2023 Nationals Senior Women Day 2 Live Blog

Day 1 of competition brought us the expected massive Simone Biles AA lead, enjoying a casual margin of 2.550. I want her to just do a 2.0 D floor routine today and see if she can still win. “You came her for a DLO 1/1??? Well here’s a front lay and a straight jump. Bye.”  

Meanwhile, Shilese Jones picked up where she left off in 2022 with a hit second-place result, and Skye Blakely continued her solid summer in third place, a few tenths ahead of Leanne Wong’s lovely performance.

All four will mostly look to mimic their performances again tonight to set themselves up well for selection camp, especially since nothing is actually being named today. 

Elsewhere, floor is going to be a ride. As of the first day, Kaliya Lincoln was on the highest-scoring team because of her gigantic 14.350 on floor compared to Carey on 13.350, Roberson on 13.300, and Chiles on 13.100. The rest need to close the gap. Although for Carey along with Kayla DiCello, the biggest focus will be on getting out of, you know, 19th place.

In the vault warmup just now, I didn’t see Simone do a double pike, just the Cheng.

We’re welcoming the 2008 Olympic teams. Only some of the women got the “on Sundays we wear red” text.

Rotation 1

Sumanasekera – VT – good height on DTY, medium step back, nice. 14.100

Jong – BB – switch mount – falls on side aerial, but hits her loso + loso today.

Madray Johnson finishes floor with double tuck, kind of an awkward step back OOB.

Biles – VT – does indeed do the Cheng, medium lunge back, more control than on day 1 or the warmup. Will score big of course.

13.600 for Zhoi on bars.

Disidore – UB – stalder 1/2 to jaeger, good height, some feet – Church to pak, legs apart but hit – van leeuwen – toe full, quite late – double tuck, hop forward.

Chiles – VT – DTY – good height and direction today, bounce back

14.850 for Biles on vault.  14.250 for Chiles.

Jones – BB – switch mount to switch 1/2 is hit – Arabian, wobble but holds onto it – bhs bhs layout two feet, also hit with a slight correction, some pike, good height – side aerial, hit – switch to sissone, good positions, little arm correction – bhs bhs double pike, step back.

Good one for her, no major errors, and through her most challenging event.

Large bound forward for Miller on Y1.5 on vault.

They’ve posted a 5.0 D score for Miller instead of 4.6 for her Y1.5, which she definitely did, so that 14.000 score that’s up is definitely wrong.

Now they’ve fixed the D but not the E and ND yet. Should be 13.400 we think.

Lincoln – FX -double double tuck, step back OOB but excellent in the air – DLO 1/1, lands short today, hop forward – switch ring, lovely, to split leap full – wolf triple – switch full will be a credit question for around, good split of course – front full to double tuck is excellent. Not quite the level of day 1, but she should still manage a higher E than most. 

Nola Matthews very checky on beam but staying on.

It was 14.300 for Jones on beam, which is a giant number.

Lincoln still goes 14.050 on floor with an E score over 8.

Jung-Ruivivar – FX – FTDT, step back OOB – back 1/1 to front full, also a step OOB – switch ring to switch 1/2, a highlight – doesn’t get her wolf double around, like 1.75 and a had down – double y spin is closer – double tuck, step back.

So after half of one rotation, Simone. Jones majorly extending her second-place advantage with that beam.

DiCello – FX – double double is hit, slide back, stays in bounds – pulls around her wolf truple, slow at the end – split jump full – back 1.5 to front full, hop – switch ring to split leap full, under split but around – double pike, a bit short, covers it with only a little movement, a Florida stick.

Caylor pulls around a DTY, chest well down but hit.

Roberson – VT 1 – Cheng, pretty solid control on landing, small rebound, a bit forward in chest, legs, lots of direction. Good one overall.

Wong – BB – side aerial to switch, breaks connection into wolf jump full but good split of course – bhs loso, nice – L turn to full turn – switch ring, iffy  but secure – side somi, hit – aerial, hesitation before split jump straddle – 2.5 dismount, small hop and then slide salute.

