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The Scores: Post-Nationals Edition

Now that the US national championship has provided a lovely, juicy, delicious (can you tell I’m hungry) chunk of new numbers to bolster and clarify Spreadsheet Nation, let’s take a new look at the updated scoring hierarchy and what it could mean for potential worlds team selection.

First, the athletes are ranked by peak score recorded on each event so far in 2019, with the top 3 on each apparatus highlighted.

Using those numbers, the highest-scoring team in a 3-count scenario would be as follows:

That team would be “burn down the world” good on bars and beam, though I do think the peak scores somewhat misrepresent vault because this group of 5 is far from the strongest vault team the US could come up with. It would be perfectly reasonable for the US to object to heading into worlds with McCusker, Lee, and Eaker on the same team knowing that one of them would have to vault in the team final.

Now, you could counter that argument with “but the other events are so good they make up for it” or “they’re going to win the team final anyway, so why not maximize event medal possibilities” in support of this team of five. Your choice.

Basically, counting the McCusker vault is the only non-amazing part of that team (should everyone hit), and there’s no other permutation of gymnasts that comes very close at all to matching this peak team score.

What the peak team doesn’t take into account, of course, is consistency, so it doesn’t mind if you fall 80 times as long as you hit once and that hit was an amazing score. Continue reading The Scores: Post-Nationals Edition


US Nationals – Senior Women Day 2 Live Blog

7:00pm CT. NBC. International stream. Scores.

Thus we arrive at the ending. Of course, the race for the title remains in 0% doubt, but Simone’s eh of a day on night 1 does change the skill-competing dynamic a little for herself.

I imagine if she had hit the triple double on the first day, we wouldn’t be seeing it again, but as she didn’t, she’s going to have to do it again tonight. The double double on beam, however, was successful on day 1, so it seems there would be less incentive to put that one back in again.

But to the real show—all the other spots. The standings after the first day were basically like you put everyone in a rock polisher and went, “This is the ranking.”

I mean what even is that nonsense? The surprise would be if they stay in anywhere close to the same positions after tonight’s competition.

I don’t expect the likes of Eaker and McCallum to repeat their struggles today to the same extent, but they’re already two points out of second place, so there may not be an opportunity for them to move up drastically in the standings even if they hit solid meets tonight. There’s just so much ground to make up. Hurd is likely in the same boat. She had three good events last time and then a monstrous floor experience, but that floor experience was enough to truly devastate her ranking.

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