Cast 1.5

Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Cast 1.5
Cast to handstand with 1.5 turns

Named after
Annika Reeder (GBR)/Shannon Miller (USA)

Want a weird story about naming skills? Good. Thought so. So, Shannon Miller performed the cast 1.5 to mixed grip at the 1994 world championships and subsequently had it named after herself in the code of points. Her name eventually disappeared from the named skill list, as many of them have, though the existence of a cast 1.5 remains. The current skill, however, is prescribed to end in handstand (because all of them), which Miller’s definitely didn’t.

Meanwhile, in the named skill section of the code of points, this skill is now awarded to Annika Reeder. Reeder had an adjacent skill named after herself for a time—the back uprise 1.5—before that element was removed from the code entirely. Reeder may have done the cast 1.5 (I haven’t seen it in her extant routines), but also…it’s the code of points. So they may have just screwed this up entirely.

Anyway, no one is ever going to do this skill because it’s basically an automatic 0.5 deduction for finishing late and likely no credit. Hence the death of 1.5 pirouetting skills.


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