Blakely – FX – hands down on her double double, alas. Almost took it to handstand.

Roberson pretty large bounce back on her DTY second vault.

Blakely also a step OOB on her front through to double tuck. Sigh.

14.450 today for Roberson’s Cheng.

Carey – UB – Ray, hit – blind to yezhova, solid – maloney with some legs into bhardwaj, smooth – van leeuwen, lots of leg form but catches – giant full gets slightly crooked but through it – FTDT, hop.

Wong still goes 13.700, which is a good sign for her because she was more connection hesitant today. That will keep her ahead of Chiles in the AA for now.

Just 12.200 for Blakely on floor. She falls behind Wong, Chiles, and Lincoln for now.

Sullivan – FX – DLO 1/1, good chest up, step back OOB – DLO, bounce back – switch ring, good into split leap full, around well – front tuck through to double tuck, slide back, feet flexed – switch 1/2 – wolf 2.25, slightly rickety but fine – double pike, bounce. That’s more the kind of routine that has had her in the mix before.


Carey improves on her bars from day 1 by more than a point but remains in 19th.

After 1:
1. Biles – 74.150
2. Jones – 71.050
3. Wong – 69.050
4. Chiles – 68.850
5. Lincoln – 68.050
6. Blakely – 67.900

Rotation 2

Lincoln – VT – great height on DTY, just a bit of leg separation in twist, lunge back. 13.900

Chiles – UB – good first hs – toe full to giant swing to tkatchev piked and falls. Hmmmm. Resumes with a clean rest of the routine – sticks her FTFT.

Matthews – FX – FTDT, step back OOB – switch 1/2 – a little short on her 2.5, hop back – leg up hop full is excellent wolf double, around with arms – double tuck, solid control.

Good double pike dismount from Disidore on beam.

12.950 from Chiles on bars hurts.

DiCello – VT – good DTY, nice distance and direction, some knees, small hop back.

Miller – UB – good first hs – inbar full is hit today into stalder shap – inbar 1/2 to jaeger, good – Stalder tkatchev piked to pak – van leeuwen – DLO, some legs, small step. That was more her routine. Will be a big number.

Good DTY for Blakely, small hop back. Following 14.100 for DiCello, she goes 14.250.

Blakely’s second vault is a nice Lopez, good open, hop back. One of her best in the air.

14.400 bars for Miller. Not her highest, but a good number.

Lew – UB – stalder full, lovely into maloney to pak, nice amplitude – stalder to stalder shap to inbar gienger – toe 1/2 and hits her feet on the low bar swinging through and has to come off, well now I hate everything.

Blakely has moved back ahead of Lincoln now, both ahead of Chiles in the AA.

Wong – FX – wolf double, around – double double tuck, good control on landing – DLO, also only little movement – leg up hop full to switch 1/2 – L turn double, a little jiggly on the ball of the foot in the second turn – 1/2 to front full, small hop – double pike, chest forward but great control again. Honestly probably her best tumbling landings in an elite routine ever. Excellent.

Caylor – UB – toe full, good to maloney to pak, smooth – van leeuwen, good – stalder to blind to front giant to jaeger, fingetips but got it – DLO, chest forward, step. But nice one.

And it’s a 14.000 floor for Wong.

Booth – BB – bhs loso, secure landing – switch to split jump to straddle, nice spl;its, little correction on landing – side aerial, arm wave to the side – switch 1/2 – split ring jumpaerial, way short, nearly an amazing save but comes off.

Wong opens up a big lead on Blakely-Lincoln-Chiles after that floor. Going to vault and bars, she has a good opportunity to maintain that lead.

Roberson – UB – clear hip 1/2 to yezhova is hit – well past on clear hip full – maloney to pak woith legs but through it – shoot to high – clear hip – toe on DLO, hop forward

Carey – BB – front roll mount – aerial, hit – bhs loso loso series, big break today but keeps it on, leg up to horintzonal – straight jump full from side – split 1/2 from side well under – switch to switch 1/2 to straddle, under split but secure series – side aerial, very wobbly and she’s off again – double tuck dismount, step forward.

