Screencap Recap: Reese’s Cup 1994

7 thoughts on “Screencap Recap: Reese’s Cup 1994”

  1. “Because we were all thinking, ‘When are they going to get to the basketball portion?'” had me laughing out loud.

  2. Damn, 1-800-4-ABC-VCR is disconnected. I was up to the challenge!

  3. “But Mable’s ready to hit the slots in this whistle suit!”

    I’m sobbing.

  4. Love the fact that they basically state that Shannon and Dom didn’t put together a performance routine like Chuso, as they were still competing elite (implying she was getting ready to retire??). Hindsight would suggest they picked the wrong gymnast to compare them to!

  5. OMG — Career Day at the Reese’s Cup!!!!!! Can’t keep it together after that one!!!

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