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Sunday Live Blog – March 11, 2018

Sunday, March 11 Scores Stream
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – Bridgeport, Cornell, West Chester, Southern Connecticut @ Maryland LINK BTN+
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – West Virginia, Pittsburgh @ [18] George Washington LINK GW($)
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – [8] Kentucky, Brown, Yale @ New Hampshire LINK ESPN3
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Eastern Michigan, Rutgers, Lindenwood @ Temple FREE
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – Central Michigan, NC State @ [23] Ohio State OSU($)
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – [25] Illinois, Nothern Illinois, Illinois State @ Illinois-Chicago LINK
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [3] UCLA @ Stanford  “LINK” P12N
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [20] Cal @ UC Davis LINK FREE

Well, George Washington already tied a school record and Casey Lauter got a 10 on beam. So it’s been a slow morning.

Meanwhile, it’s Elizabeth Price Senior Day Day, where we all attempt to consider what Stanford is even going to be next year. Also a meet against UCLA or something.

Kentucky went 196.800, which wasn’t quite enough to catch Washington, so we will have a flip-flop in that department, though Cal can still catch both with a big result today.

For Cal, you’re looking for a 196.625 to move ahead of Washington, but Cal will also be after a 196.800, which would clinch the evening session at Pac-12s regardless of what OSU or ASU do next weekend when Cal is on a rest week.

Obviously, we’re starting the broadcast with a tribute to Ebee.

“GymBruins” doesn’t really flow. We need to work on the name.

Let’s all speculate about whether Val is going to the bathroom or not.


Cole – VT – OK full, good direction, hop back, some pike throughout – normal-to-good. 9.750.

Dennis – UB – Shap, some leg break, didn’t connect – had to recast and hops off the bars. GREAT START. Oops. Restarts – Shap to bail, better this time, in that it was hit – DLO, stuck. Weird.

Navarro – VT – her best of the season, near stick, small slide back – also pike throughout. 9.825.

Ohashi – UB – toe on to bail, solid – tkatchev hit – mostly good casts, I saw one short – DLO, hop forward. Overall cleaner and more composed than some of her early attempts. 9.875

Flam – VT – Omelianchik – large lunge forward and a little off to the side this time, but still usable –

Honest – UB – hits tkatchev, knees – 1/2 turn to straddle back, good vertical – shortish final cast – FTDT with bounce back – pretty much her usual. 9.850. Scores a touch high on these early hits.

Bryant – VT – hugely high full and nearly sticks it, step back to salute – better layout position –

A Glenn – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, solid – close on pak and has to pause on low – knew she couldn’t fall so muscles up a cast – but major deductions there – giant full to double tuck. 9.525.

Price – VT – DTY – stuck. Awesome. Nailed. You can maybe take for off to the side, but I wouldn’t be surprised by 10.

9.975. Yes, you can find the deduction, but how many meets would that have been a 10 you guys…

Peng – UB – Ray – Bhardwaj, strong – toe on to toe Shap 1/2 – hitting hs – pulls down on her DLO to get the stick this time and does. That should make up for some of the 9.525ishness.

Fitzgerald with the last vault for Stanford, short on a full with a lunge, so they’ll drop it.

OH SHADE. They didn’t give Price the 10 and then they gave it to Peng.



Ross – UB – perfect first hs – Shap to bail, a little arch but holds it well – holds the stick on DLO. A second very good one there.

Also 10. OK. Very clean but not her best. She got set up for it by the Peng 10, I think mostly because Peng’s routine is so difficult that they give her some forgiveness for that DLO shape in giving her the 10, but when Kyla’s DLO is then cleaner and better and also stuck, they feel penned in to give her a 10 too.

Back to back 10s for Peng and Ross. I wouldn’t have been 10 for either…? Dear dear.

Sort of dying that UCLA basically almost counted a fall there and got 49.250 on bars.

After 1: UCLA 49.250, Stanford 49.150


Dennis – VT – gigantic full, almost holds the stick long enough but kind fo steps back in her salute – great height, chest down on landing. 9.900. K.

Lawson – UB – Shap to Pak, small legs on both – crazy legs on her giant full as usual but sticks the double tuck, which is new and should help her score a little. 9.800. Important score for her.

A Glenn – VT – much better full from her – good stick and form – no distance, which is the major deduction there, a little forward, but will be a strong score. 9.850.

Navarro – UB – tkatchev, flat but hit – some very short vasts – leg break on Pak but hit – 1/2 turn on low not bad – short final cast as well but not too bad – FTDT with step back. A little improvement for her as well. 9.800.

