Coming and Going, 2017-2018 Edition

Alright, what have you done for me lately, NCAA gym?

With JO Nationals coming up this weekend, focus is already shifting to the future—which gymnasts are leaving and which gymnasts are entering next season to make their teams inevitable garbage beautiful swans of success that will definitely win all the championships.

So, here’s a quick breakdown of the routines that are going away due to senioring and other reasons, along with the freshmen who will enter in 2018 and be expected to replace them.

I’ve noted which newbies are competing in which divisions of JO Nationals this weekend, so if you team is looking a little “What’s a bars routine?” you know which results to look out for.


Chayse Capps
Reagan Hemry
Charity Jones
Kara Lovan
Nicole Turner
McKenzie Wofford

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Marks Capps Jones Jones
Capps Catour Lehrmann Brown
DeGouveia Dowell Catour Dowell
Dowell Lehrmann Brown Capps
Jackson Wofford Nichols Nichols
Nichols Nichols Capps Jackson

Jordan Draper – qualified senior F
Abigail Matthews – qualified senior D
Evy Schoepfer – qualified senior E
Anastasia Webb – qualified senior E


Sydney Ewing
Ashleigh Gnat
Shae Zamardi

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Finnegan Zamardi Macadaeg Ewing
Hambrick Hambrick Hambrick Zamardi
Ewing Harrold Ewing Hambrick
Harrold Edney Edney Finnegan
Edney Finnegan Finnegan Kelley
Gnat Priessman Gnat Gnat

Reagan Campbell
Gracen Standley


Claire Boyce
Lacy Dagen
Ashley Hiller

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Hundley Boren Baker McLaughlin
Alexander Chant McLaughlin Slocum
Baker Gowey Hundley Hundley
Boren Baker Gowey McMurtry
Slocum Hundley Boren Boren
McMurtry McMurtry McMurtry Baker

Alyssa Baumann
Vanasia Bradley
Jazmyn Foberg
Megan Skaggs
Nicole Webb


Angi Cipra
Mikaela Gerber
Peng-Peng Lee (?)
Hallie Mossett

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Cipra Meraz Gerber Ohashi
Kocian Honest Mossett Toronjo
Hall Savvidou Kocian Ross
Hano Kocian Ross Cipra
Ross Ross Lee Kocian
Preston Lee Ohashi Mossett

Nia Dennis – qualified senior F
Pauline Tratz
Kendal Poston – qualified senior E


Baely Rowe

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Rowe Skinner Stover Roberts
Roberts Reinstadtler Merrell Reinstadtler
Merrell Merrell Reinstadtler Merrell
Muhaw Lewis Skinner Lewis
Lewis Rowe Rowe Rowe
Skinner Lee McNatt Skinner

Lex Burch – qualified senior D
Sydney Soloski


Katie Bailey
Amanda Jetter
Keely McNeer
Mary Lillian Sanders
Aja Sims
McKenzie Valentin

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Childers Brannan Childers Guerra
Armbrecht Mahoney Sims Childers
Winston McNeer McNeer Bailey
Bailey Jetter Desch Jetter
Guerrero Winston Winston Sims
McNeer Bailey Guerrero Winston

Kylie Dickson – qualified senior F
Peyton Ernst
Lexie Graber – qualified senior F
Bailie Key
Alonza Klopfer – qualified senior E


Jennie Laeng
Ashley Lambert

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Williams Houchin Houchin Breen
Schweihofer Breen Epperson Schweihofer
Lambert Lambert Hassel Crouse
Crouse Epperson Laeng Laeng
Houchin Crouse Williams Houchin
Laeng Laeng Breen Lambert

Anna Dujakovich
Torri Hutchinson – qualified senior D
Kynsee Roby


Kaitlyn Duranczyk
Janae Janik
Alex Yacalis

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Copiak Goings Washington Schaefer
Roy Washington Schaefer Goings
Goings Burleson Nelson Duranczyk
Riley Janik Janik Washington
Yacalis Copiak Goings Yacalis
Burleson Duranczyk Burleson Burleson

Rachel Kaplan – qualified senior F
Jennifer Oh
Geneva Thompson – qualified senior E


