Gainer Layout (Balance Beam)



Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Gainer layout
Gainer straight
Gainer layout at end of the beam

The much-maligned gainer layout has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years among gymnasts who aren’t so much with the tumbling but need a D dismount on beam. Or just, any and all Germans. It’s visual simplicity—lacking any twisting or a second salto—earned it a reputation along with many of its gainer family members as a lame cop-out dismount. That, coupled with its general overuse, saw it downgraded from a D to a C for the 2017 code.

C (2017—)
D (—2016)

Currently performed by
Sherine El Zeiny (EGY)
Vasiliki Millousi (GRE)
Pauline Schaefer (GER)
Sophie Scheder (GER)
Elisabeth Seitz (GER)
Ailen Valente (ARG)
Louise Vanhille (FRA)
Lieke Wevers (NED)


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