Tratz – VT – better distance on her full, a little short with step forward. No Jim, she has literally never done the AA.

Flam – UB – short first hs – 1/2 turn, late to jaeger, kicks something on catch, unsure if it was the bar or Chris or just society as a concept – major deduction – OK bail – DLO 1/1, good with small hop but the jaeger will be a major deduction. So she hits the bar with her foot on the jaeger and then almost slashes Chris with her foot. 9.250 and will have to count. Yikers.

Ross – VT – well, they brought the vaults today. Sticks her full and it’s gorgeous. Not the biggest with that little pike in the hips, but not much to take. We’ll see what happens if that goes 9.950. It goes 9.900. Fair.

Bryant – UB – small arch in first hs – hits tkatchev, good rhythm – movely Pak – rishing a little too much on that low bar hs – DLO, loses her leg form a little with a hop forward. 9.875 is kind of a we-feel-bad-about-that-Flam-routine-having-to-count score.

Hano – VT – 1.5 with a hop forward but a bit smaller than her usual hop, should be solid score, a little bit of knees. 9.875.

Price – UB – Toe shap to clear hip – perfection – Ray to bail to shoot – strong – DLO, stuck. That was the most 10 bars routine I’ve seen so far today, so…

Hall – VT – 1.5 – hop forward on 1.5, usual knees, not as far as Hano’s.

9.950 for Price. Oh. OK. Mmmhmm. I mean, like on vault, you can find the deduction if you want to, like bent elbows, but if you JUST gave Ross a 10 for her routine. There were little things to take in both Peng’s and Ross’s routines too, but didn’t decide to see them then.

After 2: UCLA 98.625, Stanford 97.825

I mean, the issue for Stanford on bars was only having five people and having to count a miss, but the only thing we’ll be talking about is the inconsistent evaluation of bars.


Cole – BB – clean loso series – switch to double stag, pretty tentative going into that switch but secure landings – aerial, small hesitation – 2/1, stuck. Worked through well. 9.875.

Kocian – FX – front 2/1, solid – back 1.5 to layout, good height – switch side to popa, no trouble – rudi to double stag, very good. Strong control on landings, a little bit of loose knees here and there in her twisting passes but will be a good score. 9.925. Casual leadoff 9.925.

Tai – BB – Bhs loso bhs and falls – off line trying to save her bhs on line – another fall on aerial, very tentative – finishes 1.5 with step back.

Ross – FX – whip to double tuck, good chest up on landing, still a little sluggish in getting that double tuck around, but the landing position is much improved – switch ring to Ferrari, solid, even the Ferrari was not that horrifying – 1.5 to layout – double pike, deep with a hop forward. Still solid. Slowly getting there. 9.900.

Flam – BB – bhs to lay-pike, knees in the bhs and some feet but only a small correction on landing – front tuck, small lean correction – switch side, swim to save – front full dismount with small slide back. 9.875

Dennis – FX – pike full in – short with a lunge forward this time – front full to layout is securely landed – good 180s on leaps, just a touch of bounce on landing – double tuck, solid. Not her best because of the mount. 9.900. OH LOL.

Price – BB – aerial, good – bhs to layout, 2 feet, wobble – it would be HILARIOUS if the judges were just like “we’re giving a 10 for this one now” after that wobble – switch to split, solid – double pike, step back. Good. 9.900.

Tratz – FX – full in – takes it right to the end but stays in, small hop forward – 1.5 to front full, loses her knees at the end but controls the step – switch ring to split leap 1/1 – double tuck, a little forward. 9.925. EVERYONE IS PERFECT.

Navarro – BB – bhs loso, small correction, good toes – full turn – aerial, same, small arm wave to avoid a check – switch to split, once she becomes more comfortable in future years, this will be the event for her – double tuck, hop forward. 9.825

Hano – FX – DLO with a stumble bounce, should be a fairly large deduction (so like .05 AH HA HA HA) solid second pass – split leap 1/1 to wolf 1/1, like that she rises into that second dance element in the combination instead of flopping it up there – double pike, a little slide. 9.875.

Bryant – BB – good height and security on bhs loso series – in love with the switch split jump, strong again – front tuck, smallest lean – beam cap popped off – GIVE HER A REDO AHAHAHAH – double tuck, lunge back, they got through it. 9.900.