Rachel Fielitz
Leah Lomonte
Julia Ross

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Schou Kern Ogden Loper
Addison Lomonte Addison Ross
Ross Ogden Loper Schou
Karr Karr Schou Karr
Fielitz Chesnok Ross Addison
Chesnok Ross Karr Hammen

Lynnzee Brown – qualified senior F
Emily Glynn
Mia Sundstrom – qualified senior D


Nicole Artz
Talie Chiarelli

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Funk Funk Karas Funk
Zaziski Karas Zaziski McLean
Artz Shchennikova Funk Karas
Chiarelli Brown Artz Chiarelli
Karas Artz Marinez Artz
McLean Zaziski Chiarelli Zaziski

Lauren Farley – qualified senior E
Samantha Jananbakht – qualified senior F
Sydney Townsend


Erika Aufiero
Silvia Colussi-Pelaez
Maddie Gardiner
Megan Jimenez
Kaytianna McMillan
Taylor Ricci

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Gill M Colussi-Pelaez Jimenez Ricci
Aufiero Gardiner Gill Aufiero
Gardiner Jacobsen S Colussi-Pelaez
Jacobsen Singley McMillan S Colussi-Pelaez
McMillan McMillan Dessaints Gardiner
Dessaints Aufiero Gardiner McMillan

Savanna Force
Alexis Gonzales
Kaitlin Yanish – qualified senior E


Ashlyn Broussard
Lauren Johnson (aiming for 5th year)
Morgan Reynolds
Beth Roberts
Rachel Schick

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Reynolds Reynolds Vega Reynolds
Marino Sanders Sanders Roberts
Roberts Johnson Reynolds Babalis
Broussard Snead Broussard Dickson
Johnson Dickson Babalis Snead
Snead Schick Schick Marino

Samantha Durante?? – qualified senior E
Ashley Foss
Madison McPherson – qualified senior E
Marissa Oakley
Emily Schild


Mackenzie Bennion
Diana Mejia
Paige Urquhart

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Bennion Stockwell Mejia Urquhart
Remme Collantes McGregor Remme
Bir McGregor Urquhart Bennion
Means Bennion Remme Stockwell
McGregor Remme Means Collantes
Stockwell Mejia Esmerian Webb

Tatum Bruden – qualified senior F
Emily Muhlenhaupt
Rachel Obmann


Sydney Waltz

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Hyland Carlisle Stuart Carlisle
Rosa Coca Korth Rechenmacher
Dukes Dukes Poland Stuart
Davis Stuart Carlisle Hyland
Stuart Hyland Dukes Dukes
Korth Korth Hyland Korth

Mackenzie Harmon
Katherine Marianos
Megan Monfredi


Kullen Hlawek
Kelsey Kopec
MJ Rott
Lucia Scaglione

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Becker Becker Hlawek Becker
Engler Kopec Cerio Day
Phillips Krippner Becker Scaglione
Krippner Cerio Engler Slapper
Rott Day Slappey Hlawek
Day Engler Krippner Rott

Sydney Bassett
Jada Glenn – qualified senior D
Allie Riddle
Ashley Smith – qualified Senior F
Meredith Sylvia
Drew Watson – qualified senior F


Isabelle Castillo
Zoe Draghi
Dana Ho
Jessica Howe
Charlie Owens
Desiree Palomares
Emily Richardson
Amber Takara

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Gallarzo So Seilnacht
So Seilnacht
Takara Takara Shu So Seilnacht
Peterson Shu Palomares Peterson
Robinson Sternberg Draghi Robinson
Palomares Richardson Richardson Draghi
Richardson Gallarzo Gallarzo Palomares

Kyana George – qualified senior F
Alma Kuc
Victoria Salem
Nina Schank – qualified senior F
Emi Watterson


Alyson Heimsath
Angie Kern

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Huber Ward
Lewis Huber Tucker Huber
Harris Tucker Albritten Tucker
Tucker Kelly Schugel Kelly
Ward Miller Kelly Schugel
Miller Schugel Ward Harris