11.800 Roberson.

Johnson nearly sits down Y1.5, deep, lunge to the side

Sumanasekera – UB – stalder full, hiot – maloney to pak, clean – van leeuwen, legs apart and crossed but hit – front giant to jaeger, close but hit – giant 1/2 – FTDT, step back. Through it.

Jones – FX – wolf is good – double double tuck, chest down, bound forward – L turn triple and it’s around! Very nice – front through to double tuck, good height, small hop – FTDT, small step – leg up full to switch 1/2, good –

(At this moment I would like to point out that Scott Bregman tried to gaslight me into thinking that was a double L, but it knew it was a triple.)

Biles – UB – weilrer 1/2 to ,aloney, legs apart, connects to giant full with some back position, into piked jaeger to pak – van leeuwen, hit – toe full is fine, a little late, into FTDT, hop. Good.

14.100 floor for Jones. 14.050 bars for Biles.

Lee – BB – wolf triple, good – aerial to split jump to bhs, connected, slight weirdy on the bhs landing, but thankfully did not fall on a BACK HANDSPRING – switch to switch 1/2 to split ring jump, nice – potential arm adjustment before the aerial but good elements – side aerial to loso loso, hit today with adjustment out – switch ring, pause before split leap – gainer tuck full, small rebound. Nice. 

After 2:
1. Biles – 88.200
2. Jones – 85.150
3. Wong – 83.050
4. Blakely – 82.150
5. Lincoln – 81.950
6. Chiles – 81.800
7. Sumanasekera – 79.650
8. Fatta – 79.550

  It’s 14.200 for Lee on beam,

Rotation 3

DiCello – UB – toe full is hit today into chow  to clear hip to stalder tkatcehv piked – piked jaeger  – pak – van leeuwen, good – FTDT, some legs, step forward, much better

Wong – VT – good DTY, a bit more chest down, hop back. 14.050. Second vault is mostly a Lopez, pretty laid out, bounce back.

13.800 for DiCello.

Blakely – UB – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit – stalder tkatchev piked to pak, good connection – toe full, great finish into van leeuwen, legs together – toe 1/2 to front giant to double front 1/2 out, small hop. Good one. Still on track with her non-floor events.

Jones – VT – DTY, nice height and direction, medium hop back, just a bit of legs. Very good. 14.400

Booth sits down a double tuck on floor.

Carey – FX – DLO 1/1 bounce back – double double tuck, bounce back – front lay to double pike, good control –  double tuck, bounce back.

Roberson – BB – tuck full, hit – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, quite low on switch 1/2, secure series – holds onto side aerial loso loso with a check – onodi, bend forward at the hips, stays on – straddle jump from side – bhs bhs double pike, step to the side. More secure than day 1.

13.100 for Carey with 5.8/7.4 and an OOB. The theme of the year is none for Jade Carey on floor.

13.200 for Roberson on beam. 7.000 E. Also not the 14.3 from Classic…

Meanwhile, 9.950 for Sullivan on bars.

Sumanasekera – candle mount, hit – gasps from the noobs – bhs bhs layout 2 feet, right on – aerial to split to korbut, gets the series, just a bit of knee – switch to switch 1/2, feet, leg up wobble – split ring jump, hit – side aerial to wolf jump, arm wave wobble on the wolf jump – double pike, good control, small movement. 13.300, D score way down to 5.5 with broken connections.

Biles – BB – switch moun to dwitch 1/2 to back pike, connected well today – wolf triple, good – aerial, small foot adjustment before split straddle, but quick – bhs loso loso, hit – side aerial – FTDT, hop back. Good one, just small checkies.

Fatta – UB – piked jaeger, good – Church to pak, some legs but smooth – maloney, a bit low into gienger, hit – giant full, past – DLO, nice landing.

