Back Handspring Stepout from Side (Tousek)

Back handspring full to hip circle (Teza)

teza beam

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Teza Loop
Bhs full from side, hip circle

Named After
Elvire Teza (FRA)

Did I have to say this is named after Elvire Teza, or is it just implied that only Teza would have ever been insane enough to try this nonsense? It is a miracle that she still has a face, and we need to talk about that more.

Because this skill is a Yurchenko Loop with the addition of a full twist, you’ll sometimes hear it referred to as the Teza Loop, but this skill came about after the era when you could just add nouns to things, so that’s less common. Also because no one else would ever do this, so why would you need to have words to describe it at all?


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama