Double Layout 1/1



Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Double layout 1/1
DLO full

Named after
Oksana Chusovitina (SOV/UZB)

Among the most difficult skills available to be performed on floor exercise, the double layout with full twist was quite rare until about…2018?…because only the most powerful and acrobatically proficient would even attempt to perform it.

But suddenly, it’s all the rage and growing. Now, lots of people can do it, and they’re very much enjoying the juicy, juicy H value they can get from it.

Naming-wise, this skill probably should be known as the Tuzhikova because Tatiana Tuzhikova got this skill named after herself in the code of points first. In a subsequent edition, Chusovitina got the specific full-out technique named after herself, but this was after Tuzhikova. When the code decided that the difference between a full-in and a full-out no longer mattered for skill identification, it mushed both versions together and called it the Chusovitina. For some reason. FIG things.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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