Disidore – FX – double double tuck, good, slide back – popa, around – FTDT, chest forward, slide – split leap 1.5 – switch, a bit low, switch 1/2 is better – back 1.5 to front full, some knee, hop – double pike, hop back.

Kind of a long wait for Simone’s beam score. And she goes 14.850 with full D.

Chiles – BB – bhs loso loso, huge break, thought it was going to be another epic Chiles save, but she falls – aerial to straddle, check, no series – full turn, hit – side somi, lean forward, leg up wobble – switch to sissone – side aerial is good – switch side – double pike dismount, a little forward.

Tough day for Chiles.

Lincoln – UB – stalder full, bvery past – stalder shap to tkatchev and falls – whyyyyyyy – resumes with ray to pak and the pak goes crazy lots of legs, did she have a coach touch as well? – van leeuwen – double tuck, small rebound

12.100 beam for Chiles.

Miller – BB – full turn – bhs loso loso, big arm wave wobble but saves it – beck before split to back tuck – switch to switch 1/2, under on split – side aerial, arm wave – sissone to wolf – straight jump 1/1 from side, deep landing – bhs bhs double pike, lunge back, extra step. Lots of wobbles but a stay on.

Very long time spent getting Lincoln’s bars score. Valeri waiting for the next routine staring down the judges like skeletor.

And it’s 9.900 for Lincoln, which is a real bummer for me personally.

Jung- Ruivivar – UB – jaeger, hit – stalder to stalder tkatchev ot pak, good – toe full, nice – toe on to crazy straddle van leeuwen – FTDT, step forward.

After 3:
1. Biles – 103.050
2. Jones – 99.550
3. Wong – 97.100
4. Blakely – 96.550
5. Chiles – 93.900
6. DiCello – 93.150
7. Sumanasekera – 92.950
8. Fatta – 92.850

Lincoln has fallen to 11th.

Rotation 4

Jones – UB – stalder full, good into stalder shap to tkatchev, solid – toe full, right on – stalder tkatchev piked to pak, good – van leeuwen, very small leg break – toe 1/2 to front giant to double front, hop forward. But a big day again for her.

Roberson – FX – double double lay, ragged knees but hit – DLO 1/1, struggles ont he landing today, bounce back – wolf triple, around – front full to double tuck, chest forward, hop – front loso to double pike, hop –

Carey – VT – MUCH better Cheng. 14.550. Second vault very solid DTY, just small movement and some knees.

And it’s 15.000 for Jones on bars. She nearly goes 58.000 today with her best ever AA performance.

Roberson 13.600 floor, which is an improvement.

Sumanasekera – FX – DLO, bounce back – wolf 2.25 – doubel tuck, good legs together, bounce back – switch ring to split leap full – back 1.5 to front full dance out – switch 1/2, good – double pike, bounce.

Suni vaults a Yfull, clean, small hop.

Matthews – UB – jaeger – stalder tkatchevb to pak, hit – toe full, gets it with good vertical – van eleuwen, small leg break – stalder to toe on – DLO, hop back. Good one.

Disidore – VT – DTY, great height, bounce back and sideward. 14.000

12.950 floor for Sumanasekera.

Biles – FX – DLO 1/1, small bounce back, chest up – front full to double double, nailed the landing – wolf double and a bit – switch to split leap 1.5, gets it aroudn – Biles, no connection, little slide – switch full to straight jump style – DLO, again just a little movement, will be a huge E score.

Fatta – BB – nearly fall on wolf double, large lean forward – fall on loso series.

15.400 for Biles on floor. 8.6 E.

Chiles – FX – back 1.5 through to full in, slide back – DLO, good control on landing – leg up full to split leap 1.5, risking credit on both – wolf double is around – front loso to double tuck, jusssssst keeps it in bounds with a little shuffle – switch side 1/2 – double pike, little hop. Good recovery, though interested to see the D score.

