Cat leap Full

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Cat leap 1/1
Cat full
Was that a skill?

Named after
Cats. You know how cats do that thing where they alternating lift both of their legs above horizontal? No? You mean you’ve seen a cat before and that’s literally never happened to any cat ever? Cool.

The cat leap with full turn has no footprint in modern elite gymnastics, and we’re all basically fine with that because cat leaps are not the best skills.

I’m actually kind of surprised, however, that the cat leap 1/1 isn’t performed by some people on beam because it could be a countable C dance element for those who aren’t so much with the splits, especially when done fake-y style like in NCAA where the cat leap is basically just high-knee walking. I mean, keep this just between us. I don’t want it catching on. I’m just surprised it hasn’t.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama