Jaeger Straddled



Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Straddled Jaeger
Forward salto straddled

Named for
Bernd Jaeger (GDR) (Man)

Technically, the base term Jaeger refers to the tucked version of this skill, but the tucked version is so uncommon and the straddled version is so pervasive that the basic term Jaeger is understood to refer to the straddled version, with modifiers like tucked and piked added to describe the other, far less common shapes.

The straddled Jaeger is the most popular release skill on the uneven bars, owing to its relative ease and safety compared to other D-value elements and the fact that it also fulfills the requirement for a grip change. We have seen a slight dip in the number of straddled Jaegers in recent years following the upgrade of the piked version, which those who are comfortable with the skill can switch to for an added tenth, but it’s still ubiquitous.


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