2021 Pre-Worlds All-Around Rankings

I put together some pre-worlds all-around rankings to get a sense of who is truly in contention for medals this year. This uses the peak score earned on each apparatus during 2021, so these totals should in no way be treated as predictive. What with domestic scoring and getting to ignore all the bad ones, these scores are way higher than what we’ll actually see at worlds. But hopefully what the list does is provide a sense of the hierarchy and likely contenders heading into competition, which starts in less than a week. I know.

World Championships All-Around Rankings

VT Peak UB Peak BB Peak FX Peak TOTAL
Rebeca Andrade BRA 15.400 15.100 14.000 14.066 58.566
Vladislava Urazova** RUS 14.666 15.100 14.500 14.066 58.332
Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.733 15.066 13.733 14.433 57.965
Li Shijia** CHN 14.066 14.766 15.400 13.466 57.698
Leanne Wong USA 14.800 14.150 14.450 14.233 57.633
Kayla DiCello USA 14.833 14.600 14.050 14.050 57.533
Murakami Mai JPN 14.900 14.266 13.900 14.366 57.432
Wei Xiaoyuan CHN 13.366 15.166 14.500 13.800 56.832
Luo Rui CHN 13.366 14.766 15.133 13.366 56.631
Qi Qi CHN 14.400 13.466 14.133 13.866 55.865
Alice D'Amato ITA 14.750 14.700 13.300 13.100 55.850
Hatakeda Hitomi JPN 14.100 14.600 13.566 13.566 55.832
Yana Vorona** RUS 14.366 13.800 14.433 13.166 55.765
Carolann Heduit FRA 14.600 14.100 13.500 13.550 55.750
Naomi Visser NED 13.625 14.533 13.767 13.667 55.592
Maria Minaeva RUS 13.666 14.500 13.466 13.633 55.265
Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR 14.375 14.075 13.450 13.225 55.125
Zsofia Kovacs** HUN 14.500 14.500 13.233 12.800 55.033
Hiraiwa Yuna JPN 14.333 13.466 13.600 13.466 54.865
Asia D'Amato ITA 14.550 13.933 13.133 13.166 54.782
Vera Van Pol NED 14.500 13.633 12.900 13.550 54.583
Pauline Schäfer** GER 13.933 13.425 13.950 13.100 54.408
eMjae Frazier USA 14.400 13.200 13.000 13.700 54.300
Konnor McClain USA 14.700 13.150 14.000 12.150 54.000
Rose Woo CAN 13.600 13.700 13.400 13.200 53.900

**Athletes either have been announced as not competing the all-around or did not compete all four events at the final trial/most recent meet.

As the Olympic silver and bronze medalists, Andrade and Melnikova are bestowed with obvious pre-meet favorite status, status that is solidified by Russia’s announcement that Urazova will do only select events at worlds and Minaeva will instead compete the all-around (but also it’s Valentina, so who knows what will really happen).

After pulling out of Olympic selection with injury, Li Shijia is back for worlds, though she competed only bars and beam at National Games, which may indicate limited contribution here. We’ll see. At her best, Li is the highest AA scorer on this Chinese squad, but I also don’t imagine she’d have full difficulty back on vault, even if she does compete all four apparatuses. National Games champion Wei Xiaoyuan is likely situated at the best AA bet for China, though with Wei, Li, and Luo all having very similar scoring strengths, it could go any which way depending on the day. Qi Qi’s peak is also close to the other three, but I assume she’ll be competing just VT/FX here, and then it would be between Li and Luo as to who gets to do the all-around with Wei, versus who is just UB/BB.

The US should have at least one medal contender in the all-around in DiCello, and whether they have two will depend on Leanne Wong’s competition status. If she does the all-around, which of course she should, she would be right there with DiCello—assuming a hit meet (….) that is. But, we’ll have to see what the US team does with the lineup spots considering that Frazier finished second AA at the trial, ahead of Wong.

For now, these rankings tell us that the six favorites to qualify in the lead group for the all-around final would be Andrade, Melnikova, Wong, DiCello, Murakami, and Wei, and I think that’s a pretty solid reflection of who the top competitors are here. And while Andrade and Melnikova would be medal favorites, with Andrade a pretty comfortable gold medal pick at this point and Melnikova a tentative second place, the race for bronze would be verrrry open, with a nice opportunity presenting itself for Murakami in particular at a home world championship.