Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Regionals Draw Edition

All the teams were yelling out the window

So the NCAA was like

But we were like

But hey

And then the woman said “Lexy Rainier” and “Jordan Chillus”

Meanwhile, #28 Iowa State looked at the draw like

Because they got put in the play-ins instead of #30 NC State

Because we’re still doing play-ins

And NC State went

San Jose State got its sudden death meeting with Stanford

Only 2 AAers were assigned to Oklahoma, so looks like there’s still room for me

Central Michigan’s 196.140 is the highest NQS ever to miss regionals

Penn State missed regionals for the first time ever

Arizona State drew the short straw of an unseeded Arkansas

Maryland got the Michigan/UCLA semifinal

But at least they didn’t bunch all the best teams in the same semifinal this year

Then again, Boise State is going to Oklahoma instead of Washington because of “geography”