Lincoln – BB – wolf double, good – bhs lay 2 feet, nice – aerial to split to straddle, arm wave, slightly tentative but good positions – switch, wobble, breaks connection into switch 1/2, another kind of large wobble on that one – side aerial, secured with arms – bhs bhs double pike, hop forward. Shakier but hit.

Wong – UB – clear hip 1/2 to jaeger – toe full to bhardwaj, hit – maloney to pak, small leg break on pak – van leeuwen, good – DLO, small slide back. Great competition.

Lew – FX – double pike, nice position, step back – switch 1/2, good – back 1.5 to front full, sideways and a bit under, step to the side and OOB – wolf double – switch ring to split leap full – 2/1, bounce back

14.000 for Wong on bars two days in a row. 55.750 AA.

12.950 beam for Lincoln.

Caylor – FX – double L to full turn, good – FTDT, chest down but only small slide forward – double pike, small hop forward – switch ring to split leap full. good – falls out of double y attempt – back 1.5 to front full steps OOB – wolf double – double tuck, lowish, slide –

DiCello – BB – wolf triple, hit well – split leap full is better, but still under split and a littl eunder rotated – bhs loso loso, lean to the side, brings it back – switch, small pause befroe switch 1/2, short of split – aerial, leg up wobble – split jump sissone – side aerial, large large break but brings it back – leg up and a lean – doubel pike, chest down, lunge forward.

12.750 for DiCello with 7.050 E, but enough to bring her back into a tie with Sumanasekera.

Blakely – BB – wolf triple, nice – back tuck full, hit, small movement – fhs to front tuck, hit, small step – switch to switch 1/2, settles it – aerial to split jump to bhs, good series – side aerial, step back – double pike, lunge back. A pretty good hit, and as long as she’s doing that…

1. Biles – 118.450
2. Jones – 114.550
3. Wong – 111.100
4. Blakely – 110.750
5. Chiles – 107.750
6. Jong – 106.150
7. Roberson 106.100
8. Sumanasekera – 105.900
8. DiCello – 105.900
10. Disidore – 105.550

Top 10 automatically make national team. I’d imagine we’ll see Lee, Lincoln, Miller, and Carey receive additional invitations to the selection camp, but will there be others?

Oh, and the mascot is named Flip. That’s original. Also Laurent is coach of the year. Same connect. Roberson is athlete of the year, and Matthews is sportswoman of the year.

So, for highest-scoring team, using both average and highest of the two days, we have Biles, Jones, Blakely, Lincoln, and Roberson. Basically, Biles, Jones, and Blakely cover almost everything except a third spot on floor. Lincoln provides the best score there, and then Roberson’s slightly higher-scoring Cheng adds a little more on vault. In reality, I’d imagine if this meet were repeated at selection camp, we would see Wong in there because of nearly scoring just as high on everything and her AA result, since this is the women’s program after all. But she’s not on the highest-scoring team.

So we’re still doing “8th place national champion” huh?

Have we discussed how embarrassing it is that they’re giving them a water bottle with their flowers? Bela’s like out there slapping it out of their hands.

National team announced. It’s the required top 10 AA, and like last year, they haven’t added anyone else. They’ll then invite additional athletes to the world selection camp and will add them to the national team if they’re needed for, like, the worlds team final for example.



24 thoughts on “2023 Nationals Senior Women Day 2 Live Blog”

  1. I love how some of these gymnasts like Jordan are “just getting their feet wet” … at the championships per commentary! Girl, this isn’t 20% peak.

    Most of these athletes, this is their last competition of the year, others have all of 6 weeks left.

  2. Thanks Spencer. Stupid NBC not showing the meet in California until 7pm.
    Simone did a Piked tkatchev, not jaeger, yes?

    1. Kirsten, you can use a VPN and watch on USAG YouTube if you don’t have Peacock.

      1. If you don’t have access to a VPN, it’s also supposed to be available through NBCSports.com.

  3. It nice to see the judges on Floor finally giving Jade scores she deserves. She has issues with nearly every dance move and her tumbling is not special. She chucks her skills and without her massive start value she doesn’t stand out.

