Back Dive to Candle Position



Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Er…the one…that mount that everyone does
Candle mount
Back dive mount
Back dive to candle position

It’s very irritating to me that this mount is not named in the code of points because it has now become so exceptionally common to the point of being the most frequent non-A mount that you’ll see on beam, and yet it’s quite difficult to describe.

The code of points uses the term candle position to describe grabbing the beam in an inverted handstand because you’re like a little Victorian candle-holder and your legs are the candle, but that’s not a super-common term in elite skills, despite being kind of fun. And then you have to discuss the back dive (or do you want to call it a flic flac like the code does even though…). It would just be easier if this were named, is what I’m saying.

Regardless, people aren’t going to stop doing this skill because it has that exceptionally useful D value, and while we do see people fall on it (often hilariously), a fall is not quite as likely as on some D acro element used as a mount. Among the previously underused skills that have become stars in the 2017-2020 quadrennium, the candle mount is the one.

There’s some controversy about whether this actually needs to show handstand position or not. The held handstand isn’t stated in the code of points (and therefore not necessary), but I’m of the belief that there needs to be a clear handstand hold, because of course I am. Interestingly, the picture for this skill was redrawn in 2017 and an arrow in the third portion of the drawing indicating passing through handstand and over to front support was removed. Almost like they wants them some handstands.

D (2017-)
C (2006-2016)

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