was really strong until then –

Utah goes 49.500 on beam (just) and is still on pace for another senior night 198. We’ve had three already tonight, so why not four. You know they’re going to get huge floor scores.

While they’re not matching what Utah is scoring, Michigan is also putting together a great road score for themselves if they can endure beam. Just a regular 9.850 of a beam rotation, and they should be at a season high.

Heads up – Sugiyama is actually ahead of Dabritz in the AA right now. That’s unlikely to stay because Dabritz is going to floor and Sugiyama to beam, but it’s worth noting.

Wow. over 16,000 there tonight. I didn’t even know that was possible in there. How many fire codes are you breaking?

OK – how many 10s is Utah going to get on floor? It might be 6. Anchoring with Tutka tonight. Because 10s.

Rotation 4 – Utah on floor, Michigan on beam
Casanova – BB -Wait, we announce Casanova’s beam – and then the chicken dance starts? WHAT IS HAPPENING? Nice front tuck – very secure and good landing position – solid full turn – good leg extension on loso series – good switch side – straddle jump to back tuck – wobble – hop forward on gainer pike dismount.

Rowe – FX – short on double pike with a lunge forward – double full to layout stepout – fine on the split and straddle – 1.5 to layout is OK as well – a few moments of legs in those last two passes, but the main issue will be the short first pass.

Sugiyama – BB -hits loso series – her beam is always a little tentative and scary, but she’s hitting now most of the time – short of position on that switch side – pike jump to back tuck – does the 2.5 – off to the side this time with a step.

Lee – FX – just a tad short of rotation on her 3/1 this time – front layout to a solid full – switch ring to split half both look fine – lack of control on double back with too big a slide but fine hit.

Williams – BB – Stag jump – smallest correction on side aerial – precise but slow full turn – looks like she got the split jump full around this time – step back on loso series – step on 1.5 dismount –

Wilson – FX – solid DLO this time – one of her better ones so far this year – switch side was fine, popa short of 180 – a bit arched in layout into front full – low landing on her double tuck. Fine. She’s had a little trouble with this routine this year, so this was a solid showing. 9.950. Oh no, what are you going to give the next three routines then? They all should be stronger.

Brown – BB – lovely leg extension in loso series – good switch to split jump – definitely hitting those – a little off center on her side somi but pulls it back – pretty full turn – aerial is OK – sticks the double full – not bad at all.

Lothrop – FX – secure landing on tuck full – low chest – 1.5 to half to split jump middle pass – her switch side and straddle work does often look crooked but she got the elements around and it wasn’t too pronounced – slide back on double pike. 9.925.

Artz – BB – early wobble – she’ll have to pull it together – nice aerial to bhs – slower connection but kept moving – pretty individual skills – another check just on the full turn – tightness – holds onto her kickover front well and goes into the beat jump without giving up a wobble. A little short on her front 1.5 with a step. Just a tighter routine than her best ones. Still 9.900. Did they think she went to Utah?

Dabritz – FX  -solid on the pike full in – her usual – 1.5 to layout stepout is hit as well – Split half looked a little iffy to a fine wolf – solid on the triple full. Secure, all the way around, controlled step back.Solid work. Around one of her better ones. 9.950. She already got her 10 today, apparently. This is going to be another one of those rotation scores.

Chiarelli – BB – secure on loso series and side aerial – the legs are a little sloppier than some of her teammates, but she is a beamer these days and holds onto these skills well – sticks double tuck – low chest but great control. 9.975. 

Tutka – FX – strong full twisting double tuck – best chest position and control of the rotation so far – layout to 1.5 – the legs get a little ragged in that 1.5 – wonky popa to wolf – hits double tuck – let’s see what the standard for a 10 was for her today – hmm 9.925. A normal and fairly appropriate score for that routine. That’s a lot of self control for those judges not to give any 10s to that rotation. They even gave one to Michigan on beam.

P.S. Six people in this meet broke 39.500 in the AA.

Final: Utah 198.250, Michigan 197.675
Better than Florida, but weaker than LSU and Oklahoma because it’s just that kind of day. Oh senior night 198s. What are we going to do with you? I feel like I should be more outraged but can’t muster the energy right now. Maybe later. The scores tonight certainly were insane in so many places for so many teams. The vaults 10s for non-sticks are really getting out of control. It’s hard to make any conclusions about where we stand heading toward the postseason right now because the standard tonight was so enthusiastic. You can’t be giving all these routines 9.975 once we get to championship season. You can’t just. We have to wait for a little bit longer until the reals finally get separated from the non-reals.

What shouldn’t get lost in that meet is Michigan’s season high. They certainly got the residual Utah benefit, but that’s such a juicy road score for them in RQS. They did what they’ve been doing all season, hit a solid meet with no weak routines and no 9.7s. Well done.

