Pommel Horse: A Mood

Because sometimes you just can’t.

You quit, I quit, we all quit.

We’re going down.

We’re yelling timber.

Oops, time for lunch, bye.

Boom, done, gotta run.

That’s all I needed.

I’m rolling out.

Because happening, it is not.

But seasick, it is yes.

So when they go high, I go low.

And if you can’t appreciate my art….

Then maybe I’ll just leave.

Actually I might be stuck.

They say when you fall off the horse you should get back on…

…but like also no.

So maybe just chill right here instead?

For a while?

4 thoughts on “Pommel Horse: A Mood”

  1. ROTFL

    Spencer, I don’t know how you held it together long enough to produce this piece!! I keep erupting in silly giggles…and my cat is utterly annoyed with me for disturbing his peaceful nap.

  2. i love how pommel horse lends itself to people flying entirely off the screen. thank you, pommel horse.

  3. Upon first looking at this list I thought “Chris Brooks is on here a lot”. I then actually opened the gifs, which are so kindly named after the gymnasts. I learned that 1.) Chris Brooks is only on here twice and 2.) I am really bad a determining who “generic white guy” is when he’s spinning in circles.

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