Belle Gottula
Paige Kovnetsky


Savannah Borman
Mollie Drenth
Ashleigh Edlin
Angel Metcalf
Lexi Mura

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Carlson Kaji
Sullivan Mura Sullivan Drenth
Zurawski Drenth Kaji Metcalf
Metcalf Sullivan Youd Snyder
Ortiz Zurawski Drenth Zurawski
Drenth Metcalf Metcalf Kaji

Erin Castle – qualified senior F
Maddie Kampschroeder
Annabelle Mosier
Ashley Breanna Smith


Heather Elswick
Leah MacMoyle (injury retirement)
Samantha Nelson

Vault Bars Beam Floor
MacMoyle Anderson
Rathjen Garner Garner Anderson
Yamzon Yamzon Nelson Elswick
Elswick Speed Speed Nelson
McGlone Burton McGlone McGlone
Speed MacMoyle Burton Garner

Sophia Carter – qualified senior F
Kailey Gillings – qualified senior E
Sydney Laird
Ellie Wylie – qualified senior E


Brooklyn Doggette
Alexa Goldberg

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Bernard Bernard
Goldberg Wright Gillette Kaufman
Merwin Muhammad Koshinski Cluchey
Cluchey Goldberg Kaufman Muhammad
Koshinski Tun Muhammad Goldberg
Muhammad Gillette Doggette Koshinski

Jessie Bastardi – qualified senior F
McKenna Linnen – qualified senior E
Sydney Marler


Erin Buchanan
Sarah Lyons

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Buchanan Lyons
Lyons Balthazor Roe Nguyen
Balthazor Howell Nguyen Howell
Horth Horth Howell Hodan
LeDuc Buchanan Horth Buchanan
Givens LeDuc LeDuc LeDuc

Nicole Biondi
Grace Gough
Kylie Noonan


Madyson Blake-Howard
Tyly Bozzutto
Virginia Brownsell
Danielle Ramirez
Memory Shettles
Sydney Townsend
Stacie Webb

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Me McBride
Jorgensen Ma McBride
Yee Bozzutto
Bozzutto Shettles Bozzutto Webb
Webb Yee Webb Jorgensen
Brownsell Rosza Gonzalez Blake-Howard
Ma McBride
Townsend Bayer Brownsell

Morgan Alfaro
Mikaela Defilippo
Hannah Nipp – qualified senior D


Kaitlin Cowles
Alex DeMoura
Chelsea Raineri
Kalia Solomon

Vault Bars Beam Floor
DeMoura Zois
McLaughlin DeMoura Mermelstein DeMoura
Drouin-Allaire Winstanley Zois Seibold
Raineri Drouin-Allaire Pfeiler Winstanley
Mermelstein Pfeiler Winstanley Drouin-Allaire
Winstanley Raineri DeMoura Raineri

Hannah Cohen – qualified senior E
Anna Worhol


Michelle Burns
Tenille Funches
Erin Malone
Jaine VanPutten

Vault Bars Beam Floor
VanPutten VanPutten
Merkle Funches Aepli Huang
Malone Huang Huang Malone
Stone Mattern Mattern Aepli
Aepli Aepli Funches Mattern
Mattern Hofland Harrison Merkle

Danica Abanto – qualified Senior F
Brooke Chesney – qualified Senior F
Morgan Lowe
Jenna Swartzentruber – qualified senior D


Rachel Carr
Caroline Fitzpatrick
Shalia Segal
Kristin Stambaugh

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Stambaugh Campbell Memmel
Plaska Plaska Janowicz Plaska
Clements Fitzpatrick Segal Pedrick
Carr Carr Stambaugh Janowicz
Janowicz Janowicz Fitzpatrick Clements
Pedrick Kaplan Clements Hilliker

Kennedy Rae Johnson – qualified senior E


Selynna Felix-Terrazas
Krysten Howard
Gabby Laub

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Mattson Howard
Leung Spencer Hendrickson Cindric
Cindric Laub Cowles Swanson
Swanson Felix-Terrazas Schneider Howard
Cowles Berg Ortiz Schneider
Leydin Ortiz Cindric Berg