    She needs to decide if she wants Elite or NCAA. Doing both is not going to put her on an Olympic team.

    Skye is receiving some special treatment tonight to keep her in the decision.

  4. Ooh the Jade fans on the reddit, are buzzing with conspiracy theories of intentionally trying to keep Jade off the team by low balling her scores especially on floor. lol Sure Jan. Cant wait to read them on youtube.

    1. She needs to get international assignments if she thinks the scores aren’t fair; otherwise, her elite career is fizzling out. Her and Josc have to make changes and neither have time this year.

    2. That makes no sense. Josc wasn’t score much better. Jade is the one who was overscored on every event.

      The real judging issue was Leanne Wong who was scored low all night for superior performances over night one and everyone keeps trying to stick her in the alternate position.

    3. These same fans also probably didn’t get the memo that USA was receiving tons of artistry deduction on beam and floor in 2022 and that was the main focus (Memmel) this year for the athletes. There was a noticeable difference to many routines, that gymnasts were trying to address the artistry checklist.

  5. There is no such thing as a highest scoring team using US judges. Leanne and Roberson will go to worlds (if they make it) and score better internationally because the judges won’t try and fix the team like these ones did.

    Every routine Leanne Wong competed on night two was improved but the vaulting judges gave her a lower score and Uneven Bar judges gave her the exact same score. She was steadier on beam but missed some connections so I get the score but floor was the only event that went up. Just watching this meet you saw who the judges wanted in the top 3.

    1. I totally agree. Leanne was scored lower all night for better routines but she isn’t an Olympian and doesn’t run around dancing like an idiot so the insane Reddit and Twitter community don’t care.

      She should have been third on both Floor, Bars and Balance beam but you saw how they overscored Jade to put her on the podium on Vault. I HATE Florida as an NCAA team but Leanne gets screwed over time and time again and I am sick of listening to people act like she has no place on this team.

  6. On another side note, is Nastia Liukin ok? When it showed the 2008 team receiving an award, she looked very ill. AND NO, I dont mean because she is skinny, but she looked the smallest I have ever seen her down to the bones in her face. Hope she is alright.

      1. In the video, live, without filters, face tuning, it was a bit shocking. You can see every bone in her face. I have never seen her that thin before, and she has always been thin. This was not her normal.

    1. Maybe Valeri decided to break her like everyone else that comes into his orbit.

  7. This selection reminds me of 2016 where Biles, Hernandez, and Raisman covered all but a couple routines. I can’t see Biles, Jones, and Blakely not making the team and covering at least 9 of the 12 team final routines. The big question is whether the selection committee will go for score maximization over backup maximization. A team with both Roberson and Lincoln results in a horrifying bars lineup in the case any of Biles, Jones, or Blakely can’t compete. And beam would be a struggle too if Roberson’s 14.3 from Classic turns out to be a one-time deal.

    Once again, Wong had a stunning all around performance, yet it’s not clear cut how she fits on the team other than as AA backup. However, based on the inconsistencies we saw from everyone else, her consistency, and that 14.0 on floor, makes me think she’s making the team.

    My guess is that the 5th gymnast will either be Roberson or Lee and will depend on how high Lee is scoring on bars. If she’s up there with Jones getting 14.8+ at trials, then she could give Biles a rest on bars and Jones a rest on beam during Team Final which is ideal from a pressure/mental standpoint.

    I still think Roberson is in the mix considering her 2023 international scores and her recent domestic scores. Carey might be in a better position if she had more elite scores from 2023 as data points. Unfortunately, she largely sat out Classic and only has two unusable floor scores and borderline vault scores to go off of. You can’t ever write off Carey though because she’s pulled off major upgrades in a very short timeframe before.

    Day 2 was Chiles’ last chance and I think it’s over for her. I can’t come up with any way she’s on the team.

  8. The only way Nastia is anorexic is if she can turn it into a way to make herself famous.

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