Front Tuck (Floor Exercise)



Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Front tuck

Far too simple to be used as a standalone element on floor, the front tuck is nonetheless a common feature in floor routines of many levels as it is a connection pass favorite. It garners a tenth of bonus when performed out of a D element and two tenths of bonus when performed out of an E element.

Typically, it will be connected directly out of a back 2.5, though the current trend in Chinese floor routines is to perform the front tuck out of an under-rotated triple full instead, earning two tenths in bonus and covering up your under-rotation. Win-win. Except for us. Lose.

With the introduction of the need for a front tumbling element as part of one of the passes, we also see athletes throw in a front tuck as the first element in an indirect combination pass—even though it won’t receive bonus—in order to fulfill that requirement.


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