Gymnastics – Does It Still Exist?

For when you’re looking to check in on whether gymnastics still exists.

March 13

The answer to the title of this page is officially no. After completing qualifications, Baku has canceled the finals of the apparatus world cup, per the Canadian federation. I mean, they’ve all been there competing and training together for days, so damage done, but it was hard to imagine that event still continuing while all other sports in the history of ever have been canceled, but it seems this decision came from higher up…

We don’t know what the FIG is going to do about Olympic qualification for the apparatus world cups at this point…and I’m sure the FIG itself doesn’t know either.

College gymnastics is officially ceasing competition for the rest of the season.

The Birmingham World Cup, scheduled for March 28, has not yet self-canceled, but I can’t imagine we’re far off.

March 12

A few hours after the Pac-12 and SEC conferences announced the immediate suspension of all sporting events, the NCAA officially canceled all championships, and other conferences like the Big Ten are beginning to cancel competition for the remainder of the season as well.

The Baku Apparatus World Cup is still truckin’ and the first day of qualification is complete. Stephen Nedoroscik left the competition early, before competing, to return to the US because who knows what sort of hastily organized, reactionary, ill-explained travel restrictions will be imposed between now and the end of the event. That ends his chances of earning an Olympic spot this way unless some drastic change to the qualification procedures is announced.

Rayderley Zapata withdrew from the competition with potentially flu-like things and was taken to a hospital and tested for coronavirus (TBD), so they’re probably really glad they held this competition.

March 11

The Stuttgart World Cup has been canceled. It was scheduled for March 21-22 and was to be the 2nd of the 4 all-around world cups in that qualification series.

The FIG does have a note in the rules that if only 3 events in the series are held instead of 4, then everything goes on as planned with those 3 meets counting. But it’s realllly tough to imagine Birmingham and Tokyo going ahead at this point.

After previously announcing that the event would be held without fans, the Doha World Cup has now announced that the final apparatus world cup in the series will be pushed to June 3-6 (originally scheduled for March 18-21).

34 thoughts on “Gymnastics – Does It Still Exist?”

  1. So I know this isn’t the most important thing, but how does this affect fantasy gym? (not one of those people who @ injured gymnasts complaining that they’re fanstasy team sucks bc of their injury btw)

    1. My guess is they’ll just call an end to the “season” now, and whoever’s currently at the top of the leaderboard wins their conference. Not that anyone is going to want to celebrate their victory in the current circumstances.

    2. Where/how do you play fantasy gym? I would like to do this in the future

  2. This is really sad for all the senior athletes whose careers are now abruptly over.

  3. Sucks for Kyla and Maggie’s hopes of breaking all time records . And basically everyone else too.

    Strange I heard from the cheeto in chief the virus was fake news just 2 weeks ago. Shame we did nothing to prepare for this knowing literally months in advance.

    For those over 60 or with compromised immune systems, good luck – 10% chance of death if you catch it.

  4. Yep, An*s Tangerinus told us all this was ‘fake news’ and a ‘hoax.’ Of course, this country already had a robust rapid pandemic response infrastructure in place that a felon of a game show host masquerading as president dismantled because he was psychotically jealous of a black man’s accomplishments:

    Your New & Improved pandemic crisis team:
    — a demented game show host
    — the Vice President, who caused an HIV epidemic in his home state
    — a day-drunk economic advisor
    — the already-quarantined chief of staff because why not
    — an actual doctor, but he’s not supposed to talk to the media

  5. LOL Georgia got grossly overscored all season and it accomplished nothing in the end. Suck it Georgia.

    1. And this is relevant because??? They will finish 4th in the SEC and 12th in the nation. If you really wanted comeuppance they would need to complete at competition s and let the chips fall where they may

      In all honesty UGA would probably end up 4th in the SEC and 8-14 after regionals. They, Denver, and LSU looked really depth depleted in recent weeks so the lack of post season might actually hide a competition based ranking.

  6. #dRUMPfPLAGUE agree with all you said 100%! Not exactly the way I wanted to get Trump out of office, but if this doesn’t wake his Maggots up nothing will. The man ran all of his businesses into the ground, so why would anyone think he could lead the most powerful country on earth? I pray we can get someone in who can appoint a proper team and undo some of the damage he has done to all of the departments, ie justice, cdc, fda, pandemic response and infrastructure team, etc etc not to mention repair our reputation with our allies.

    I am bummed for the sudden end to NCAA…so sad. Florida is my team, and last year was horrible. This year they were right there set to take it all. Sigh. While they will be losing several great seniors, their freshmen class should be kick-ass!!

    I am worried about the Olympics of course. But, most of all, I fear what our country is on the verge of. Not only did we not prepare for this in terms of testing, but our medical system is not equipped to care for the possibility of tens of thousands (or more) critically ill patients!!

  7. Thank you for the update, such as it is. Please keep posting things, however random. You’re a lifeline to normalcy (go figure).

  8. Wow- some really stupid people post to this board. Given the ignorance of some of the sentiments expressed, it becomes easier to believe that a large chunk of the country could actually buy Bernie’s crap that we can transform our economy into Finland’s. Good job, American schools – you’re turning out morons by the thousands.