Payton Bellows – qualified senior F
Sydney Freidin
Laura Leigh Horton
Adra Parks


Kelsie Brooks
Natalie Gervais
Sydney McEachern

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Conrad Schwartz
Brooks McEachern Gresham Conrad
Hultgren Gervais Gervais Dobronics
Schwartz Rubin Rubin Marino
Gresham Conrad Valentin Gresham
Valentin Valentin Conrad McEachern

Courtney Bezold – qualified senior F
Megan Benzie
Cali Harden
Brianna Price


Rachel Daum
Dani McNair
Nicolette McNair
Haley Spector

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Daum N McNair
N McNair
H Hoffman
H Hoffman
Yu Yu Cole
Cole D McNair
Cole Spector
Yu Daum Daum Daum
Price Price D McNair
N McNair
Maxwell Fitzgerald Tai

Kyla Bryant
Rachel Flam – qualified senior E
Taylor Lawson – qualified senior D
Lauren Navarro – qualified senior D
Catherine Rogers
Caroline Spertus



Vault Bars Beam Floor
Ledesma Sievers Paz
Martin Johnson Johnson Middelkoop
Paz Paz Sievers Sievers
Converse Young Converse Ledesma
Young Green Diaz Paz
Sievers Ledesma Young Young

Ariana Orrego
Sophia Steinmeyer


Bailey Abernathy
Bailie Holst
Kaitlin Rahon

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Quaglia Quaglia
Hitchcock Cutler Cutler Cutler
Gardner Gardner Huebert Holst
Holst Hitchcock Holst Rahon
Abernathy Lu Gardner Gardner
Williams Holst Ung Abernathy

Ona Loper – qualified senior E
Lexi Montgomery
Lexy Ramler – qualified senior F


Nicole Medvitz
Christina Postiglione
Emma Sibson

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Politz Medvitz
Hosek Hosek
Hosek LaGuardia Schuller Schuller
LaGuardia Politz Politz Timothy
Garcia Tsang Tsang Politz
Tsang Raygoza Garcia Garcia
Sibson Garcia Medvitz Tsang

Alissa Bonsall – qualified senior F
Lauren Bridgens – qualified senior F
Kourtney Chinnery
Ava Verdeflor


Katie Brown
Bailey McIntire
Keri Peel
Hayley Sanzotti

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Estrella Ward
Ward McIntire Golison Peel
Golison Oster Sanzotti McIntire
Brown Jeppesen McIntire Golison
Hone Peel Oster Estrella
McIntire Estrella Peel Ward

Autumn DeHarde – qualified Senior F
Taylor Dittmar
Mikaela Meyer – qualified senior D
Leighton Varnadore – qualified senior D


Taylor Harward

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Love Trejo
Zhong Douglas Miller Van Mierlo
Hill Van Mierlo
Hill Trejo
Hortman Westergard Hortman Hortman
Van Mierlo
Hortman Trejo Douglas
Douglas Hawes Van Mierlo

Abby Beeston
Abby Boden – qualified senior D
McKenna Burnside – qualified senior E
Melanie Lockhart
Abbey Miner – qualified senior E
Haley Pitou – qualified senior E


Ellen Demarest
Milena Fabry
Samantha Gordon
Jordan Hardison
Skyelee Lamano
Kiernan Roseland

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Lamano Lamano
McCarty Lippowitsch Lippowitsch Gordon
Brown Romito Hardison Brown
Williams Stypinski Fabry Lamano
Hardison Marrero Plude Hardison
Stypinski Williams Stypinski Stypinski

Abigail Fletcher – qualified senior E
Nasha Manitkul-Davis


Jessica Gracia
Jennifer King
Meghan Pflieger

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Bondanza Doolin
Watkins Watkins Breeden Winer
O’Leary Pflieger Freehling O’Leary
Doolin Gracia Capozzi Calandra
Pflieger King Pflieger Pflieger
Mahoney Mulligan Lauter Doolin

Lauren Diggan – qualified senior F
Kylie Kratchwell
Nicole Lanouette – qualified senior E
Danielle Liska – qualified senior F