I’m spent. See you tomorrow!

28 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – Michigan, Utah, Alabama, Auburn, LSU”

  1. Michigan State is on it this year. Top 25 currently, and hovering close to 196 pace after two events tonight. Five tenths lead on Arizona now.

    And that's how they were jinxed. 17 billion falls included Alina, Lisa, and ex. Wow. Tough beam rotation for MSU.

  2. PS Bowling Green now in the lead. According to commentators:

    -They're not even ranked, but they might be after tonight
    -They've had a good night; and
    -They're glad they didn't go to Rutgers tonight.


  3. Am I the only one who thinks Ericha Fassbender could pass for Aly Raisman's sister?

  4. Can anyone confirm the OU/UF link sent is a clean link (not a virus)?

  5. I can't with this LSU meet. Ridiculous scoring aside, who are these commentators? Everything is just dandy to them “She fell but you know it was a nice fall and she tried”

  6. Love how even Courville laughed when she got a 10.000. She knows. We ALL know…

  7. Can anyone get the Utah meet stream to work? My screen just says there is no live event currently streaming and I thought it was supposed to start at 6 PST.

  8. Oklahoma vault:
    Lovan- tiny TFY stuck 9.9, a little high
    Kmieciak- nice FTY and stuck, an appropriate 9.9
    Dowell- soft knees and a step back on her 1.5 Y, 9.875
    Capps- nice FTY with a little hop, 9.9
    Jackson- huge 1.5 Y with a huge step, 9.85
    Scaman- huge FTY with a hop, 9.95 too high
    Catour- FTY same as Lovan basically

    Florida bars:
    BDG- lovely Maloney to bails as always, really high DLO with the usual leg separation and step, 9.85
    Fassbender- really nice Tkatchev, arched HS but saved it, huge and lovely double arabian with a hop, 9.775
    Hunter- huge Hindorff, best of the season for her and maybe ever career, full out stuck but chest was low, 9.9
    Caquatto- nice Ray, stuck DLO but chest was lowish again, 9.9
    Sloan- huge Ray but her flexed feet kills my soul, best DLO of the bunch, 9.975 which is way too high
    McMurtry- easy but clean interior, kind of stuck but huge full in, 9.925 too high
    Baker- best Ray of the bunch, double front with a hop


  9. Have they announced the seeds for regionals yet? Like “#2, #5, #15” at Auburn regional or whatever (Idk how they work)?

  10. Guerrero threw a hit loso+loso+beat jump, and then fell on a switch side lol. Very strong beam work otherwise.

  11. It started and then it cut out again during warm ups of the first rotation. Utah is usually good with their streaming coverage. I hope they get it together!

  12. Florida vault:
    Caquatto- nice FTY with a high hop in place, 9.85
    Spicer- nice FTY with a hop, 9.85
    Wang- better vault than Caqautto but the same landing, 9.9
    Baker- big FTY with a hop, 9.875
    Hunter- GIGANTIC 1.5 Y and stuck! Best vault of her career IMO but a 9.95, should have been a 10
    McMurtry- HUGE FTY almost stuck but slides to the slide a tiny bit, 9.975, why did this score higher than Hunter?

    Oklahoma bars:
    Clark- pretty Maloney to bail as always, toe on 1/1 to awkwardly stuck double back, 9.875
    Kmieciak- HUGE ray, stuck full in, 9.9, I could have gone 9.95 or even 10 honestly
    Brewer- OK Tkatchev, arched HS but not as bad as Fassbender, big DLO with a step forward, 9.85 really high
    Wofford- nice pirouettes to Jaeger, big full in with a tiny step, 9.875
    Scaman- nice piked Jaeger, FUGLIEST giants of all time to a sort of stuck full in, 9.9
    Dowell- Maloney, huge Church, DLO 1/1 with a small step, 9.95 too high because of the step


  13. Oklahoma just went 198.500 after a 10 from Scaman on floor. Florida had a lowly 198.100 – Hunter had a 9.975 on beam.

  14. The Utah stream is working again – just hit refresh, and you can see the fans holding up their babies for the super-cam during the break between 1&2 rotations. 🙂

  15. Sachi's score was upgraded to 9.950 (9.90 and 10 from the judges).

  16. So ASU just posted a 38.050 on vault (putting up four athletes). They put up five on bars and are apparently only putting up four on beam and floor as well.

  17. A couple of weeks ago when Utah had 15,200 people they were already over the limit, I'm pretty sure they can seat 15,000 because it was said that the extra 200 people had to stand. I love my NCAA gymnastics but there is no way in hell I'm going to stand lol. -Jacob

  18. Is Rene just giving up? I feel incredibly sorry for the girls on that team.

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