Back Straddle Jump

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Back straddle jump
1/2 turn to straddle

So, there are a lot of beam mounts in the code of points. It’s the largest individual skill section on any event. And most of these mounts fall into a category I would term “complicated nonsense,” where one person did a thing, and it was kind of a different way to mount the beam, and now it’s in the code of points, and just sitting there being valued at B, but there’s no other reason anyone else would ever do it. The jump 1/2 turn to hold in straddle support is one such mount.

There are infinite ways a person could invent to get onto the beam. That’s why the FIG has now said skills have to be at least a C to be named after a gymnast. Otherwise, we would have everyone inventing random nothing beam mounts to get a named skill.

The back straddle jump, also in this box in the code, is a little more of “oh, that’s a basic, real thing to do,” but at B value, there’s no incentive.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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