Clear-Hip Tkatchev Piked 1/2 (Martins)



Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Clear-hip Tkatchev piked 1/2
Clear-hip reverse hecht piked 1/2

Named for
Filipa Martins (POR)

The Martins is one of the newest entries to the Tkatchev family, submitted at the 2021 European Championships, as adding a 1/2 turn to several of the existing Tkatchevs is the lone remaining frontier in terms of skill naming in this family.

The skill and valuation here is controversial in a number of respects. The first being the question of whether this truly is a 1/2 turn addition to the Shang, or whether it is simply a Shang but caught in mixed grip and the 1/2 turn is caused by torque after the hands have already caught the bar and isn’t part of the skill. For the WTC, this constitutes a 1/2 turn. Which then provokes the question, if this is an extra 1/2 turn added to the Shang, then why is this skill the same value as the Shang? Shouldn’t the 1/2 turn be worth a letter? Especially when the addition of a 1/2 turn to the Nabieva is given an extra letter.

For reference: Shaposhatchev Dictionary


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