Ohashi – FX – DLO, strong, chest up, a little bounce – travels back quite a bit on her middle pass straddle jump but pulls it out – switch ring to switch 1/2, nice – front 1/1 to 1/2 to sit split. Good enough, not her most controlled. Still 9.950.

After 3: UCLA 148.225, Stanford 147.200

Of course Stanford goes to beam and it’s the least dramatic rotation of the day so far because whatever. Stanford really should get a 196 out of this meet, which is a major victory –

Casual 49.600 for UCLA on floor even though Kocian was really the only one who hit at her top level.


G Glenn – BB – bhs loso, solid and pretty – aerial with a small lean to split jump – switch to switch, that combination is back, good, because she’s the one who can do it – full turn – gainer full, basically stuck with a slide of heels together. Good one. 9.925.

Cole – FX – 2.5 to the sideways China punch front she always does, but secure as usual – that signature straddle – rudi with a stumble on landing – switch ring to switch 1/2 to little nothing hop out of leap combo, which is becoming a trend – front full to front tuck, really struggled to pull that front tuck around – 9.650.

Kocian – BB – switch to sheep, good – aerial to bhs, a little pause in between but no one will care – overturns her full turn a hair – side aerial, hit – 2/1 with bounce back. 9.825.

The thing about Kocian is that she’s so slight that sometimes it looks like she’s shivering as she lands her elements on beam, but it could just be the air conditioning.

Navarro – FX – double pike, solid – back 1.5 to layout, a touch ragged in that layout but secure – double tuck, chest well forward but she had good control in those landings

Nguyen – BB – aerial to loso, good control this time but there is that little pause in between skills – switch to split, solid – split jump 1/2 from side position, a little cheated but not much – front lay 1/1, stuck with a little bend. 9.850.

Flam – FX – music problems – step off – great double arabian this week, good control and now cowboy, very good – front full to front pike, nice – nice hops on her leaps – double pike, looks like she just stayed in on her step back, still a bounce that will be taken though. Overall still probably her best one. 9.850.

Ohashi – BB – aerial to bhs loso – strong throughout – switch ring to beat jump – bhs loso layout full, stuck. Fab routine. Very little to take. 9.975.

Lawson – FX – switch to split 1.5, not quite there – 1.5 through to double tuck, lands short with a shuffle forward and some chest – strong double pike. Stanford is definitely improving into the postseason as we expect because STANFORD, the question is whether they have the bars for it to matter, which we haven’t see yet. 9.875.

Ross – BB – bhs loso, good clench to avoid a check – switch ring to beat jump – full turn – aerial with a large check, bend at the hips – side aerial to stuck full. That happens sometimes with Ross. Too often. 9.825.

Bryant – FX – also overdid her DLO, steps back but keeps it in, chest definitely up on that one – front tuck through to double pike, another significant bounce back – switch side to popa, good height, maybe a little crooked – open double tuck, very good control on step back there. Strong finish but not enough control on the first two. 9.900. OK. Sure. These floor scores are going to be an under-reported story.

Peng – BB – three flares – bhs to lay-pike, very secure – double turn to split jump, does well to hold the connection – side aerial to a stuck full. Let’s see. Another good one.

10.000. So a perfect 20 for Peng.

Price – FX – DLO, fab, good controlled step back – front tuck through to double pike, nice – switch side to popa – double pike, I’d call that controlled as well. Great set. I’m assuming 10 here, but I assumed it on bars too.

Well, she got the 10 on floor. Because otherwise a riot and whatnot.

39.825 in the AA for Price. Could have been three 10s and I don’t think many would have argued with it.

Over at Cal and Davis, Robinson sticks her fhs handspring pike vault. Good one.

Strong scores for Cal through the first two rotations, but no Toni-Ann? She was also pulled from beam in the last rotation on Friday.

FINAL: UCLA 197.800, Stanford 196.650

Big scores for both. Very important total for Stanford. UCLA will come close to LSU but not pass, though UCLA competes again on Tuesday.

After 2: Cal 98.525, Davis 97.375

Hit beam from Yektaparast to start for Davis.

So Seilnacht – FX – front lay to rudi, clean, controlled step back, good twisting form – illusion – split leap 1.5, mostly got around, enough, a little ragged at the end – 1.5 to 1/2 to straddle to front tuck, a little deep in landing that front tuck with an adjustment – front full to front pike, clean. 9.750.

Ito – BB – bhs bhs loso series, fall – pretty form, nice toe point on it, was close but couldn’t save – switch to straddle 1/4, short on straddle 1/4 – gainer pike, step back

Shu – FX – double tuck, lunge back – double pike, nailed, good pass – switch to split leap (full or 1.5? In between) – 1.5 to front pike to stag, strong. 9.775.

Kessler – BB – hs to bhs loso series, fun – only a small check – very short on switch 1/2 – beat to split 3/4, also some back leg there – 1.5, holds stick. 9.750.

Gallarzo – FX – double pike, step back, a little chest forward there – double tuck with a bounce back – 1.5 to layout with another little bounce out – not the same control on that one and the others have been 9.7s, so we’ll see… 9.800. Nothing matters. Don’t worry.

Suzuki – BB – bhs loso, small lift of front foot but small – cat leap to side aerial, hit – switch to straddle 1/4, straddle was good, nice extension – stuck gainer full. 9.750.

George – FX – front 2/1, a little bit of a dance out but small – switch ring to split leap full, better dance combo – front tuck through to rudi, quite ragged and a short landing, didn’t have much in the rudi – double tuck, deep landing with lunge back. Struggled on her last two passes. 9.750.

Hebert – BB – bhs bhs loso, very solid – full turn – switch side, almost there – 1.5 with step back

Robinson – FX – double arabian, sits it down. Cal was on track for a “get to 8th in the country” score after the first two, but now there will be major pressure on beam – 1.5 to front pike, a slide – bouncy in that split 1.5 – double pike, deep with a bounce to the side.

Brown – BB – actually solid switch to switch series but off on her loso series so they’re counting a beam fall now. Stuck 1.5.

Sy Seilnacht – FX – If ever there was a time you needed Toni’s floor score – double tuck, fine – double pike, chest down but fairly secure – switch ring to switch 1/2, a little tight – back 1.5 to front 1/2, solid, that will help the total.

After 3: Cal 147.425, Davis 145.625

Schank is doing exhibition for Cal on floor, and it would have been one of the higher scores in the lineup. Good shape on double pike and rudi.


Shu – BB – aerial through to bhs, solid, kept going – hitch kick to switch 1/2, short of 180 – full turn – side aerial to full, lands a little forward with step forward. 9.850.

Presswood – FX – double tuck, pretty good chest up, a little bit of a lunge out – switch ring to switch 1/2, will get a little on switch 1/2 – front lay to front 1/1 – solid double pike, good start

George – BB – wolf double – aerial wayyyyy short and falls. Well that’s not ideal – switch to split jump, off line and leaning – another fall on aerial, never got back on track after the original fall. Rushing and rattled. Does hit double tuck.

Jones – FX – double pike, a little forward with step – front full to front lay, arches around to get it but probably didn’t need to arch that much with a lunge forward – rudi, solid

Keelen – BB – bhs loso, secure, nice extension – switch to split to beat, good – aerial, large break at the hips but stays on – 1.5 hop back, well, she stayed on. They can kind of use that. Oooof. Never mind. 9.525.

Kessler – FX – Ugh, they make them stand up for all the Davis floor routines? Pass. Double pike with lunge back, just stays in – nice height on popa in combo – double tuck, forward with a step – front lay to front full.

Gallarzo – BB – aerial through to bhs loso, good – switch to split, strong – 1.5, stuck. Very good routine coming after those two misses. 9.900. They needed that.

Yektaparast – FX – front 2/1, pretty good, crossover step – front lay to 1/2 to loso, really pikes that 1/2 but good loso – shourt double tuck with lunge forward

So Seilnacht – BB – full turn – bhs loso series, clean and secure – switch to double stag, also solid – side aerial to full, stuck. A second very strong routine in a row. 9.875.

Hebert – FX – front tuck through to double pike, stuck, very good – 1.5 to layout, small hop but clean – a little ragged in the leap combo legs – double tuck, also stuck. Good set. 9.950? Because home and why not and Davis?

Syl Seilnacht – BB – bhs to lay-pike, right on this time, connected to beat jumpo – large break on full turn because of course, bend at hips – switch to split – gainer full, stuck.

Brown – FX – double pike, small slide back – double tuck, very strong landing – switch side and popa, short of positions – 1.5 to layout, a little arch around on layout.

Cal finishes 196.375 to Davis 194.925

An OK score for Cal but not what they wanted. They can still replace it at Pac-12s, but it won’t be enough to pass Washington or Kentucky this week and will leave them vulnerable to being passed by Oregon State in the race for the evening session at Pac-12s. (Oregon State would need 196.925 next weekend, while Cal doesn’t compete, to move back ahead of Cal.)



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