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Most 10.0s in NCAA

Who has the most 10s in NCAA history?
1Jenny Hansen (Kentucky)28
Jamie Dantzscher (UCLA)28
3Hope Spivey (Georgia)24
4Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma)22
Kyla Ross (UCLA)22
6Kim Arnold (Georgia)21
7Karin Lichey (Georgia)20
8Leah Brown (Georgia)17
9Beth Wymer (Michigan)16
10Jeanette Antolin (UCLA)14
Theresa Kulikowski (Utah)14
12Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA)11
Ashley Miles (Alabama)11
Sarah Cain (Michigan)11
Kristen Kenoyer (Utah)11
16Peng Peng Lee (UCLA)10
17Alex McMurtry (Florida)9
Ashleigh Gnat (LSU)9
Georgia Dabritz (Utah)9
Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA)9
Kate Richardson (UCLA)9
Maggie Germaine (Arizona State)9
Andree Pickens (Alabama)9
Nikki Peters (Michigan)9
Kim Kelly (Alabama)9
Jennifer Wood (LSU)9
27Trinity Thomas (Florida)8
Bridget Sloan (Florida)8
Courtney Kupets (Georgia)8
Ashley Kelly (Arizona State)8
Richelle Simpson (Nebraska)8
April Burkholder (LSU)8
Mohini Bhardwaj (UCLA)8
Heather Kabnick (Michigan)8
Dee Foster (Alabama)8
Chari Knight (Oregon State)8

*The usual caveat when talking about NCAA history applies in that this information is correct to the best of my research knowledge going through team records, but the records from the 90s are baaaaaad somehow even though we had computers then. You’ll see a discrepancy with the Hall of 10s in regard to Jenny Hansen because I don’t have dates/years for the majority of her 10s, but Kentucky’s team records credit her with 28 in total—21 on vault, 6 on floor, 1 on beam.

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