Christina Pheil

Vault Bars Beam Floor
Robinson Nettles
Marchese Donaghy Hedelund Marchese
Allen Marchese Allen Robinson
Lane Lane Nettles Nettles
Nettles Hedelund Hislop Lane
Hedelund Pheil Lane Hislop

Lily Dean
Rylie Dewhurst – qualified senior F


Audrey Barber – qualified senior E
Charlotte Cooperman – qualified senior F
Karrie Thomas – qualified senior D

Western Michigan
Stacie Harrison – qualified senior F
Sarah Shirley – qualified senior F
Morgan Spence – qualified senior F

Northern Illinois
Mia Lord – qualified senior F
Zoie Schroeder – qualified senior D
Gabby Welch – qualified senior F

Michigan State
Anne Maxim – qualified senior E
Lea Mitchell – qualiied senior F

UC Davis
Kelley Hebert – qualified senior F
Jamie Panchak – qualified senior E

NC State
Kasey Nelson – qualified senior E

Kyla Gamble – qualified senior E

Sacramento State
Katelyn Garay – qualified senior E

Belle Huang – qualified senior E

Paige Stuyniski – qualified senior F

Delaney Garin – qualified senior D
Monica Servidio – qualified senior E

Amy Shen – qualified Senior F
Madison Smith – qualified senior E

Kayla Baddeley – qualified senior

West Chester
Yolanda Nodarse – qualified senior E

Seattle Pacific
Shelbi Spivey – qualified senior F






27 thoughts on “Coming and Going, 2017-2018 Edition”

  1. PAULINE TRATZ!! I’m honestly so excited and I don’t even know why. Also, isn’t is amazing that Stanford loses the least routines on Vault? WHAAAT? And they’ll have actual vaulters next year…
    Other thoughts: Georgia’s screwed, Florida’s going to be really good next year, Alabama’s loss = its gain, IM NOT READY FOR EBEE TO BE A SENIOR.

    1. I think Georgia will actually improve, assuming recruits don’t flip. Schick and Broussard were inconsistent. Reynolds was solid and could go in the line-up anywhere, but would generally go 9.75-9.85. Roberts is not much of a loss.

      Get Dickson and Snead healthy. Put Snead on the McMurtry pacing plan for her back. If the new coach keeps Vaculik that’s another UB/BB routine. Cherrey should be back and I suspect Pedersen will be on a few events. Then add the freshman into the mix and Johnson back on vault. It’s not as dire as people think.

  2. I may be wrong, but I think Mary Jane Horth is coming back for a 5th year.

  3. Last I heard, Lacey Rubin will be around one more year. She redshirted her first year. Good news for EMU!

  4. BYU all in this next year:
    Abby Beeston
    Abby Boden
    Abbey Miner

    Abb(e)y, Abb(e)y quite contrary…

    1. It also makes me chuckle that Alabama is kind of replacing Katie Bailey with Bailey Key.

  5. Emma Hartzler is walking on at Iowa and qualified Senior E. Her gymnastics is beautiful and worth watching.

    1. I’m newer to college gymnastics and trying to understand this… do you think she could have gone scholarship elsewhere and this is where she wanted to be? It just seems crazy to me that someone who qualifies to JO Nationals is a walk on at Iowa at best…

    2. I’m newer to college gymnastics and trying to understand this… do you think she could have gone scholarship elsewhere and this is where she wanted to be? It just seems crazy to me that someone who qualifies to JO Nationals is a walk on at Iowa at best…

  6. It’s crazy to me that Florida isn’t losing a single Super Six routine. I think the top 3 teams will finish in the top 3 next year, but with Florida in 2nd. UCLA doesn’t lose a lot of routines, but pretty much every one is a 9.9 routine. Utah will come back with 5 new gymnasts (compared to Super Six). Bama’s incoming freshmen look great, but they lose a lot of routines too. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the exact same 6 teams next year in Super Six.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the exact 6 teams for several years in a row. The ultimate SUPER six.

    2. As a Florida fan, I’m so happy that they aren’t “losing” anyone and are gaining some excellent Freshman. Your …Danna being out at UGA made me LOL.