    1. Who are you to call others *really stupid* simply because they express an opinion that differs from your own? Learn respect and go look up the word “moron” in front of a mirror.

    2. Only 1/4 of eligible voters put Trump in office. Facts matter. Looks like Joe is putting together a similar coalition that Hillary had, so that’s … interesting.

      The current fatality rate estimates for those over 60 is between 4% and 18%. It’s fairly low for healthy, younger adults.

      The White House response has been appalling, gymnastic athletes and fans are adversely impacted and numerous lives are unnecessarily at risk.

    3. Wow. Your imbecility is beyond description, as is your regurgitation of Faux Noise talking points during a pandemic. Go hide behind your wall of toilet paper–you know it will save you from the virus. LMAO!

      1. for the ‘Anonymous’ troll: Your ugly and bestial attempts at fagbashing are completely unwelcome on this blog. Go lick some Anus Tangerinus.

    1. Called it – although adjusting headcount think will create it’s own problems – can you give a scholarship or other financial aid? If so, if you just don’t count returning seniors who are getting an extra year of eligibility in the headcount, then that disproportionately favors teams who hare losing a lot of seniors over teams that are not. Do you get schools to let them double major or otherwise continue undergraduate studies if they were graduating otherwise, or do they have to apply/get into some type of graduate program. None issue for those who were staying on as student managers. And with the cancellation of March Madness – much less money to go around to help lessor funded schools. And then we have those that gasp – have real jobs starting in the summer. Lots to work through in a short time – and no matter what they do people will be mad – but something is better than nothing. Would be nice if everything just got under control and they did all the playoffs a month later than planned… but don’t see that happening.

      1. I agree that, if the NCAA can make this work, it likely will lead to competitive unbalance and unfairness at the TEAM level. Imagine a UCLA team that contains this year’s seniors AND next year’s freshmen. Meanwhile, a lower-profile program graduating an equally large/important senior class may not have the budget to keep everyone around even if they wanted to. It’s not just the scholarships, it’s the extra leotards, travel expenses, etc.

        But at the INDIVIDUAL level, it does seem like the fair, right thing to do to give each athlete the option of coming back. If we have one year of competitive unfairness (and, news flash, NCAA gymnastics is already ridiculously unbalanced and unfair), I’d argue it’s worth it if it means doing right by the individual athletes impacted.

      2. Granting an extra year of eligibility would create a bit of a decision headache. But that should be the choice of the athlete and each program. NCAA should leave it to them to decide what is best. Many will be disappointed by their last year, and have no interest in continuing. Maybe some seniors would want to stay on while some frosh would be happy to defer.
        I don’t think they could allow schools to offer additional scholarships, because that would create an uneven playing field, where some schools would have the budget to take advantage, and others would not.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking. ALL athletes should be redshirted for this year.

  9. Sounds like the NCAA is going to loosen eligibility rules (perhaps allow free scholarships for current seniors in 2021) in all spring sports affected by the early shutdown.

    Not sure what this means for the gymnasts – Maggie and Maddie are both already balancing injury/health with competition, Vega is already 24/25 (?) and they may want to get on with their post-gymnastics lives. It’s a whole year of training just to compete again.

    It would be nice to see some Super Seniors return for an extra year to compete outside of the usual 12 scholarships.

    1. I suspect there are some who, like you say, are ready to move on despite being upset that things ended the way they did.

      Others may want to keep competing but they know their bodies can’t handle it.

      Others still might look around and realize that the incoming freshmen would displace them from lineups and they’d be reduced to benchwarmers.

      I’m not sure what percentage would stick around — maybe 1/3? 1/2? But I like the idea of giving them options.

  10. Kyla Ross will be 24 in the fall. I read an interview with Madison Kocian and she says she is practicing and competing with constant pain. Another UCLA senior was asked if she would consider redshirting next year or was she done and she indicated she was happy to be done. Maybe this abrupt end to the season may change opinions? Not sure.

    Interesting for some of the women preparing for the Olympics. If the games are postponed, I’m guessing Skinner is out. She’s “old” and so many young, talented athletes are coming up the ranks. Next question is will Simone be able to stay healthy for another year? This also gives Laurie more time to prepare.

    So many questions! Super bummed for NCAA seniors.

    1. Skinner seems all in at this point, and Hurd already made her intentions clear to continue through 2021. If the Olympics does indeed get delayed, I imagine all of the current contenders will continue onward.

  11. As for olympic qualifications – I don’t think we can be certain the olympics will even exist this year.

  12. So, collegiate gymnastics is a winter, not spring, sport. Most teams had 1 or 2 meets remaining so the majority of the season was over.

    If the NCAA wants to extend eligibility, there could also be a Title IX issue. And, would this just be about the seniors or every athlete? Every athlete had an abrupt season end.

    What if every senior from OK and LSU could return but other schools did not have that happen? Would Maggie fly past Kyla for 10’s when Kyla didn’t/couldn’t return for an extra year?

    Makes my head hurt. Sad end, for sure, but maybe the sport should just move forward.

  13. Their season ended 1 month early. Also people are dying. So um, maybe their loss of a few meets isn’t as important.

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