Who Has Qualified Elite for 2022?

As we hurtle toward elite competition season in the US, here’s a check-in on the current qualification situation for the summer meets.

Below is the list of seniors—that we know of from public results—who have qualified to either championships or the classic meets through at least one of the prescribed methods (only the first qualification method that occurred is listed). I included everyone, including those who are definitely very retired and definitely not competing. 

Seniors have two remaining opportunities in June to get the score needed to qualify to the classic meets: the national team camp this weekend and a Parkettes qualifier. After that, July brings the American Classic and US Classic for those who already have their classic score but still need to get their championships score of 50.500.

SENIORSQualified toMethod
Simone BilesChampionshipsOlympic team member
Jade CareyChampionshipsOlympic team member
Jordan ChilesChampionshipsOlympic team member
Suni LeeChampionshipsOlympic team member
Grace McCallumChampionshipsOlympic team member
MyKayla SkinnerChampionshipsOlympic team member
Kayla DiCelloChampionshipsOlympic team alternate
Kara EakerChampionshipsOlympic team alternate
Emma MalabuyoChampionshipsOlympic team alternate
Leanne WongChampionshipsOlympic team alternate
eMjae FrazierChampionshipsWorlds team member
Konnor McClainChampionshipsWorlds team member
Olivia GreavesChampionshipsWorlds team alternate
Ciena AlipioChampionships2021 post-Champs camp
Kailin ChioChampionships2021 post-Champs camp
Skye BlakelyChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Ashlee SullivanChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Katelyn JongChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Nola MatthewsChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Karis GermanChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Levi Jung-RuivivarChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Sydney BarrosChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Elle MuellerChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Addison FattaChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Brooke PiersonChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Katelyn RosenChampionships2022 Winter Cup
Shilese JonesChampionships2022 national team camp
Zoe MillerChampionships2022 national team camp
Charlotte BoothChampionships2022 national team camp
Lexi ZeissChampionships2022 national team camp
Joscelyn RobersonChampionships2022 national team camp
Emily LeeClassic2021 US Championship
Amari DraytonClassic2021 US Championship
Ava SiegfeldtClassic2021 US Championship
Kaylen MorganClassic2021 US Championship
Aleah Finnegan^Classic2021 US Championship
Chellsie Memmel^^Classic2021 US Championship
(3 events)
Kaliya LincolnClassic2021 Junior US Championship
Lauren LittleClassic2022 KPAC Qualifier
Amelia DisidoreClassic2022 GAGE Qualifier
Marissa NealClassic2022 GAGE Qualifier
Sophie HamppClassic2022 GAGE Qualifier
(2 events)
Camryn RichardsonClassic2022 Stars Qualifier
Skylar DraserClassic2022 Metroplex Qualifier
Paityn WalkerClassic2022 Metroplex Qualifier
Adriana ConsoliClassic2022 Metroplex Qualifier
(2 events)
^Now represents Philippines
^^Is…like…in charge now, so…

5 thoughts on “Who Has Qualified Elite for 2022?”

  1. Skinner is retired so she can be taken off the list.
    McCallum is taking 2022 off but hasn’t closed door on pursuing elite in the future.

    Which you alluded to in the opening but didn’t name like Finnegan and Memmel.

  2. Siegfeldt competed as a level 10 earlier this year at Brestyans. Shouldn’t be allowed to compete elite anymore.

    1. Siegfeldt had never planned on doing elite post 2021 after Olympic Trials she reitred from elite and dropped to level 10 to prepare for Oklahoma. She and Faith Torrez just moved onto campus this weekend.

  3. So interesting question – since Memmel if one of the 3 “heads” of USAG does that mean her elite career is over? No rule says you can’t be employed by USAG and compete Elite……..

    1. It is a direct conflict of interest as Memmel is part of the selection committee. She can’t compete and be eligible for teams.
      Memmel’s elite career is finished.

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