    3. People seem to forget about injuries. Some of these top programs will lose their star routines at some point during the season over the next few years. UCLA could rebound fairly easily, a la Georgia losing Kupets and winning a title, but a Nichols/Skinner/Hambrick/McMurtry injury could be huge for a team.

      No one wants to see anyone get hurt, but acting like these top six teams will skate through to finals every year is misguided.

      1. Eh, I don’t think anyone is saying that. Injuries happen and you can’t say “in one year ___ will definitely happen”. Just based on recent performance and current rosters, it’s not unrealistic to say these 6 teams are likely to repeat as the 2018 Super Six.

  7. I’m sorry Danna being out made people laugh. It was needed. BUT, the question is no longer the past, it’s where do we go from here. The answer is “SAMANTHA MUHLEMAN BROWN”. We as UGA fans have to go make this happen folks. She is an International Brevet Judge. One of only 20 or so. 2 others in college coaching (Rowland and Howell). She was part of 4 SEC Championship Teams and 2 Undefeated NCAA teams (1996-1999). Amazing person, amazing family. She has owned 2 gyms. Unfortunately, she took incorrect advice and got involved in the Penn State deal, but she, IMVHO, looks like the hero to me because she got the EVIL out of there, eventually. I, actually, haven’t kept in touch with Sam much, but I’ve followed her career intensely since her graduation, along with many from her time period. She’s just impressive. Sam as our head coach, watch out. We will be back. Alums who read this. Go make it happen.

    1. I don’t want anyone associated with the PSU situation named the new head coach at UGA. It may not be fair to Samantha and I don’t know her full story at PSU, but if you were on that staff, I don’t want you as head coach at Georgia.

      1. That’s not really fair to Samantha….and I wouldn’t consider her “associated with the PSU situation” because as soon as she realized what the Thompsons were doing, she tried to change it by going to bat for her gymnasts…. and she was shown the door. She supposedly got “advised” by her former coach, Suzanne, to take the position. She definitely would not be a coach like the Thompsons…

      2. That’s pretty unfair, given she was basically shown the door for calling out poor coaching practices and raising major red flags about athlete care. In other words, exactly what you’d hope a coach arriving in that situation would do.

        I have zero skin in the UGA game, but based solely on how she acted when faced with the PSU situation, that to me is a tick in the ‘Pro’ column.

    1. It’s just the age division gymnasts are in. Normally E-F are heading off to college unless they’re a little younger, so Senior D is possible.

  8. That’s exactly what I hoped someone would reply to about the PSU situation based on the negative comment, and I’m glad the original poster recanted. There is ONE positive that came of that fiasco, the rest of the team, prayerfully, will get to finish out their college careers under another coach that will hopefully care for them as individuals. Definitely a “tic” in the “PRO” column for Sam Brown. She’s a FireCracker, I tell ya, she’s not going to put up with injustice. She was raised right. I knew her parents back in the day. We can’t do any better than Sam. That Brevet (FIG level) judging definition cinches it for me, IMO. She knows what they are looking for, and she competed at the highest level in the sport, and she’s coached. There are no negatives. If you are, or are not, affiliated with the UGA, please help support a great person, awesome role model for girls, and exactly what we need to get this train rolling again. Thanks to all. God Bless!!!

    1. I’m Anon on May 2 and 4:16 pm , not the original Anon who said PSU shouldn’t hire Sam ( so I don’t think the person recanted) but I definitely agree with you and Renee that Sam called the Thompsons on their horrible behaviors and knew they had crossed the line…and what does Sandy Barbour do? She gets rid of Sam! How is that a negative to her “association with PSU” …she tried to tell them how awful the Thompsons were and SHE got canned, not them…hiring her at UGA is a total upside for me.

  9. I feel like LSU will surprise and not fall as behind as some people think. Yes, a super group of seniors are gone, but with Sarah Finnegan in an anchor spot or 2…Kennedi Edney and Myia Hambrick in the all-around…more contributions from (healthy) Lexie Priessman, McKenna Kelley, Erin Macadaeg…they could surprise to challenge!!

    I also agree that Florida will be a force to be reckoned with next year. UCLA should be…if everything (vault…) comes together!!

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